Bath Under Beau Nash

E. Nash, 1907 - 321 pagina's
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Pagina 150 - ... intoxicated with pride, vanity, and presumption. Knowing no other criterion of greatness, but the ostentation of wealth, they discharge their affluence without taste or conduct, through every channel of the most absurd extravagance; and all of them hurry to Bath, because here, without any further qualification, they can mingle with the princes and nobles of the land.
Pagina 15 - A blank, my lord. She never told her love, But let concealment, like a worm i...
Pagina 63 - Yet here no confusion — no tumult is known; Fair order and beauty establish their throne; For order, and beauty, and just regulation, Support all the works of this ample creation. For this, in compassion to mortals below, The gods, their peculiar favour to show, Sent Hermes to Bath in the shape of a beau: That grandson of Atlas came down from above To bless all the regions of pleasure and love; To lead the fair nymph thro...
Pagina 186 - You call a doctor an honourable man — a swindling quack who does not believe in the nostrums which he prescribes, and takes your guinea for whispering in your ear that it is a fine morning. And yet, forsooth, a gallant man, who...
Pagina 149 - Clerks and factors from the East Indies, loaded with the spoil of plundered provinces ; planters, negrodrivers, and hucksters, from our American plantations, enriched they know not how ; agents, commissioners and contractors, who have fattened in two successive wars on the blood of the nation ; usurers, brokers, and jobbers of every kind ; men of low birth and no breeding, have found themselves suddenly translated into a state of affluence, unknown to former ages : and no wonder that their brains...
Pagina 149 - Every upstart of fortune, harnessed in the trappings of the mode, presents himself at Bath, as in the very focus of observation.
Pagina 54 - That no gentleman give his ticket for the balls to any but gentlewomen. — NB Unless he has none of his acquaintance. 6.
Pagina 195 - I own that a desire of correcting your follies led me hither, I saw with indignation the errors of a mind that only sought applause from others; that easiness of disposition which, though inclined to the right, had not courage to condemn the wrong.
Pagina 150 - Bath; where a very inconsiderable proportion of genteel people are lost in a mob of impudent plebeians, who have neither understanding nor judgment, nor the least idea of propriety and decorum ; and seem to enjoy nothing so much as an opportunity of insulting their betters.
Pagina 112 - He said it would greatly our pleasure promote, If we all for Spring Gardens set out in a boat. I never as yet could his reason explain, Why we all sallied forth in the wind and the rain, For sure such confusion...

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