Essex Papers, Volume 47


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Pagina v - FSA PERCY M. THORNTON, ESQ. The COUNCIL of the CA.MDEN SOCIETY desire it to be understood that they are not answerable for any opinions or observations that may appear in the Society's publications ; the Editors of the
Pagina 147 - was order'd accordingly. I went with my Lord Keeper and my Lord Tresurer on Thursday morning, when they kist her hand. She is a proper hansome Lady. She hath very good eyes, very good features, and a very good complexion, but she wants the Aire
Pagina 115 - And for soe doing this shall be your Warrant. Given at Our Court at Whitehall, the day of
Pagina xi - knows not how to set one foot before another with any gracefulnesse,* and upon whose entry, " when the King called for a chaire for her, all the ladies who were in the presencechamber ran
Pagina 148 - in England. Last night my Lord Tresurer carryed me to my Lady Shrewsberryes, where there was Nell Gwyn, the Duke of Buckingham, and M r Speaker. About three a clock in the morning we went to supper, were very merry, and drank smartly. I wish I knew how to write
Pagina 148 - rose up in great disorder. The occasion of it was this, The Victuallers of the Navy were turned of, and a new contract made with others ; the old ones were all admitted to speak to the King, except
Pagina 147 - should set off all this, and having been bred in a Monastry knows not how to set one foot before another with any gracefulnesse. I observed that though many
Pagina 147 - my Lady Suffolke, my Lady Falmouth, and the rest of the Ladyes to the number of 20 that were of the Nobility ran out of the roome, as thinking themselves of equall quality to the Dutchesse of Modena; and that night the King sent to the Duke to desire that she might not be in the Roome when the Ladyes came to kisse the
Pagina 147 - The Dutchesse of Yorke came to Whitehall on Wensday last. The King brought her up from the Barge to the Queen's Presence Chamber, and stopt in the outer
Pagina 147 - till the Queen came to the dore of the Presence Chamber to meet her ; the Duke of Yorke led up the Dutchesse of Modena, and as