Memoirs of Hydrography: 1750-1830

H.W. Keay, 1830

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Pagina 78 - In April 1819, having paid off the Trent in the preceding November, he undertook charge of an expedition for ascertaining the actual position of the mouth of the Coppermine River, and the trending of the North American shore eastward of that river. His companions were Dr. Richardson, Mr.
Pagina 62 - round by the Cape of Good Hope to the Pillars of Hercules, may be said to have been drawn and coloured with drops of blood. Twice did Captain Owen change his whole crew and officers ; those accomplished surveyors, Captain Boteler and Skyring, fell a sacrifice during its progress, and now, in the hour of conclusion, the
Pagina 78 - (brother of the officer who lost his life during the African survey under Captain Owen) and Mr. (subsequently Sir George) Back, midshipmen, and two English seamen. They embarked at the end of May 1819, and arrived in safety at York Factory on the shores of Hudson's Bay, on the 3oth of August. On the
Pagina 80 - of September, Fort Franklin was reached, the distance accomplished in the three months of absence being 2048 miles. On the return of the expedition to England on the 26th of September 1827, he was presented by the Geographical Society of Paris with a gold medal. On the
Pagina 88 - to the stock already accumulated ; if not, it is still useful as a corroboration; and this costs very little trouble, for a few practical observations, made during, or at the end of a voyage, give immense additional value to the dry details of a log-book.
Pagina 71 - and Indienne, as these lay aground at the mouth of the river Charente, and was exposed for some time to a heavy fire from the battery on He d'Aix. In the autumn of 1809, Mr. Bayfield accompanied the expedition to the Walcheren. In April
Pagina 6 - Man-of-War, Captain Boyle Walsingham, in a most dreadful hurricane, in October, 1780 ; aged 16 years. Of Mr. Hugh Cook, of Christ's College, Cambridge, who died on the 21st of December, 1793, aged 17 years. Of
Pagina 88 - knowledge of parts of the Pacific. Captain Hall remarks, Officers are too apt to underate the nautical knowledge which they acquire in the ordinary course of service; and to forget, that every piece of correct information which they obtain, especially on distant stations,
Pagina 69 - usual at the present time, in a mortar hollowed from the trunk of a tree; and, finding herself surrounded by strange men, she held up to them the large wooden pestle, calling out " looson," which is the native name for it; and this becoming a byword among the Spaniards, they named the island Luzon.

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