Retrospect of Western Travel, Volume 2

Saunders and Otley, 1838 - 293 pagina's

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Pagina 204 - The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the invaluable rights of man; and every citizen may freely speak, write, and print on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty.
Pagina 255 - Small is it that thou canst trample the Earth with its injuries under thy feet, as old Greek Zeno trained thee: thou canst love the Earth while it injures thee, and even because it injures thee; for this a Greater than Zeno was needed, and he too was sent. Knowest thou that ‘Worship of Sorrow?
Pagina 17 - It has also been a great solace to me to believe that you are engaged in vindicating to posterity the course we have pursued for preserving to them in all their purity the blessings of self-government, which we had assisted, too, in acquiring for them.
Pagina 201 - All that this world is proud of, From their spheres The stars of human glory are cast down ; Perish the roses and the flowers of kings, Princes, and emperors, and the crowns and palms Of all the mighty, wither'd and consumed ! Nor is power given to lowliest innocence Long to protect her own.
Pagina 204 - ... without the consent of their owners; or without paying them, before such emancipation, a full equivalent for such slaves so emancipated; and, 2. To prevent bona-fide immigrants to this State, or actual settlers therein, from bringing from any of the United States, or from any of their Territories, such persons as may there be deemed to be slaves, so long as any persons of the same description are allowed to be held as slaves by the laws of this State.
Pagina 30 - Mansfieldism of Blackstone became the Student's Hornbook, from that moment, that profession (the nursery of our Congress) began to slide into toryism, and nearly all the young brood of lawyers now are of that hue. They suppose themselves, indeed, to be whigs, 58 because they no longer know what whigism or republicanism means.
Pagina 230 - We should foster western genius, encourage western writers, patronize western publishers, augment the number of western readers, and create a western heart.
Pagina 29 - The friendship which has subsisted between us, now half a century, and the harmony of our political principles and pursuits, have been sources of constant happiness to me, through that long period. And if I remove beyond the reach of attentions to the University, or beyond the bourne of life itself, as I soon must, it is a comfort to leave that institution under your care, and an assurance that it will not be wanting.
Pagina 27 - ... the proofs of the being of a God, the creator, preserver, and supreme ruler of the universe, the author of all the relations of morality, and of the laws and obligations these infer, will be within the province of the professor of ethics...
Pagina 29 - Coke- Littleton was the universal elementary book of law students ; and a sounder whig never wrote, nor of profounder learning in the orthodox doctrines of the British constitution, or in what were called English liberties. You remember also, that our lawyers were th?n all whigs.

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