The History of Poland: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time

Harper, 1835 - 339 pagina's
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Pagina 90 - All murder'd: for within the hollow crown That rounds the mortal temples of a king Keeps Death his court, and there the antic sits, Scoffing his state and grinning at his pomp...
Pagina 79 - PEOPLE OF POLAND : It is now two hundred and eighty years that you have been governed by my family. The reign of my ancestors is past, and mine is going to expire. Fatigued by the labours of war, the cares of the cabinet, and the weight of age; oppressed with the burdens and...
Pagina 280 - I never contemplated a more interesting human figure than Kosciusko stretched upon his couch. His wounds were still unhealed, and he was unable to sit upright. He appeared to be a small man, spare and delicate. A black silk bandage crossed his fair and high, but somewhat wrinkled, forehead. Beneath it his dark eagle eye sent forth a stream of light, that indicated the steady flame of patriotism, which still burned within his soul, unquenched by disaster and wounds, weakness, poverty, and exile. Contrasted...
Pagina 319 - ... were all ordered to be flogged with the utmost severity. The unhappy offender declared that he had written the offensive words. The Grand Duke condemned him to be a soldier for life, incapable of advancement in the army ; and when his mother threw herself before his carriage to implore forgiveness for her wretched child, he spurned her like a dog with his foot.
Pagina 20 - Who builds a church to God, and not to Fame, Will never mark the marble with his name...
Pagina 298 - Love of the country is the first duty of civilized man. " In my situation I have many interests to conciliate, and many duties to perform. Had I reigned during the first, second, or third partition of Poland, I would have armed all my people to support you.
Pagina 316 - The Duchy of Warsaw, with the exception of the provinces and districts which are otherwise disposed of by the following Articles, is united to the Russian Empire, to which it shall be irrevocably attached by its Constitution, and be possessed by His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, his heirs and successors in perpetuity.
Pagina 317 - A most opulent and respectable man named Woloski, the principal brewer of Warsaw, had, through some of his people, without his own knowledge, hired as a servant in his establishment a Russian deserter. The offender was detected, and proof of innocence on the part of his employer being disallowed, the...

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