York Hotel .....
The General Hospital
The Pump Room

83 The Royal Baths

86 The Cross Bath Pump Room

89 The Hot Bath

90 The Old Bridge.

93 St. James's Church ..., Bathwick Old Church

100 Pulteney Bridge .....

101 View of the Abbey Church, from the Bauks of the Avon ib. vii. The Lower Rooms

102 Freemasons' Hall

116 Part the Royal Circus

196 Upper Rooms

197 The Theatre

141 Blue Coat School

The Rector's House
Sydney Hotel........
The Queen's Honse

186 Prior Park,


..., 180

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BATH COACHES which set out from the various


ANGEL INN, ST, CLEMENTYS, STRAND.... Post Coach, through

Reading, Newbury, Hungerford, Marlborough, Calne, and Chippenham, daily, at a quarter before 6 in the morning; ar rives at Bath, 10 evening.

For the Accommodation of Families, Invalids, ģe. (Sunday excepted,) a two-day Coach, by Berkhampton Inn, Devizos, and Melksham, daily, at & morning

Post Coach, to Bristol, through Calne and Chippenham, daily, a quarter before a after

noon (Sunday excepted.) BELLE SAUVAGE, LUDGATE-HILL...Bath and Bristol, through

Marlborough, Calne, and Chippenham, daily, half-past in the morning

BOLT-IN-TUN, FLEET-STREET... Post Coach, by Devines to

Beckhampton Inn, daily, (Sunday excepted,) half-past 5 in the


Bristol, through Marlborough, Calne, and Chippenham, dally, quarter before & afternoon,


(The Regulator,) daily, half-past 4 afternoon. GEORGE AND BLUE BOAR, HOLBORN....Bath and Bristol, Post

Coach, through Maidenhead, Reading, Newbury, Hungerford,

Marlborough, Calne, and Chippenham, dally, i afternoon. GERARD'S HALL, BASING-LANE, BROAD-STREET, BLACK

BEAR, AND WHITE HORSE CELLARS, PICCADILLY... Bath, through Hungerford, Marlborough, Devizes, and Melk. sham, daily, ! afternoon,

.......................................... Ditto, (The Expresar) through Calne and Chippenham, daily, 1 afternoon, (Sunday

at 1.)

GOLDEN CROSS, CHARING.CRO88....Bath and Bristol, through

Devizes and Melksham to Beckhampton Inn, dally, in the morning. (Sunday excepted.)

............................... Bath and Bristol, New Post Coach, by Devises, every afternoon, at 5 o'clock.

KING'S ARMS, SNOW-HILL.---Bath and Bristol, (The Independent)

through Marlborough, Devizes, and Melksham, daily, 5 in the morning.

SARACEN'S HEAD, SNOW-HILL.--- Bath and Bristol, through

Newbury, Hungerford, Marlborough, and Chippenham, daily, 1 afternoon.


through Marlborough and Devizes, daily, half-past 7 in the afternoon.

Bath and Bristol, (Royal Volunteer,) through Marlborough, Calne, and Chippenham, daily, quarter before 4 afternoon.


STRAND, NEAR TEMPLE-BAR.--- Bath and Bristol, daily,
I and 5 afternoon.

WHITE BEAR, PICCADILLY ---Bath and Bristol, Post Coach,

daily, half-past 1 afternoon.




Fashion in ev'ry thing bears sov'reign sway,
And Bath for “ Life !" the gayest of the gay!


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WHEN the attractions of MARGATE, as a wateringplace, have lost their charms, and become little more than a mere desert, its finely omamented “ steamboats "* laid up, as it were, in ordinary, and its “ panygot safely back to the metropolis, once more busily engaged behind their counters, of which, that facetious and satiric bard,+ when in the zenith of his powers, thus described :

Chang'd by their travels-mounted high in soul

Here Suds forgets whate'er remembrance shocks,
And Mistress Suds forgetteth too the pole,

Wigs, bob and pig-tail, basins, razors, blocks !

* The rapidity and regularity of this new conveyance has been much admired, and provided the doubtful part of the passage could be got over in the minds of a few sceptics who place some value upon their carcasses, namely, if the cargo is not altogether missing some day from the blowing up of the vessel, “ leaving not a wreck behind," the old hoys must soon be exploded.

+ Peter PINDAR.—This once facetious disciple of the Muses, it seems, has long since been poetically dead to the world ; and his title has been usurped by a variety of persons, without possessing even a mediocrity of talent, compared with this great original. Dr. Walcot is, however, alive at the present moment (Jan. 1819); and, independent of


Hese Mistress Tap, from pewter pots withdrawn,

Walks forth in all the pride of paunch and geer,
Mouats Ker, swoln heels on Dandelion's lawn,

And at the bati-rodin heaves her heavy rear.
Here Crispin too forgets his end and awl,

Here Mistress Cleaver, with important looks,
Forgets the beef and mutton on her stall,

And lights and liver dangling from the hooks !
Here too the most important Dicky Dab,

With puppy pertness, pretty, pleasant PRIG,
Forgets the narrow fishy house of Crab,

And drives in Jehu-style his whirling gig!

When CHELTENHAM, also, has yielded up its fashionable valetudinarian visitants; and BRIGHTON, from the rudely southern breezes driven the elegant and almost transparent fair ones off its dashing Steynes, and left principally to the care of its natives and rough uncultivated fishermen, notwithstanding royalty's palace, * “ out-heroding” all the talismanic touches of the genii of the “ Arabian Nights,” it is

being deprived of the advantages of vision, may be said to enjoy a fine green old age, full of spirits, still passionately fond of poesy, as eager as ever to enjoy the bon mot and repartee, strongly attached to literary men and literary company; not dull in himself when alone, and with the assistance of his attendant Hebe, who, from his dictation, pens down his verses, (which, according to report, are equal to any of his former productions, but which are said to be preserved for his posthumous works,) and, with his glass of rum before him, from which he frequently sips, and well cased in flannel, he seems almost to laugh at the grim king of terrors.

* When this palace is completed, (in which the hammer has scarcely had a day's rest for the last twenty years,) it may bid defiance to the whole universe to produce any thing like an equal! It seems as though Time did not like his work":

As though he wanted something better still
Than e'er was manufactur'd at his mill.

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