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Lamont (J.)



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Traditions and superstitions of the New Zealanders.

Imaginary dialogues between modern English men and the 1856.

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Social science series, q.v.

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the Worshipful Sir Thomas Lucy, Knight, touching deer. veyancing by registration of title. 1859.

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Edmund Spenser : : with the Earl of Essex touching

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politiques, religieuses, militaires même, et les résout presque

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Keary (C. F.) – Gardner (P.) – Lane-Poole (S.) — Terrien de

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16 cm.

Lang (A.)


von Lankenau




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earliest times to 1877. (A. N. Rambaud.) 1879. Old friends : essays in epistolary parody. 18 cm. L. 1890. Langbridge (Frederick). Ballads of the brave: porms of Oxford : brief historical and descriptive notes by A. L.

chivalry, enterprise, courage, and constancy, frun the with etchings and vignettes by A. Brunet-Debaines, A. (sic)

earlest times to the present day. With notes. 18 cm. Toussaint, and R. Kent Thomas. Ed. 2. 34 cm.


L. 1890. 1882.

Lange (Friedrich Albert), Prof. at Zürich and at Marburg. Politics of Aristotle : introductory essays by A. L.


History of materialism, and criticism of its present imL. 1886.

portance. Ernest Chester Thomas, tr. 3 v. (Trübner's Prince Prigio (a fairy tale). Gordon Browne, illustrator.

English and foreign philosophical library, vols. 1-3.) 21 18 cm. Bristol, 1879.

L. 1877-81. Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia : being the adventures of Lange (Helène). Higher education of women in Europe, Prince Prigio's son. By A. L., author of Prince Prigio. (A

(International education series, vol. 16.). Translated and fairy tale.] Gordon Browne, illustrator. 19 cm. Bristol,

accompanied by comparative statistics' by L. R. Klemm. n.d.

19 cm. N.Y. 1890. Red fairy book. Illus. 19 cm. L. 1890.

Lange (Hermann). Lange's German course. (Clarendon press Supplementary to his “Blue fairy book.”

series.) 4 v. 21 cm. O. 1876-84. Sir Thomas Malory's prose style.

Vol. 1: Missing). . In Morte Darthur. (Sir T. Malory.) 1889-91.

Vol.2: Lange's new German method ... Vol. 2. A gram

mar of the German language. 1876. Theocritus, Bion, and Moschus ; rendered into English

Vol. 3: German manual: a German grammar, a reading prose, with an introductory essay, by A. Lang. (Golden

book, and a hand-book of conversations in German. Ed. 2. treasury series.) 16 cm. L. 1889.

Vol. 4: Missing). True story book. Edited by A. L. Illus. 19 cm. L. 1893. Lange (Julius) and others. Denmark ... See Weitemeyer A collection of tales of adventure founded on fact, designed

(H.). 1891. for children. Yellow fairy book. Edited by A. L. With numerous illus- Langkavel (Bernhard), ed. De partibus animalium. (Aristrations by H. J. Ford. 19 cm. L. 1894.

toteles.) 1868. ed. English worthies (series).

ed. Syntagma de alimentorum facultatibus. (Symeon

Sethi.) 1868. ed. Euterpe ... second book of ... Herodotus. 1888. ed. Claverhouse. (M. Morris.) 1887.

Langland (called, also, Langley] (William). [Works.] Vision

of William concerning Piers the plowman [a poem]. By ed. Perrault's popular tales. (C. Perrault.) 1888.

W.Langley. According to the version revised and enlarged tr. Selections from the Greek anthology. n.d.

by the author about A.D. 1377. W. W. Skeet, ed. Ed. 2.

17 cm. and Samuel Henry Butcher, trs.

O. 1874.
Odyssey of Homer.

[Works about.] Jusserand (J.-J.). Piers Plowman : a and Henry Rider Haggard. World's desire. See Haggard

contribution to the history of English mysticism. 1894. (Henry Rider).

Langley (Edward). Silver and double standard questions . and others, trs. Iliad of Homer. 1833.

21 cm. L. 1881.

In (Pamphlets on bimetallism).
Lang (Arnold), Dr.

Text-book of comparative anatomy
with preface to the English translation by ... Ernst Langley (William). (Piers the plowman.) See Langland (W.).
Haeckel . . . Henry M. Bernard, and Matilda Bernard. Langmead (Thomas Pitts Taswell). See Taswell-Lang-
Pt. 1. Illus. 23 cm. L. 1891.

mead (T. P.). Lang (Carl), ed. Epitoma rei militaris. (F. Vegetius Renatus.) (von Langsdorf (Georg Heinrich). Voyages and travels in 1869.

various parts of the world. 2 v. L. 1813.] ed. Rei militaris epitoma. (F. Vegetius Renatus.) 1869.

Extracts from this are in "Notes on Brazil,"etc. (W. Swain

son.) 1816. The work itself is not in the library. ed. Theologiae Graecae compendium. (L. A. Cornutus.) 1881.

Langtoft (Pers, Peter, or Pierre). See Peter, of Langtoft. Lang (John Dunmore), D.D. Freedom and independence for Language. ! See Philology. For works on particular lan

the golden lands of Australia : the right of the colonies, Languages.) guages or groups of languages see the names of and the interest of Britain and of the world. Map.

those languages or groups. 20 cm. L. 1852. New Zealand in 1839 ; or, Four letters to the Right Hon. Languedoc. Baring-Gould (S.). Noémi. 1895.

A tale of Languedoc during the English occupation. Earl Durham, Governor of the New Zealand Land Company ... on the colonization of that island, and on the Lanigan (George Thomas) (pseud., “George Washington present condition and prospects of its native inhabitants.

Aesop”) and Francis Bret Harte. Fables by G. W. A. pp. iv, 5-120. L. . 1839.

and B. H. F. S. Church, illustrator. 16 cm. L. 1881?; [The same.) New edition. With a preface and appendix Lanjalley (A ). See Say (Jean-Baptiste-Léon). L'ictionfor 1873. 22 cm. pp. viii, 96. Sydney, 1873.

naire des finances. 1859-94. Origin and migrations of the Polynesian nation : demon- von Lankenau (H ) and L. von der Oelsnitz. Russia, strating their original discovery and progressive settlement

past and present. Adapted from the German of L. ind 0. of the continent of America. Ed. 2, extended and im.

by H. M. Chester. (S.P.C.K.) Map and illus. proved. 20 cm. Sydney, 1877.

21 cm.

L. 1881.

20 cm.

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