contemplated-and he resolved to prepare a separate work on the Mind, to which he could afterwards refer. He has not in this volume entered on the consideration of the moral nature or state of man: but if this volume be favourably received, and if it should please God to prolong his life, and spare to him his faculties for some time longer, he may issue another volume, containing his views on these still more important topics.

The author trusts that his only desire is, that he may glorify God, by directing the attention of his fellow-men to His most wonderful work of creation-the immortal spirit of man-and prepare them for the better understanding of His Revealed Word. That his work may effect this object is his prayer and his hope through the kindness of God in Christ Jesus.

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The more frequently sensations are recalled in the same
order, they recal one another with the more certainty
and rapidity in that order

The will has no direct control over the memory
Remembrance of sensations could not give the notion of
cause and effect

The mind expects like consequents to follow like

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Pleasure or pain of sensation, and also of discriminating,
the germ of the passions or emotions; the power of
discriminating the germ of intellectual operations
The pain or pleasure of remembered sensations abates
on every successive remembrance
On every repetition of the remembrance of a sensation the
mind becomes more accurate and prompt in discern-
ing its peculiar character

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The two elements of sensations take different directions
by repetition, the pain or pleasure subsides, but the
discrimination of them becomes more perfect

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The abating of the pleasure or pain of sensations, as of dis-
criminations, lies at the foundation of curiosity

The unlimited power of the mind to discern differences

and resemblances occasions one superiority of intel-

lectual over sensual pursuits

Important division: emotions, and intellectual operations

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