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spot, which were required to contain the suite of persons in attendance upon the QUEEN, the above mansion was considered as the most eligible for the reception of royalty. Over the portico of the hall - door is a look-out entirely covered with glass, like a lantern. Every exertion was used to render it comfortable and convenient to her Majesty; and a barren gravelpit, which appeared in front of the house, was soon metamorphosed into a pleasant shrubbery; a mast was also erected in the middle of it, and upon which the royal flag was hoisted. The bed-chamber commands a fine prospect of the adjacent country, Prior - Park, &c. &c. An interesting view of Sydney Gardens also enriches the drawing-room. This apartment was furnished by her Majesty's upholsterer, assisted by several tradesmen of the City of Bath. It had a magnificent appearance, and completely in unison with the taste of royalty. The furniture and carpet were grey; and the chairs and tables made of delicately looking rose-wood. Of an evening it was brilliantly illuminated from a twelve-light chandelier, suspended in the centre of the room. The pavement is full six yards wide in front of the house; and which is contiguous to a new street forming, to be called Upper Great Pulteney - Street, and will be, when finished, fourteen feet wider than any other street in Bath. The whole of this neighbourhood is truly attractive; and the visitor may retrace his steps without the fear of encountering monotony ; but, on the contrary, the superiority of the architecture will bear the most minute inspection with increased satisfaction and interest till he returns to High-Street.


From Great Pulteney-Street, turn down into GroveStreet, (BRIDEWELL; and the GIRLS' FREESCHOOL,) alongside of the Avon; pass WaterlooPlace into Widcombe. To PRIOR-PARK, through ALLEN'S Walk to the Mansion-House; pass Isabella and Prospect Places, and Byfield-Buildings to CombeDown, into the Stone-Quarry. Return by Claverton Down to the "BRASS KNOCKER," from thence to the AQUEDUCT. Walk between the Avon and the Canal. Claverton-Church, &c. to Bath-Hampton. Bailbrook-Lodge; through Sydney-Place to Great Pulteney-Street.

IN starting from Great Pulteney-Street, the visitor will, for a moment, turn aside from the mansions of fashion and elegance, to take a cursory view of the abode of depravity and misconduct, in order to render the view of this highly-famed city complete and impartial. At the bottom of Grove-Street, on the right, stands the BRIDEWELL of Bath, on a piece of ground 160 feet each way, the exterior of which is more like the residence of a gentleman, from its architectural taste, than the gloomy walls of a prison. It is from the iron bars across the windows that principally designates its character; but, "disguise thyself as thou wilt," observes STERNE, "still thou art a bitter draught!" The

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