Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: So Classified and Arranged as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas and Assist in Literary Compostion

Gould and Lincoln, 1864 - 510 pagina's
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Pagina 12 - The assistance it gives is that of furnishing on every topic a copious store of words and phrases, adapted to express all the recognizable shades and modifications of the general idea under which those words and phrases are arranged. The inquirer can readily select, out of the ample collection spread out before his eyes in the following pages, those expressions which are best suited to his purpose, and which might not have occurred to him without such assistance.
Pagina 507 - Poets, Historians, Dramatists, Philosophers, Metaphysicians, Divines, etc., with choice selections from their writings, connected by a Biographical, Historical, and Critical Narrative ; thus presenting a complete view of English Literature, from the earliest to the present time. Let the reader open where he will, he cannot fail to find matter for profit and delight. The Selections are gems, — •infinite riches in a little room, — in the language of another "A WHOLE ENGLISH LIBRARY FUSED DOWN...
Pagina 507 - Chambers in interest ; containing a vast fund of valuable information. It is admirably adapted to the School or Family Library, furnishing ample variety for every class of readers. "" " The Chambers are confessedly the best caterers for popular and useful reading in the world-" •• Willis
Pagina 510 - Perhaps no work has contributed so much as this to excite a fondness for the study of Natural Philosophy in youthful minds. The familiar comparisons, with which it abounds, awaken interest, and rivet the attention of the pupil.
Pagina 14 - ... system such as that now offered to his use. The utility of the present Work will be appreciated more especially by those who are engaged in the arduous process of translating into English a work written in another language. Simple as the operation may appear, on a superficial view, of rendering into English each of its sentences, the task of transfusing, with perfect exactness, the sense of the original, preserving at the same time the style and character of its composition, and reflecting with...
Pagina 506 - OF ANECDOTES OF LITERATURE AND THE FINE ARTS. Containing a copious and choice selection of Anecdotes of the various forms of Literature, of the Arts, of Architecture, Engravings, Music, Poetry, Painting, and Sculpture, and of the most celebrated Literary Characters and Artists of different Countries and Ages, &c. By KAZLITT ARVINE, AM, Author of " Cyclopaedia of Moral and Religious Anecdotes.
Pagina 14 - Words are the instruments by which we form all our abstractions, by which we fashion and imbody our ideas, and by which we are enabled to glide along a series of premises and conclusions with a rapidity so great as to leave in the memory no trace of the successive steps of the process ; and we remain unconscious how much we owa to this potent auxiliary of the reasoning faculty.
Pagina 506 - A series of graphic and life-like Personal Sketches of many of the most distinguished men and women of Europe, portrayed as the Author saw them in their own homes, and under the most advantageous circumstances. Besides these " pen and ink " sketches, the work contains the novel attraction f &fac-simile of the sianature of each of the persons introduced.
Pagina 18 - Work; and the reader must therefore not expect to find them here inserted.4For the purpose of exhibiting with greater distinctness the relations between words expressing opposite and correlative ideas, I have, whenever the subject admitted of such an arrangement, placed them in two parallel columns in the same page, so that each group of expressions may be readily contrasted with those which occupy the adjacent column, and constitute their antithesis.

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