Historical View of the Literature of the South of Europe, Volume 2


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Pagina 100 - I sleep not,' quoth Rodrigo ; ' but tell me who art thou, For, in the midst of darkness, much light is on thy brow ?' ' I am the holy Lazarus, I come to speak with thee ; I am the same poor leper thou savedst for charity. ' Not vain the trial, nor in vain thy victory hath been ; God favours thee, for that my pain thou didst relieve yestreen.
Pagina 291 - Era del año la estación florida en que el mentido robador de Europa — media luna las armas de su frente, y el Sol todos los rayos de su pelo — , 5 luciente honor del cielo, en campos de zafiro pace estrellas...
Pagina 115 - THE hosts of Don Rodrigo were scattered in dismay, When lost was the eighth battle, nor heart nor hope had they ; He, when he saw that field was lost, and all his hope was flown, He turned him from his flying host, and took his way alone.
Pagina 450 - Now shrunk and languished with her blood imbrued. As when a rose, erewhile of bloom so gay, Thrown from the careless virgin's breast away, Lies faded on the plain, the living red, The snowy white, and all its fragrance fled; So from her cheeks the roses died away, And pale in death the beauteous Inez lay. With dreadful smiles, and crimsoned with her blood, Round the wan victim the stern murderers stood, Unmindful of the sure, though future hour, Sacred to vengeance and her lover's power.
Pagina 116 - Rey va tan desmayado que sentido no tenía; muerto va de sed y hambre, que de velle era mancilla; iba tan tinto de sangre, que una brasa parecía; las armas lleva abolladas, que eran de gran pedrería; ' la espada lleva hecha sierra de los golpes que tenía; el almete de abollado en la cabeza se le hundía, la cara lleva hinchada del trabajo que sufría.
Pagina 79 - Riébtot el cuerpo por malo e por traidor. "Estot lidiaré aquí ante rey don Alfons "por fi-jas del Cid, don Elvira e doña Sol: "por quanto las dexastes menos valedes vos; "ellas son mugieres e vos sodes varones, "en todas guisas más valen que vos. "Quando fore la lid, si ploguiere al Criador, "tú lo otorgarás a guisa de traydor; "de quanto he dicho verdadero seré yo.
Pagina 449 - There in some dreary cavern's rocky womb, Amid the horrors of sepulchral gloom, For him whose love I mourn, my love shall glow, The sigh shall murmur, and the tear shall flow : All my fond wish, and all my hope, to rear These infant pledges of a love so dear, — Amidst my griefs a soothing, glad employ, Amidst my fears a woful, hopeless joy.
Pagina 143 - Ay, cuán diferente era y cuán de otra manera lo que en tu falso pecho se escondia ! Bien claro con su voz me lo decia la siniestra corneja repitiendo la desventura mia. Salid sin duelo, lágrimas, corriendo.
Pagina 454 - Where foaming on the shore the tide appears, A sacred fane its hoary arches rears : Dim o'er th.e sea the evening shades descend, And at the holy shrine devout we bend : There, while the tapers o'er the altar blaze, Our prayers and earnest vows to heaven we raise. " Safe through the deep, where every yawning wave Still to the sailor's eye displays his grave ; Through howling tempests, and through gulfs untried, O mighty God, be thou our watchful guide.
Pagina 450 - O'er that dire banquet where the sire's repast The son's torn limbs supplied ? — Yet you, ye vales, Ye distant forests and ye flowery dales, When, pale and sinking to the dreadful fall, You heard her quivering lips on Pedro call, Your faithful echoes caught the parting sound, And " Pedro ! Pedro !

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