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2977. John Edmondson's peerage, with a introduction to heraldry. London 1785. w. cuts, [Lack, I, 137 388. 5 bis 6 S.] Es muß hievon frühere Ausgaben geben, zu welchen zu fügen ist:

2978. A companion to the peerage by John Edmondson Loudon 1776. 8.

2979. The English peerage, or, a view of the ancient and present state of the English nobility. To which is subjoined a chronological account of such titles, as have become extinct from the Norman conquest to the beginning of the year 1790. In three volumes. London 1790. 4. [Lack, 5 L. 5 S.; Law. 624. 1887; B Meer. I, 190; ALZ, 1790; Intell Bl. 985; 1791. IV, 233; Mont. Rev. 1790. V, 82 VII, 339.]

Im dritten Bande befinden sich die von Calton gezeich neten und von Chesham gestochenenen Wappen, je zwei auf einer Lafel.

2980. Memoirs of the peers of England during the reign of James I. by Egerton Brydges, vol. I. London 1802. w.cuts. [Lack. I, 136 — 12 S.) Mehr ist davon, nach Lack. nicht erschienen.

2981. A synopsis of the peerage of England Exhibiting under alphabetical arrangement the date of creation, descent and present state of every title of peerage which has existed in this country since the conquest. By Nichol. Harris. London 1826. 2 voll. 16. (18 Sh.)

Seit wenigen Jahren erscheint in England jährlich ein Verzeichniß der peers, wahrscheinlich mit der. Wappen, unter dem Titel:

2982. The annual peerage, wovon sec. edit. corrected to march. 1827 in 2 voll. fl. 8.for the year 1828, London 2 voll. 12. (1 L.) for 1829 with new plates of the arms. 2 voll. London (28 S.)

2983. The baronage of England, or, account of the lives and actions of English nobility before the end of Henry Ill. reign. By Will, Dugdale. London 1675. 1676. f. 2 voll. w. cuts. [B. Butl. 257. 1599- 2 L. 12 S. 6 D.; Br. I, 566, 120 bis 160 Fr.; Longman 6 L. 16 S. 6 D.]

2984. Collins's English baronage. London 1727. 4.

2985. John Edmondson's baronagium genealogicum, or the English peers, with their arms and quarterings, originally compiled by Sir. Will. Segar. London 1764. 5 voll. f. Law. 730. 2210;

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Br. III, 317. 458 Fr]w, Supplement by Edmondson, Lond. 1786 f. 6 voll. [Eb. II, 753. 20803; das Ganze Lack, 12 L. 12 S; Br. 500 Fr. Vom Verf. Will. Segar. So, oben Nr. 185.

2986. Banks's dormant and extinct baronage of England; or an historical and genealogical account of the lives, public employment, and most memorable actions of the English nobility from the Norman conquest to 1806 4. 3 voll. [6 L. 6 S. Lack. I, 135. 3823 1 L. 6 S. large paper 9 L. 9 S; Lack. 2 L. 12 S. 6 D.]

2987. The baronetage of England, being an historical and ge-, nealogical account of baronets, from their first institution in the reign of king James first with their coats of arms, and crests engraved, and blazon'd London 1720. 8. 2 voll. [B. Huls. IV, II, 261. 2706.]

2988. The English baronets, being a genealogical and historical account of their families. London Thom, Wotton. 1727. 3 voll. 12. [ALZ. 1799. Nr. 161. S. 1595.]

2989. The English baronetage, by A. Collins. London 1741. 5 voll. w. cuts. [Eack. I, 137. 3875. 2 L. 2 S.]

2990. A new baronetage of England; or, a genealogical and historical account of the present English baronets; with all their arms accura ely engraved and blazoned. To which is added a complete list of all the persons advanced to this dignity, from the first institution of it, with the dates of their respective patents. Lond. 1769 3 voll. 12. [I. C. Gatterers allg. hist. Bibl. 12r Th. S. 186; Law 168 463; Meusels Litt. d. Stat. S. 136,]

2991. The baronetage of England, containing a genealogical and historical account, of all the English baronets now existing: with descents, marriages and memorable actions, both in war and peace. Collected from authentic manuscripts, records, old wills, our best historians and other authorities. Jllustrated with their coats of arms, engraven on copperplates. Also a list of all the baronets, who have been advanced to that dignity, from the first institution thereof. To which is added an account of such NovaScotia baronets, as are of English families; and a dictionaire of heraldry. By Ed. Kimber and R. Johnson. London 1771. 3 voll 8. [Meus. Litt. d. Statist. S. 136 f]

2992. The baronetage of England; or, history of the English baronets; and such baronets of Scotland as are of English families, with genealogical tables and plates of their armorial bearings; by W. Beth am. Ipswich 1801-1805. 5 voll. 4 Lack. 7 L. 10 S.]

[Longman 3 L. 3 S;

2993. Ob the history of English baronets, and such baronets of Scotland, as are of English families. voll. I. II. London 1803. (Reuss Nachtr. 1, 96) dasselbe Werk sei und hieher gehöre, ist ungewiß.

2994. Debrett's baronetage of England. London. 2 voll. FL. 8. with the arms engraved. ( L. 8 S.) erschien seit einer Reihe von Jahren öfter in neuen Ausgaben.

(3) Von Hochwürdenträgern, Beamteten, Helden, ausge, zeichneten Männeru 2c.

2995. Herwologia anglica, hoc est clarissimorum et doctissimorum atiquot Anglorum qui floruerunt ab auno cristi (sic!) MD usque ad presentem annum MDCXX vivae effigies vitae et elogia duobus tomis, authore H. H. (Holland) Anglo- britanno. London (1620) 2 parts in 1 B. kl. f. (mit 66 Kpft.) [Br. II, 170. 90-96 Fr. in England 13 L.]

2996. The order of sitting of the upper-house in the high court of parliament. As also the arms of the lords both spiritual and temporal, exactly delineated. Together with a brief description of the solemnities used in the calling and assembling and the manner of propounding, discussing and exacting of laws etc. This 2d edit, being newly beautified with the pedigree of our soveraigne fairely cut in copper, explained with an historical discourse there upon. London 1630. in forme of a mappe. [G. 78.]

2997. The history of the worthies of England, by Thom. Fuller. London 1662. f. [G. 34; B. Butl. 258. 1626. 1 L. 6 S; Lack. I, 33. 718. 5 L. 5 S.] with brief notes. London 1811. 2 voll. 4. mit den Wappen derselben.

2998. Will, Dugdale's origines judiciales etc. London 1666. f. - London 1671. [B. Butl. 257. 1603 15 S. G. 32, der hinzufügt: beautified and adorned with the arms which are in the windows of the halls and chappels of the several inns of court, and the two serjeant inns etc.] London 1680. f. [Br. I, 567. 151 Fr.] 2999. Nomina et insignia gentilitia nobilium equitumque sub Eduardo I rege militantium p. Edward Rowe Mores. Oxon 1749. [JR. IV, 2107.]

3000. A series of one hundred and eigthy portraits of illustrious personages of Great Britain, with biographical and historical memoirs of their lives and actions, by Edmund Lodge esq. Norroy king of arms. f. und gr. 8.

Dies Werk wird jezt neu gestochen herausgegeben und ist zu 105 L. angekündigt.

3000 a. The arms of the eminent judges painted in Guildhall. In: The gentlemen magazin vol. 52 P. 2 for 1782. p. 561. 19 Wappen auf einer Kupfertafel.

Wegen der auf den Grabmåhlern vorkommenden Wappen sind hier auch zu bemerken:

3001. The antiquities of St. Peters, or the abby-church of Westminster etc. (by Crull). Adorned with draughts of the tombs cariously engraven. London 1722. 8. 2 voll. [B. Huls. IV, II, 255. 2601.] - London 1741. 8. 2 voll. [Lack. I, 53. 1285. 1 L 4S] 3002. Westmonasterium, or the history and autiquities of the abbey church of St. Peters Westminster engraven by the best hands in 2 voll, by John Dart, London 1723–1726 f. [B. Hu ls. IV, II, 179. 648; Lack. 1, 32. 694. 8 L. 8 S.]

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3003. Smith's antiquities of Westminster, and supplements, London 1807. 4. 2 voll. w. pl. [Lack. 1, 47. 1097. 12 L.] — antiq. of Westminster, the old palace, St. Stephen's chapel etc. illustrated by 310 engravings etc. London 1816. f. [Lack. IV, 1039. 33572. 5 L. 5 S.]

3c04. Monumenta sepulchralia S. Pauli Londini. per Hugon. Holland. London 1614 4. [G. 136.]; selten.

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3005. The history of St. Paul's cathedral in London by Will. Dugdale. Beautified with sundry prospects of the church, figures of tombs and monuments. London 1658. f. w. cuts [G. 136; Lack, I, 33, 703. 8 L. 8'S; Longman 3 L. 10 S; Br. I, 566, 46 Fr.] The history of St. Pauls cathedral in London from its foundation to the year 1685 with an account of the cathedrals etc. by Maynard. London 1716. f. c. f. [Bauer S. II, 34; Lack. 9 L 9 S; Longman 5 L. 15 S.] a new edit. with considerable additions and improvements, by Henry Ellis. - 6 parts, London 1817. f.

2). Insonderheit

einzeler Länder, Landschaften, Gegenden,

Städte 2c.

(1) Landschaften xc.

A. Berkshire.

3006. Antiquities of Berkshire, by Ashmole.


London 1719

8. 3 voll. w. pl. [Br. I, 122 -- 8-10 L. New edit. by Reading.

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London 1736. f. [Br. 7-8 L.]

B. Cambria oder Wales.

3007. The history of Cambria now called Wales, a part of the most famous island of Britain, written in the British language, above 200 years past, translated into English by H. Lloyd, gent. corrected and amended by Dav. Powell. London 1587 mit Wap= pen. [G. 21.]

3007 a. British antiquities revived etc. by Rob, Vaughan, To which is added the pedigree of Carbery, lord president of Wales with a short account of the royal tribes of Cambria, by the same author. Oxon. 1662. 4. [G. 54.]

3008. The British remains, or, a collection of antiquities relating to the Britons. Selected from original mss. and other authentic records. By N. Owen. London 1777. (3 S.)

Enthalten unter andern die Namen und Wappen des alten Adels in Nordwales aus einem 1560 geschriebenen Werke gezogen. S. Gentlem. mag. vol. 47. p. 449.

C. Chester.

3009. The Vale Royal of England, or the county palatine of Chester illustrated etc. by Dan. King. Adorned with maps and prospects, and the coats of arms belonging to every individual family of the whole county: performed by Will, Smith gent. (sometime Rouge-dragon, poursuivant at arms). and Will. Webb gent. (sometime a clerk in the majore court at Chester). To which is added a short treatise of the isle of Man etc. by James ChaloLondon 1656. f. [G. 40.]


D. Devonshire.

3010. Danmonii orientales illustres, or, the worthies of Devon, by John Prince. Exeter 1701. f. w. wood-cuts of their coats of arms. [Br. III, 149. 450 Fr. vor Erscheinung der neuen Ausgabe.]*

The worthies of Devon: a work wherein the lives and fortunes of the most famous persons, natives of the most noble province from before the Norman conquest down to the present age, are memorized in an alphabetical order; a new edition with additions (ornamented with 6 portr. and 5 plates of arms). London 1810. 4. a. fig. [3 L. 13 S. 6 D.; Lack. I, 46. 1084. 2 L. 7 S.; Br. 88 Fr. gr. pap. 156 Fr.]

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