2950. Les delices de la grande Bretagne et de l'Irlande, où sont exactement décrites les antiquités les provinces, les villes, les bourgs, montagnes, abbayes, églises, colléges, académies, bibliothèques, palais, les principales maisons de campagne et autres édifices des familles illustres avec leurs armories etc, la religion les moeurs des habitans, leurs jeux et divertissemens et tout ce qu'il y a de plus considerable à remarquer, par Jam, Beeverell. Le tout avec de belles figures et cartes geogr. 8 tomes en 6 voll. å Leide 1727. 8. [N. 1, 84. 1103 -11 Fl. 10 S.]


2951. Walker's copper-plate magazine, containing 250 views of noblemen's and gentlemen's seats in Great Britain, with descriptions. London 1792. 4 [Lack. I, 12. 201. 5. L. 5 S. besser Papier mit bessern Abdrücken 6 L. 16 S. 6 D.]

2952. Neale's seats of the nobility and gentry, comprising upwards of six hundred views of principal mansions in England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, engraved in the line manner by the first artists and accompanied with descriptions historical and architectural and a genealogical account of the possessors. In 9 voll. 8. des Auch gebührt hier noch eine Stelle folgendem Werfe; 2953. The medallic history of England 1790. 4. mit 40 Kpftaf.

by J. Pinkerton

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(II) Der drei Reiche einzeln.........

1. England.


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1) Ueberhaupt.


(1) Königliche Häuser, sowol allein, als auch mit andern hohen Häusern.

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༣ 1

2954. Catalogue and succession of the kings, princes, dukes, marquesses, earls and viscounts of the realm of England since the Norman conquest; with their armes etc. By Ralph Brooke. Lond. 1619. f. [B. Bodl. I, 110; Lack. 1 L. 1 S.] Lond. 1622. f. [B. Uff. II, 97. 118. 4 fl.; Lack. 1 L. 5 S.] Hiezu gehört: 2954 a. Discovery of errors in 2 editions of the catalogue of nobility by R. Brooke, by Augustin Vincent Rougecroix Poursuivant at armes. Lond. 1622. f. [B. Bodl. Il, 234.] 0




G. führt p. 57 dasselbe unter dem Litel an: Correction of the errors of Ralph Brooke, York herald, by Augustine

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Vincent. Lond. 1622. f. Der Verf. Brooke, eigentlich mit Namen Brookesmouth war ein unruhiger unverträglicher Mann, der auch mit Camden in Streit gerathen war. Sein Berichtiger Vincent war spåterhin Windsor-herald.

2955. Baziliologia, a book of kings, being the true and liuely effigies of all our english kings from the conquest untill this present, with several coats of arms, impress and devises, and a brief chronologie of their liues and deaths, elegantly graueu in copper, printed for H. Holland and are to the sold by comp. Holland (Lond.) ft. f. sehr selten. [Br. II, 204.]

2956. The union of honour, containing the armes, matches and issues of the kings, dukes, marquesses, and earles of England, from the conquest until this present yeare 1640, with the armes of English viscounts and barons now being, and of the gentry of Lincolnshire etc. By James Yorke. London 1640. f. mit vielen Wappen. [G. 58; bei Lack. I, 134, 3818. Londou 1641, f. 1 S.; B. Uff. II, 97. 115. 5 A.]

1 L.

Der Verf. war ein geschickter Schmid zu Lincoln, und sezte sein Werk besonders aus denen des Milles, Brooke und Vincent zusammen. S. Gentl, mag. vol. 63. p. 1. for

1793. p. 313.

2957. An help to English history, containing a succession of all the kings of England, the English Saxons, and the Britains; the kings and princes of Wales, the kings and lords of Man, the isle of Wight; as also of all the dukes, marquesses, earls and bishops thereof, with the description of the places whence they had 'their titles; together with the names and ranks of the viscounts, barons and baronets of England, by Robert Hall, London 1641. 8. London 1652. 8. [B. Butl. 1.S.] with addit. Lond. 291. 5835. 1669. 8. contin, to the year 1670, London 1671, 8. with the coats of arms of the nobility blazon'd. [G. 99 der bei dem Namen des Verf. hinzusest: afterwards, published in the name of Pet. Heyly a (S. Nr. 1791), welches der eigentliche Name des Verf. ist. A help to English history etc. with the coats of arms of the nobility, blazon'd by Peter Heylyn. London 1709. 8. [B. Huls. IV, 11 257. 2640; B. Buil. 291. 5836. S. 6 D.J




In Gent mag. vol. 63. P. 1. for 1793. 314 wird bemerkt, daß ein Buchhändler Chsto. Witkin so n Anmer. kungen dazu gemacht und mit dem Buche Lond. 1670 her, ausgegeben habe Dieses brauchbare Werk ist späterhin noch von Pant Wright fortgefegt worden.- met base

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2958. The genealogies of king James and queen Anne his wife, in ten sheets, or there abouts, with all the arms of the matches, out in wood, and in the border of the said genealogies are the armes and matches of all the nobility of England when the said genealogies were printed and published, which was 1608. By Morgan Colman. [G. 3o, ohne Anführung des Druckortes, Druckjahres und der Druckform]

2959. The most royally ennobled genealogie of the high and mighty prince and monarch James', king of Great Brittaine etc. with his lineal descent from Charlemaine, and other the moderne kings of France, their several regiments, titles, honours, matches, surnames, and descents etc. where unto is added their regal ensignes, arms, atchievements of honour, emblems, and memorable epitaphs, collected out of the painful labours of many studious in antiquities, et reduced into a genealogical table etc. by Thom. Lyte. London f. [G, 42.]

2960. Winston Churchill divi Britannici: being a remark upon the lives of all the kings of England from the year of the world 2855 unto the year of grace 1660, with arms engraven in copper-plates. Lond, 1675. f. [B. Stamp. 52 746. - 13 Solid.]

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2961. Francis Sandford's genealogical history of the kings of England and monarchs of Great Britain etc. from the Norman conquest anno 1066, to the year, 1677, in seven parts or books, with their effigies, seals, tombs, cenotaphs', devis es, arms etc. all engraven in copperplates. Printed in the Savoy 1677. f.; [nach Bauer IV, 17 prächtig und selten; B. Uff. II, 85. 22 — 12. fl.; W. 15 Rth.] London 1688. f. [Eb. H, 71120234.] continued with addit. T and sculptures by Samuel Stebbing Esq. Somerset-herald. Lond. 1707. f. [Gentl. mag. yol, 63, P. 1. f 1793. p. 515 f.; Br. Ill, 287. 24 Fr. in Engl. auf groß. Papier 46–52 L.]


Ein vorzügliches und für die Geschichte von England wichtiges, auch sehr seltenes und kostbares von Longman (nach Eb.) mit 38 .. angefeßtes Werk. Es wurde auf Befehl Königs Karl II. von dem Verf., der zulegt Lancaster herald war, ausgearbeitet, und die erste Ausgabe, in welcher die Kupferstiche von Hollar sind, ist am seltensten, vormahls jedoch in B. Uff. II, 85, 22 nur mit 12 fl. angefeßt.


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2962. Regum pariumque magnae Britanniae historia genealogica etc. stud, et op. Jac. Willy. Im-Hoff. Norimb. 1690. f. (1 Rth. 8 gr.) cum append. Norimb. 1691. f. [B. Uff. 1, 86, 33 - 3 fl.] Auch sind hier folgende Werke nicht zu übergehen:



2963. Ducarel's Anglo-Gallic or Norman and Aquitain Coins of the antient kings of England, London 1757. [Lack. III, 675, 20893. 2 L. 2 S.; Br. I, 564. 20-50 Fr.]

Mit französischem ausführlicherm Titel in B. u. XII, 96: Serie de plus de deux cents medailles anglo-galliques, ou normandes et aquitaniques, des anciens rois d'Angleterre représentées sur seize planches gravées et éclaircies dans douze lettres, par André Coltée Ducarel. 1757. 4.

2964. The English topographer illustrated with the draughts of curious old seals, engraven from their respective originals, by an impartial hand. London 1720. 8. [B. Huls JV, II, 262. 2713.]

2965. Beauties of England and Wales; being a topographical and historical account of each county, according to alphabetical arrangement, by Britton, Brayley and others. Vol. 1-25, Lond. 1891 1816. S. [30 L. 2 S. 6 D.; Lack. I, 50, 1191. 22 L. 10 S.] mit mehr als 700 Kpft.

2966. An historical essay on the magna charta of king John : to which are added the great charter in Latin and English: the charters of liberties and confirmations granted by Heury 11 and Edward 1. The original charter of the forests; and various authentic documents connected with them; explanatory notes on their several privileges; a descriptive account of the principal originals and editions extant, both in print and manuscript; and other itlustrations drawn from the most interesting and authentic sources. By Richard Thomson. London 1829. 8. (1 L. 11 S. 6 D; roy. 8. 2 L. 12 S. 6 D.) mit Wappen, Eiegeln, Grabmählern 2c.

(2) Ade 1.

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2967. A list of the nobility, with the blazon of their armes, by Elias Ashmole, Lond. 1685. Lond. 1690. [Gentl, mag, vol. 63. P. 1. for 1793. p. 515]

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2968. An exact catalogue of the Nobility of England, and Lords Spiritual according to their respective Precedenties; with all their Titles of honour, with Coats of Arms, by Rob. Dale. London 1697. 8. [B. Huls. IV, II, 255. 2607.]

2969. Arms of the nobility, baronets etc. to 1778 with their mottos translated. London 1778. 12. [Lack. 2 L]

2970. The peerage of England or an historical and genealogical account of the present nobility with the coat of arms of each family ingraved and blazon'd. 3 voll. The sec. edit, with very large additions and corrections. London 1710. 8. [B. Uf. II, 110. 2. 2 fl. 45 fr.; B. Huls. IV, II, 261. 2708.]

2971. The peerage of England, i. e. nobilitas Angliae, sive, historica atque genealogica notitia familiarum nobilium hoc tempore in Anglia florentium. Tomi 11. London apud Ab. Roper et Arth. Collins. 1710 1711. 4. [A. E. Suppl. VI. p. 245 — 237.] Ist der Vorgänger von folgendem Werke gewesen.

2972. The peerage of England, containing a genealogical and historical account of all the peers of England now existing either by tenure, summons or creations, their descents and collateral dines, their births, marriages and issues, famous actions both in war and peace; religious and charitable donations, death, places of burial, monuments, epitaphs etc. also their paternal coats of arms, crests, supporters and mottos cariously engraved on copperplates. Collected from records, old wills, authentik manuscripts, our most approved historians and other authorities, which are cited. By Arthur Collins. London 1727. 4. [Lack. I, 135.] London 1735. 8. 4 voll. [B. Butl. 298. 6114. I L. 4. S.] The 3 edit, correct. and enlarged, with memoirs not hitherto printed, London 1756. 5 tomes, 6 voll. 8. London 1768. 7 voll. 8. edit. with supplement by Longmate. London 1779. 9 voll. 8. greatly augmented and continued to the present time, by S. Egerton Brydges. London 1812. 9 voll. 8. (9 L. 9 S.)


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Das Supplement auch besonders:

A supplement to the fifth edition of Collins peerage of England, by Longmate. London 1784. 8. [Lack. I, 137. 3874.7 S.]

2973. The compendious peerage of England. In: The universal magazine of nowledge and pleasure: containing news, letters, debates, poetry, musick, biography, history etc. and other arts and sciences, which may render it instructive and entertaining to gentry, merchants, farmers and tradesmen etc. Lond. 8. wo in einer langen Reihe von Jahrgängen, seit 1743, in jedem Bande ungefähr 3 bis 5 rollständige Wappen mit Schildhaltern, Beiwerken und Wahlsprüchen auf einzelen Blättern in 8 enthalten sind, mit den dazu gehörenden Beschreibungen und Lebensnachrichten.

2974. Guthrie's peerage of England, with plates. 1763. 4. [Law. 384. 1078]

2975. The peerage of England, by E. Kimber. London 1766. 8. (3 S.)

2976. The complete English peerage, or a genealogical and historical account of the peers and peeresses of this realm. By Fred. Barlow. London 1773. 2 voll. 8. London 1775. 2 voll. 8. [Lack. I, 136. 3855. 9 S.]

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