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Addresses and Remarks

Adm. William J. Crowe, Jr., retirement


Catholic Lawyers Guild, luncheon in Boston,


Hurricane Hugo, visit to a disaster site in

Charleston, SC–1469

International Bank for Reconstruction and

Development/International Monetary Fund,

annual meeting—1444

President's Education Summit with Governors

in Charlottesville, VA
Convocation, University of Virginia—1458
Farewell ceremony_1463
Toast, summit dinner-1456

Welcoming ceremony—1454
Secondary School Recognition Program,

Small business leaders, meeting—1441
Soviet Union, upcoming summit with President

United Nations
Meeting with the General Assembly in New

York City–1435
U.S. Mission staff, meeting—1434

Appointments and Nominations—Continued
National Mediation Board, members—1468
Occupational Safety and Health Review

Commission, Chairman and member-1440

State Department, Ambassador to India—1480

White House Office, Deputy Assistant to the

President for Legislative Affairs—1440

Bill Signings

Continuing appropriations for the fiscal year

1990, including Hurricane Hugo disaster


Energy and Water Development

Appropriations Act, 1990, statement-1472
Communications to Congress

Capital gains tax legislation, letter-1443
Comprehensive Campaign Finance Reform Act

of 1989, message transmitting proposed

Railroad Retirement Board report, message


(Continued on the inside of the back cover.)

of 1989_1442

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Week Ending Friday, September 29, 1989

Remarks at a Luncheon Hosted by the happy-to accept when he conveyed your Catholic Lawyers Guild in Boston, kind invitation to this very, very special Massachusetts

luncheon. I told my staff to set it up for any September 23, 1989

Saturday this fall, so long as Holy Cross

wasn't playing B.C. (Laughter] And one Thank you all for that very warm recep

aide noticed that “Red Mass” was on the tion. Barbara and I are just delighted to be trip schedule. He pulled out a map and with you. First, thank you, Judge Nolan. It's said, "Is that anywhere near Boston?" got to be the classic introduction. (Laugh- (Laughter] ter] And I can't tell you how much I appre- And lastly, we're pleased that Governor ciate it. It gets me—I don't have to finish Sununu is with us today. Like many young that high-calorie dessert. (Laughter] Thank Catholics, as a boy John dreamed of one day you so much, sir. And I'm delighted to see becoming Pope. (Laughter] It was only Governor Mike Dukakis here today. Mike, after having eight kids that we got him to thank you very much for being with us. settle for Chief of Staff. (Laughter] And I'm Thank you very much.

glad it worked out that way. And we have many other distinguished Yesterday, the first day of autumn, and guests. Chief Justice Liacos of the Supreme it's the season of harvest, the season of Judicial Court of Massachusetts. I under- change. It's the back-to-school and new bestand the attorney general is with us-At- ginnings. And it is with great respect and torney General Shannon. And then of reverence that I come to you this day, the course my—I'll never convert him—but day of the red Mass, a stirring and deeply your senate president, Billy Bulger over spiritual tradition. Today and tomorrow, here.

men and women of the bar will join in I'm going to get in real trouble on this,

solemn prayer

the country—our but there is a certain nostalgia in the air. I country—and around the world, gathering understand that Police Commissioner wherever civilization has been graced with Roche is with us somewhere out there. And the twin blessings of rule of law and faith in former Chief Justice Hennessy and the God. And the ancient roots of the red Mass former Mayor Collins. And then my friend, are so intertwined with the earliest days of Ed King, the former Governor of this State, the law that its precise origins are, quite is here someplace. There he is.

literally, lost in time. We'll cut it off there except to say again Some say that this beautiful and inspiring to all of you our sincere thanks. Barbara and ritual was first observed in 13th century I are especially pleased to be with our Rome. Others say it began in King Edfriend, the spiritual leader of the diocese, ward's London, beneath the Gothic arches Cardinal Law. A great servant of God.

of the Inns of the Court. And still others For those of you way back in the back of support the theory that it began in Paris. this magnificent ballroom, I'll try to speak Wherever the red Mass was first observed, up. Cardinal Law warned me that the ag- we can be sure of one thing: a tradition that nostics in this room are very bad. (Laugh- spans seven centuries was started when one ter]

man with an idea-one lawyer or We've enjoyed visits by Cardinal Law to priest-stepped forward to act with convicboth Kennebunkport-down the road here, tion. The red Mass is a celebration and a to our house—and the White House in renewal, a reminder to every lawyer and recent months, and we're happy-very judge—Catholic or Jew or Protestant or



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