Catalogue of the Library of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin: First [to fifth] supplements. [Additions from 1873-1887

order of the state, 1878
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Includes titles on all subjects, some in foreign languages, later incorporated into Memorial Library.

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Pagina 305 - Collections concerning the Early History of the Founders of New Plymouth, the first colonists of New England.
Pagina 577 - PALESTINE, OR THE HOLY LAND. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By the Rev. M. RUSSELL, LL.D.
Pagina 188 - The Pre-Columbian discovery of America by the Northmen," in the North- American Review for July.
Pagina 158 - 76. A History of the Battles of the Revolution.
Pagina 16 - MEMORIALS of the Courts of Great Britain and France since the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, relative to the Limits of the Territories of both Crowns in North America, and the right to the Neutral Islands in the West Indies. 4to, neat half calf. 14
Pagina 717 - SACRA PICTORIA: being a Series of Illustrations of the Ancient Versions of the Bible, copied from Illuminated Manuscripts, executed between the Fourth and Sixteenth Centuries.
Pagina 486 - OBSERVATIONS on the fifth article of the treaty with America : and on the necessity of appointing a judicial enquiry into the merits and losses of the American loyalists.
Pagina 365 - A Fourth Letter to the People of England. On the Conduct of the M rs in Alliances, Fleets, and Armies, since the first Differences on the Ohio, to the taking of Minorca by the French.
Pagina 449 - Historical and Descriptive Account of British India. From the most Remote Period to the Present Time. Including a Narrative of the Early Portuguese and English Voyages, the Revolutions in the Mogul Empire, and the Origin, Progress, and Establishment of the British Power; with Illustrations of the Botany, Zoology, Climate, Geology, and Mineralogy.

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