by an eminent artist,* will most accurately point out to him, that every building of note is presented to his view. It will also possess this advantage, that it will save the unpleasant trouble of asking questions.

To the admirers of the FINE ARTS, a catalogue of the numerous Pictures; a sketch of the interior of the Mansion; a review of the Pleasure-Grounds, and every subject connected with CORSHAM-HOUSE, so highly interesting to all its visitors, is minutely introduced.

The lovers of LITERATURE will also peruse some short accounts of those persons, natives of Bath, whose genius and talents have tended to increase the importance of this attractive City.

Aud to add to the interest, if not the completion, of the “ WALKS THROUGH BATH,” a descriptive Itinerary has been attempted from Hyde-Park Corner, London, to the “ ENTRANCE” of the above elegant City, in which no gentleman's seat, no anecdote illustrative of the various towns, or other prominent features tending to occupy the mind of the traveller, have been omitted. The various objects upon the road from Bath to Bristol have also been described with equal minuteness and attention. A WALK to the Rocks of St. Vincent, Bristol Hot-Wells and Clifton, and the Park of Lord de Clifford, with some remarks on his fine Collection of Paintings has also been introduced, in order to save the time of the traveller, if necessary, who may feel disposed to extend his journey by viewing the above delightful subjects, so intimately connected with a visit to BATH.


The Author has only to regret, that description, however highly-coloured, must fall short towards communicating with effect, the unparalleled and delightful scenery with which this most elegant City abounds.

APRIL 2, 1819.

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