SOA in Practice: The Art of Distributed System Design

"O'Reilly Media, Inc.", 24 aug. 2007 - 344 pagina's
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This book demonstrates service-oriented architecture (SOA) as a concrete discipline rather than a hopeful collection of cloud charts. Built upon the author's firsthand experience rolling out a SOA at a major corporation, SOA in Practice explains how SOA can simplify the creation and maintenance of large-scale applications. Whether your project involves a large set of Web Services-based components, or connects legacy applications to modern business processes, this book clarifies how -- and whether -- SOA fits your needs.

SOA has been a vision for years. This book brings it down to earth by describing the real-world problems of implementing and running a SOA in practice. After defining SOA's many facets, examining typical use patterns, and exploring how loose coupling helps build stronger applications, SOA in Practice presents a framework to help you determine when to take advantage of SOA. In this book you will:

  • Focus squarely on real deployment and technology, not just standards maps
  • Examine business problems to determine which ones fit a SOA approach before plastering a SOA solution on top of them
  • Find clear paths for building solutions without getting trapped in the mire of changing web services details
  • Gain the experience of a systems analyst intimately involved with SOA
"The principles and experiences described in this book played an important role in making SOA at T-Mobile a success story, with more than 10 million service calls per day."

--Dr. Steffen Roehn, Member of the Executive Committee T-Mobile International (CIO)

"Nicolai Josuttis has produced something that is rare in the over-hyped world of SOA; a thoughtful work with deep insights based on hands-on experiences. This book is a significant milestone in promoting practical disciplines for all SOA practitioners."

--John Schmidt, Chairman, Integration Consortium

"The book belongs in the hands of every CIO, IT Director and IT planning manager."

--Dr. Richard Mark Soley, Chairman and CEO, Object Management Group; Executive Director, SOA Consortium

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Loose Coupling
The Enterprise Service Bus
Service Classification
Business Process Management
SOA and the Organization
SOA and Performance
SOA and Security
Technical Details
Web Services
Service Management
ModelDriven Service Development
Establishing SOA and SOA Governance

SOA in Context
Message Exchange Patterns
Service Lifecycle

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Pagina xv - It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change. The
Pagina 14 - In computing, the term Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) expresses a perspective of software architecture that defines the use of services to support the requirements of software users. In an SOA environment, resources on a network are made available as independent services that can be accessed without knowledge of their underlying platform implementation. SOA is
Pagina 10 - Service-Oriented Architecture" (SOA) expresses a software architectural concept that defines the use of services to support the requirements of software users. In
Pagina 18 - Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a paradigm for organizing and utilizing distributed capabilities that may be under the control of different ownership domains.
Pagina 5 - Although Web Services do not necessarily translate to SOA, and not all SOA is based on Web Services, the relationship between the two technology directions is important and they are mutually influential: Web Services momentum will bring SOA to mainstream users, and the best-practice architecture of SOA will help make Web Services initiatives successful.
Pagina 20 - Architecture (SOA) is a style of design that guides all aspects of creating and using business services throughout their lifecycle (from conception to retirement), as well as defining and provisioning the IT infrastructure that allows different applications to exchange data and participate in business processes regardless of the operating systems or programming languages underlying those applications.

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Over de auteur (2007)

Nicolai Josuttis wrote "The C++ Standard Library" and "C++ Templates" for Addison-Wesley. An experienced systems architect, he recently spent two years rolling out an SOA at a major mobile phone company. Nicolai is presenting tutorials on SOAs at a number of conferences, and has been speaking on the subject for over a year so far.

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