The Complete Sneaker Reseller Guide Volume 2: Going Big with the Sole Master

PublishDrive, 25 jul. 2018 - 140 pagina's

The sneaker culture is ravenous. Certain shoes that retail for $120 to $250 move steadily in the aftermarket on sites like Stock-X, eBay, and Goat for 2-3 times retail, sometimes more. In fact, Stock-X now does millions of dollars per month in sneaker trading alone. Everywhere you go these days, you see sneakerheads rocking the latest heat. Trading sneakers in the secondary market is fast becoming a legitimate installation in our culture, and a pretty damn cool one at that.

In this much anticipated follow-up to his bestselling sneaker reseller guide, the Sole Master guides aspiring sneaker chefs to next-level success. One only needs to be armed with the tactics taught in the first volume, and have a little experience under their belt, to be ready to step up to becoming a serious operator. Do you want to know exactly how the top sneaker resellers cop 25+ pairs of the hottest releases? Would you like to pick the Sole Master’s brain and benefit from his experience running what is now one of the largest sneaker “cook groups” on Twitter? Find yourself a quiet spot, open this new 24,000-word training manual, and be prepared to take notes. Nothing is held back. You’ll come away from this text knowing everything the master chefs know. So let’s get started...


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Winning the Bot
Hourly Server Setup
Monitors and Restocks
Ballot Stuffing
Proverbs for Resellers

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