Memoirs of the Court of King James the First, Volume 1

Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme and Brown, 1822

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Pagina 280 - I am certain she was not joyned with good works, and left the court in a staggering condition : Charity came to the King's feet, and seemed to cover the multitude of sins her sisters had committed ; in some...
Pagina 279 - One day a great feast was held ; and after dinner the representation of Solomon his Temple, and the coming of the Queen of Sheba, was made, or (as I may better say) was meant to have been made, before their Majesties, by device of the Earl of Salisbury and others.
Pagina 281 - Now did Peace make entry, and strive to get foremost to the king ; but I grieve to tell how great wrath she did discover unto those of her attendants ; and, much contrary to her semblance, most rudely made war with her olive branch, and laid on the pates of those who did oppose her coming.
Pagina 279 - I think the Dane hath strangely wrought on our good English nobles; for those, whom I never could get to taste good liquor, now follow the fashion, and wallow in beastly delights. The ladies abandon their sobriety, and are seen to roll about in intoxication.
Pagina 211 - He took out the Queen, and forgot not to kiss her hand, though there was danger it would have left a mark on his lips. The night's work was concluded with a banquet in the great chamber, which was so furiously assaulted, that down went table and tressels before one bit was touched.
Pagina 165 - I do not hear yet, that you have spoken one word against me ; here is no treason of mine done. If my lord Cobham be a traitor, what is that to me ? Attorney. All that he did was by thy instigation, thou viper ; for I thou thee, thou traitor.
Pagina 280 - ... dance with the Queen of Sheba; but he fell down and humbled himself before her, and was carried to an inner chamber and laid on a bed of state ; which was not a little...
Pagina 203 - Good Mr. Jowler, we pray you speak to the King (for he hears you every day, and so doth he not us) that it will please his Majesty to go back to London, for else the country will be undone ; all our provision is spent already, and we are not able to entertain him longer.
Pagina 213 - The perfectest figure of a garden I ever saw, either at home or abroad, was that of Moor Park in Hertfordshire, when I knew it about thirty years ago. It was made by the Countess of Bedford, esteemed among the greatest wits of her time, and celebrated by Doctor Donne...
Pagina 85 - And leave none to keep house, but our new porter John, Who relieves the poor with a thump on the back with a stone ; Like a young courtier, &c.

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