The Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, Volume 45


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Pagina 67 - Lane, on or before the 10th of September, sealed up; with a distinguishing word, number, or motto, on the cover, corresponding with the inscription on a separate sealed paper, containing the name of the author, which will not be opened unless containing the name of the successful candidate.
Pagina 253 - Science' self destroyed her favorite son ! Yes, she too much indulged thy fond pursuit : She sowed the seeds, but Death has reaped the fruit. 'Twas thine own genius gave the final blow, And helped to plant the wound that laid thee low.
Pagina 354 - It is very difficult to define the invisible line that divides perfect and partial insanity ; but it must rest upon circumstances, duly to be weighed and considered both by judge and jury ; lest, on the one side, there be a kind of inhumanity towards the defects of human nature ; or, on the other side, too great an indulgence given to great crimes...
Pagina 142 - Suppose you look again.' And they did try, and they did look, and looked again ; and they saw and achieved what they never could have done, had the how or the what (supposing this possible, which it is not in its full and highest meaning) been told them, or done for them; in the one case, sight and action were immediate, exact, intense, and secure ; in the other, mediate, feeble, and lost as soon as gained.
Pagina 303 - In the progress of the age, education has made rapid advances, both in reaching a wider circle of persons and in multiplying the subjects of study. The improvements in the education of children and youth, have increased their mental labors, and imposed more burdens upon their brains, in the present than in the preceding ages. The proportion of children who are taught in schools increases every year in the United States, and in most civilized nations. There are more and more of those whose...
Pagina 365 - Like the baseless fabric of a vision, Left not a wreck behind.
Pagina 497 - ... his shop or windows ; and to discourage their use, when appealed to. 15th. Having in view the welfare of the community and the advancement of pharmaceutic science and interest, it is all important that the offices of prescribing and compounding medicines should be kept distinct, in this city and surrounding districts. All connection with, or moneyed interest in apothecary stores on the part of physicians, should, therefore, be discountenanced. With respect to the pecuniary understanding said...
Pagina 93 - We recommend that the Board, as far as practicable, be composed of two physicians, one counsellor at law, one chemist or natural philosopher, one civil engineer, and two persons of other professions or occupations; all properly qualified for the office by their talents, their education, their experience, and their wisdom.
Pagina 141 - PRAY, Mr. Opie, may I ask what you mix your colors with ? " said a brisk dilettante student to the great painter. "With Brains, sir," was the gruff
Pagina 304 - ... to the higher and more desirable conditions. They are struggling for that which costs them mental labor, and anxiety, and pain. The mistake, or the ambition of some, leads them to aim at that which they cannot reach, to strive for more than they can grasp, and their mental powers are strained to their utmost tension ; they labor in agitation, and they end in frequent disappointment. Their minds stagger under the disproportionate burden ; they are perplexed with the variety of insurmountable obstacles,...

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