Leaders of Public Opinion in Ireland


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Pagina 238 - And will You maintain and preserve inviolably the Settlement of the United Church of England and Ireland, and the Doctrine, Worship, Discipline, and Government thereof, as by Law established...
Pagina 103 - I am now to address a free people: ages have passed away, and this is the first moment in which you could be distinguished by that appellation.
Pagina 230 - The conversation of the principal persons of the country all tend to encourage this system of blood, and the conversation even at my table, where you will suppose I do all I can to prevent it, always turns on hanging, shooting, burning, &c., &c., and if a priest has been put to death the greatest joy is expressed by the whole company.
Pagina 265 - Elliott, when he brought me your letter, stated very strongly all the arguments which he thought might induce us to admit the Catholics to parliament and office ; but I confess he did not satisfy me of the practicability of such a measure at this time, or of the propriety of attempting- it. With respect to a provision for the Catholic* clergy and some arrangement respecting tithes, I am happy to find a uniform opinion in favour of the proposal among all the Irish I have seen...
Pagina 146 - A Protestant King of Ireland, A Protestant Parliament, A Protestant Hierarchy, Protestant Electors and Government, The Benches of Justice, The Army and the Revenue. Through all their Branches and Details, Protestant: And this System Supported by a Connection with the Protestant Realm of Britain...
Pagina 221 - ... biography to perceive that these last elements almost invariably enter into the composition of really great men. It is scarcely less true of the temple of genius than of the temple of Christianity, that he who would enter in must become as a little child. It does not fall within the province of the present work to paint the rebellion of 1798. Public opinion had but little scope during a period of military law and of mob violence, and the historians of the two countries may well let the curtain...
Pagina 41 - Castle vanished before him; on a small subject he was miserable; put into his hand a distaff, and, like Hercules, he made sad work of it; but give him the thunderbolt, and he had the arm of a Jupiter...
Pagina 106 - That the said right claimed by the people of Ireland to be bound only by laws enacted by his Majesty and the parliament of that kingdom, in all cases whatever, and to have all actions and suits at law or in equity, which may be instituted in that kingdom, decided...
Pagina x - To call into active political life the upper class of Irishmen and to enlarge the sphere of their political power, to give, in a word, to Ireland the greatest amount of self-government that is compatible with the unity and security of the Empire, should be the aim of every statesman.
Pagina 248 - You may make the Union binding as a law, but you cannot make it obligatory on conscience — it will be obeyed as long as England is strong, but resistance to it will be, in the abstract, a duty, and the exhibition of that resistance will be a mere question of prudence.

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