The Wharton school annals of political science


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Pagina 109 - Successors as of our Manor of East Greenwich in the County of Kent in free and Common Soccage and not in Capite or by Knights Service.
Pagina 102 - that the king is the universal lord and original proprietor of all the lands in his kingdom, and that no man doth or can possess any part of it, but what has mediately or immediately been derived as a gift from him, to be held upon feudal services.
Pagina 62 - The General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public schools, wherein all the children of this Commonwealth, above the age of six years, may be educated, and shall appropriate at least one million dollars each year for that purpose.
Pagina 70 - The first section of the act provides "that all mortgages, money owing by solvent debtors, whether by promissory note or penal or single bill, bond, or judgment; also all articles of agreement and accounts bearing interest, owned or possessed by any person or persons whatsoever, (except notes or bills for work...
Pagina 109 - The Treasurer and Company of Adventurers and Planters of the City of London for the first Colony in Virginia: ******** VI.
Pagina 50 - The general prevalance of the latter view, for a time, at the close of the last and at the beginning of the present century, did the world a great service by dealing a death blow to the old "police state" of Frederick the Great and Louis XIV., which blocked the way to all reform and all progress.
Pagina 104 - pretend right of inheritance to all or any part of the lands granted in our patent, we pray you endeavor to purchase their tytle, that we may avoid the least scruple of intrusion.
Pagina 51 - But enough has been said to show that the admitted functions of government embrace a much wider field than can easily be included within the ring-fence of any restrictive definition, and that it is hardly possible to find any ground of justification common to them all, except the comprehensive one of general expediency ; nor to limit the interference of government by any universal rule, save the simple and vague one that it should never be admitted but when the case of expediency is strong.
Pagina 51 - The ends of government are as comprehensive as those of the social union. They consist of all the good, and all the immunity from evil, which the existence of government can be made either directly or indirectly to bestow.
Pagina 14 - In building and furniture of their houses, till of late years, they used the old manner of the Saxons ; for they had their fire in the midst of the house against a hob of clay, and their oxen also under the same roof ; but within these forty years it is altogether altered, so that they have built chimnies, and furnished other parts of their houses accordingly.

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