The Complete Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne, Volume 2

Houghton Mifflin, 1882

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Pagina 103 - ... minister and good old Deacon Gookin seized his arms and led him to the blazing rock. Thither came also the slender form of a veiled female, led between Goody Cloyse, that pious teacher of the catechism, and Martha Carrier, who had received the Devil's promise to be queen of hell. A rampant hag was she. And there stood the proselytes beneath the canopy of fire. "Welcome, my children," said the dark figure, "to the communion of your race.
Pagina 103 - ... wealth ; and how fair damsels — blush not, sweet ones — have dug little graves in the garden, and bidden me, the sole guest, to an infant's funeral. By the sympathy of your human hearts for sin ye shall scent out all the places — whether in church, bedchamber, street, field, or...
Pagina 65 - She felt how much more precious was such a sentiment than that meaner kind which would have borne with the imperfection for her sake, and have been guilty of treason to holy love by degrading its perfect idea to the level of the actual; and with her whole spirit she prayed that, for a single moment, she might satisfy his highest and deepest conception.
Pagina 94 - Then Goody Cloyse knows her old friend?" observed the traveller, confronting her and leaning on his writhing stick. "Ah, forsooth, and is it your worship indeed?
Pagina 22 - I listened, the thump of a great apple was audible, falling without a breath of wind, from the mere necessity of perfect ripeness.
Pagina 79 - It was such a light as never illuminates the earth, save when a great heart burns as the household fire of a grand intellect. And who was he ? Who, but the Master Genius, for whom our country is looking anxiously into the mist of time, as destined to fulfil the great mission of creating an American literature, hewing it, as it were, out of the unwrought granite of our intellectual quarries. From him...
Pagina 91 - ... features. Still they might have been taken for father and son. And yet, though the elder person was as simply clad as the younger, and as simple in manner too, he had an indescribable air of one who knew the world, and...
Pagina 99 - Indians; while sometimes the wind tolled like a distant church bell, and sometimes gave a broad roar around the traveller, as if all Nature were laughing him to scorn. But he was himself the chief horror of the scene, and shrank not from its other horrors. "Ha! ha! ha!
Pagina 90 - So they parted; and the young man pursued his way until, being about to turn the corner by the meeting-house, he looked back and saw the head of Faith still peeping after him with a melancholy air, in spite of her pink ribbons.
Pagina 147 - What mean you, foolish girl ? Dost thou deem it misery to be endowed with marvellous gifts, against which no power nor strength could avail an enemy ? Misery, to be able to quell the mightiest with a breath ? Misery, to be as terrible as thou art beautiful ? Wouldst thou, then, have preferred the condition of a weak woman, exposed to all evil, and capable of none ?" " I would fain have been loved, not feared," murmured Beatrice, sinking down upon the ground.

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