Alger, F., Phillips's Mineralogy

edited by, 277.

Alison, Archibald, History of Eu-
rope by, reviewed, 1-20-errors
of, 1-blunders respecting Amer-
ica, 5-the United States, 7-
one-sided views, 10-not trust-
worthy in European affairs, 11—
style of the work, 12-its moral-
ity and politics, 13—views of de-
mocracy, 14-its religion, 17-
general merits, 20.
American Church and Clergy, the,
article on, 351-374-churchmem-
bership, 353 philanthropy of
Church, 357-missionary enter-
prise, 359-charges against the
Church, 360-reforms of the day,
361-slavery, 363-position and
character of clergy, 365-their
interest in philanthropic enter-
prises, 369-their conservatism,
371-independence of pulpit, 373.
Arnold, T., Life and Correspond-

ence of, 420.-See, also, 346.
Augusti, work of, on Christian
Archæology, 35.

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Bulfinch, S. G., Lays of the Gos-
pel by, 315.

Burnap, G. W., Expository Lec-
tures by, 107- Discourses/by,
133, 280.

Bush, G., on Resurrection of Body,
reviewed, 178-195-general char-
acter of work, 179-inspiration
of Scriptures, 181-use of Scrip-
tures, 185-office of reason, 187
-science and Scripture, 189-
progressive knowledge of Reve-
lation, 191-Prof. Bush's posi-
tion, 192.-Notes of, on Old Tes-
tament, 333-346-their defects,
333-passages examined, 335-
345-the first day," 336-the
sin of our first parents, 338—
Cain and Abel, 339-allegorical
interpretation, 342-scape-goat,
343-general merits, 346.
Butler, F. A., Poems of, 207.

Calvert. See German translations.
Carey, T. G., Address, and Letter
of, 281.

Carolina, South. See Massachusetts.
Chalmers, G., History of Revolt of
Colonies by, 275.

Cheap Literature and Newspaper
Press, article on, 382-402-im-
portance of the press, 383-need
of discrimination, 384-dangers
attending extension of cheap lit-
erature, 385-periodicals, 388-
newspapers, 389-their influence
and character, ib.-in reference
to morals, 392-to literature, 394
-to politics, ib.-model news-
paper, 401.

Choules, J. O., edition of Neal's
History of Puritans, by, noticed,



Barnes's, A., Notes on Job and

Isaiah, 321-333-authorship of
Job, 324-its subject and con-
tents, 328-Notes and Transla-
tion, 329-Isaiah, 332.
Barrett, E. B., Poems of, 206.
Beauty, lines on, 55.
Benjamin, P., Poem of, 132.
Bremer, F., Novels by, reviewed,
169-178-love of nature, 171–
domestic life, 172-characters,
175-religious tone, 177.
Brooks, C., Christian in his Closet
by, 422.


Christmas, when first celebrated,
48-uncertainty of date, 51. See

Church, the, article on, 72-86-
English Church, questions which
agitate the, 72-Madge's Lec-
tures, 73-idea of Church as
found in New Testament, 78-
idea of the individual, 79-how
reconciled, ib.-error of past a-
ges, 80-Church a means, not an
end, 82-unity of, what, ib.—au-
thority of, 83-significance and
value of, 85.-Protestant Episco-
pal in U. S., 135, 285. See
American Church.

Colman, H., Consolatory Views of
Death by, 129.-European Agri-
culture by, 130.

Conventions and Conferences, arti-
cle on, 145-158-in various de-
nominations, 145-clerical meet-
ings, 148-in Germany, 151
Ministerial Conference, 152-
American Unitarian Association,
154-autumn Conventions, 155
-duty of laymen, 157.
Cranch, C. P., Poems by, 209.
Cuba, Notes on, 131.
Cushing, L. S., Manual of Parlia-
mentary Practice by, 422.

Dedications, 136, 286, 426.
Dewey, O., Sermon of, 280.
Dickens, C., Chimes by, 282.
Doctrinal Preaching, article on,
107-124-much needed, 112-in
what sense, 114-confidence in
religious truths, 115-connection
between doctrines and morality
of Christianity, 116-principles
of morality, 117-sanctions, 119
-doctrine the support of morali-
ty, 120-devotional feeling, 122.
Downing, A. J., Landscape Gar-
dening by, 130.


Early Days, 348.
Easter, festival of, 41.
Eaton, L., Poem of, 131.
Ecclesiastical Record, 135, 283,


Ellis, G. E., Sermon of, 424.
Ellis, S., Poems of, 209.

Emerson, R. W., article on writ-
ings of, 87-106-new volume of
Essays by, 87-his views of
Christ, 95-in what sense a be-
liever, 98-chief value of his
writings, 99-his poetry, 100-
peculiarities of style, 103-gen-
eral merits, 104-individuality,
105.-Address at Concord, 134.
Europe, Alison's History of, 1-20.
See Alison.

Festivals of the Ancient Christians,
article on,35-55-Augusti's work
on, 35-Sunday, 38-Easter, 41
-Fast preparatory to, 42-Easter
controversy, 43-Whitsunday, or
Pentecost, 46-only two yearly
festivals in time of Origen, 47-
Festival of the Baptism, 48—
Christmas, 49-no trace of pres-
ent date of celebration before
middle of 4th century, 49-rea-
sons for selecting this date, 50-
origin of ancient Christian festi-
vals, 52-New England Thanks-
giving, 54.

Flint, James, Historical Address at
Reading by, 131.

Fraternity of Churches, Report of,
273-Anniversary of, 426.
Frothingham, N. L., Discourses of,


Fuller, S. M., Woman in Nine-
teenth Century by, 416.
Furness, W. H., Sermons of, 423.

Gaskell, W., Sermon of, 279.
German, Translations from. See


Goldsbury, J., Reader and Speaker
by, 278-Grammar, ib.
Greeley, H., Address of, 133.
Griswold, R. W., Poets and Poetry
of England by, 276.


Hall, N., Sermon of, 424.
Harrington, H. F., Sermon of, 280.
Harvard University, 427.
Heidelberg Castle, Ivy on, 350.
Higby, A., Pamphlet by, 282.
Hildreth, R., Theory of Morals by,

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of, 232.
ers, 234.
237-controversy with Teachers,

seminaries for teach-
labors of Secretary,

Massachusetts and South Carolina,
"Remarks" on Controversy be-
tween, 282.
Massachusetts Board of Education,
229-242-Eighth Report of, 229
-duties 230-result of labors


Meadville Theological School, 284.
Ministering Spirits, 195-205-prac-
tical uses, 196-speculative views,
199-poetical illustrations, 201.
Morton Family, the, 422.
Muzzey, A. B., Sermon of, 274.

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Paige, L. R., Commentary by, 417.
Parker, R. G., Aids to Composi-
tion by, 278.

Parker, T., and his Views, article
on, 251-274-question at issue,
253-truths and proofs, ib. -
charge of irreverent language,
255-value of a revelation, 257
-its contents, 258-Mr. Parker's
view of Christ, 259-his opinions
destroy testimony of Evangelists,
260-Christian miracles, 262-
intuitive evidence, 264-practi-
cal evils, 266-character of Mr.
Parker's views, 267-how to be
treated, 268 ministerial
changes, 269-charge of exclu-
sion, 270-Sermons by Mr. Par-
ker, 273-" True Position of,
a pamphlet, ib.-"Questions
addressed to,274.-Letter by, 423.
Parsons, T., Essays by, 414.
Peabody, A. P., Lectures on Chris-
tian Doctrine by, 111.-Lyceum
Lecture by, 133.


Periodical Journals, New, 287.
Periodical Literature. See Cheap

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Philanthropic Institutions, 430.
Poetry, article on, 206-228-its na-
ture, 212-rhyme and rhythm, ib.
-verse and prose, 215-imagina-
tion, 220-poetry and reality,
221 - eloquence, genius, 223-
use of poetry, 225-national lite-
rature, 227.

Poetry, Original, 55, 106, 202, 348.
Porter, W. H., Proverbs arranged
by, 421.

Prayer. See Reluctance.
Putnam, G., Phi Beta Kappa Ora-
tion of, 58-" Remarks
on, by
Member of Suffolk Bar, 134.

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Tracy, J., on Colonization and
Missions, 282.

Translations from the German, 202
-212-Flower, Fruit, etc. from
Richter, 402 - Correspondence
between Schiller and Goethe,
409-Aesthetic Letters, etc. of
Schiller, 410.

Unitarianism in Great Britain and
Ireland, article on, 289-314 -
Presbyterians and Independents,
290-adoption of Unitarian opin-
ions, 293-Unitarianism in Ire-
land, 295-in Scotland and Eng-
land, 296-education for the
ministry, 297-Manchester New
College, 298-Latitudinarian di-
vines, 299-liturgical forms, 301
-present condition and prospects
of English Unitarianism, 302—
habits of life, 303-aristocratical
institutions, 305- Unitarianism
among the poor, 306-Joseph
Barker, 307-effects of opposi-
tion, 308-internal constitution
of Unitarian societies, 310-peri-
odical literature, 312-Dissent-
ers' Chapels bill, 313.
Unitarians, English, Replies to the
Address of, 140.

Unitarian Works abroad, 139.


Waif, the, 211.
Walter Bernard, 280.
Ware, W., Sermons of, 423.
Weiss, J., translations from Schil-

ler. See Translations.

Wells, G. W., Life and Discourses

of, 243-250-Life, 245-Charac-
ter, 246-Discourses, 248.
White, D. A., Alumni Address of,

Whitsunday, 46.
Worm, the, 349.


Young, A., Discourses of, 280.

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