The Male Escort's Handbook-your Guide to getting Rich the Hard Way, Late Night Press, 2000: The Male Escort's Handbook-your Guide to getting Rich the Hard Way

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†Prostitution is the age-old art of trading sex for money.

It is considered fashionable by some and degrading by others.

Everyone has an opinion on the subject.

I am no exception, and in fact have more interest in the

subject than most. You see, for the past four years I have

worked as a male prostitute, or "escort" as those of us in the

business call it. Starting in 1995 by hustling in Internet chat

rooms, I taught myself the tricks of the trade with little help

from others. Since then, I have entertained men who have

paid me hundreds of thousands of dollars for my time, experience,

and body. I have been flown to dozens of cities

around the world ranging from Buffalo to Rome. I have

bought a house, invested heavily in my retirement, and have

even paid taxes on my income in the process. In short, I

have taken prostitution as most people see it and transformed

it into a viable career.

To be honest, it wasn't easy. I had to teach myself

about pricing, advertising, interacting with clients, and what

to do when things go wrong. Only briefly was I lucky

enough to have a mentor in the business. I distinctly remember

wishing someone would write a how-to book on

the subject.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that someone

had written one. John Preston's 1994 book, Hustling: A

Gentleman's Guide to the Fine Art of Homosexual Prostitution,

was exactly what I had been searching for. I bought it

immediately and took it home and read the entire book in

one sitting. I was ecstatic that I had finally verified that I

was taking the right steps towards my goal of being a successful



Once my initial excitement wore off, I remember

wanting to read more about becoming a male escort. Preston's

book was written too early to address how escorts can

use the Internet. I also wished the book provided more assistance

for those with drive and ambition, rather than providing

tips on how to mooch beer and cigarettes from your

clients. I believed, and still feel today, that such tips only

degrade the profession as a whole.

In time my friends began urging me to write my own

how-to book about the subject. It was an appealing idea to

me; I certainly like to write, and God knows I sometimes act

like I know everything. After pondering the topic for a year

or so, the idea of the book began to grow on me. Eventually

the urge to write grew so large that I had to take time off

work, sit in front of my computer, and write it out of my


Just as my first book, Suburban Hustler, was the result

of wanting to satisfy people's curiosity about my career,

The Male Escort's Handbook is a product of people approaching

me who want to enter the business. So many

would-be escorts have asked me for advice during the past

four years that it would be impossible to teach them all. So

when I wrote this book, I endeavored to provide as many

angles on the industry as possible. Whether a potential escort

sees himself as a hot daddy, a muscle boy, or a barely

legal twink, I wanted this book to contain everything he

needs to know to begin in the profession.

Experienced escorts should find the book useful as

well. Throughout the writing process, I strove to balance

the fundamentals with advanced lessons. Additionally, underlying

each chapter is a consistent theme of escorting as a

professional endeavor for those who want to make serious

money. Apply your ambition to the information inside this

book, and the money will come pouring in.

My own long-term goal is to make millions from my

career in the sex industry then retire in style. Whether your

goal is earn a little spending money, pay for college, buy a


house, or retire early, I hope you find The Male Escort's

Handbook to be an invaluable resource.

Oh, I almost forgot. Before you begin reading this

book, I have a standing rule you need to know. If my advice

helps someone earn an extra thousand dollars, he owes

me and my lover dinner. I expect to hear from you when

the time comes. And mind you, I've developed a taste for


Aaron Lawrence


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A Few Other Issues 230
Afterword 257

Types of Clients 117
The Hard Way 135

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