Who Is Israel?: A Biblical Study

AuthorHouse, 2002 - 196 pagina's
Andrew Glen is a devoted man deeply in love with his wife.† On an ordinary day, he comes home to an awaiting Emily.† Having forgotten to pick up wine on his way home, she sends him out for some.† He returns home fifteen minutes later to find her dead in their bedroom.† Frank Augustine is assigned the case.† He's a troubled cop unable to cope with an unsolved case involving a missing child.† The case has cost him his wife and his confidence in himself as an investigator.† The unlikely pair form a strong friendship in a time of emotional turmoil.† David Culver is an egotistical cop that would like nothing more than to see Augustine's downfall, using any means necessary to accomplish it.† Emily's murder goes unsolved.† Michael Canton is a seer--a person with the power to know all things--and he's here to offer Andrew the opportunity to know who killed his wife.† Of course, the offer does not come without a price.

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