Moslem—that yours is a profession dedicat- the “Rocket"-Raghib “Rocket" Ismail. Not ed not merely to practical results or materi- once but twice returning kickoffs for recal progress but to a higher duty and, ordbreaking touchdowns—the best use of indeed, to the public good.

speed since Chuck Yeager broke the sound Many years ago, one of my predecessors,

barrier. a man trained and accomplished in the Well, as lawyers, as advocates, part of same profession as yourselves, found himself your task is to use your talents—to speak for facing a crisis of conviction. Many Ameri- those unable to speak for themselves. I chalcans had come to doubt the very founda- lenge you to rearticulate those principles tions upon which this nation was laid. And that are deeper than our differences—the it was widely suggested that the early suc- principles of equal and exact justice—and cess of the United States was an accident of

that vision of free and responsible citizennatural wealth. People said that the sophis- ship which forms our common heritage. ticated problems of modern times required

Here I may well be preaching to the cona rethinking of the democratic institutions of our nation's youth.

verted. None of the judges I've spoken to

ever complained of difficulty in getting a The President was burdened by a trou

group of Boston lawyers to speak their bling question: Do the founders of our

minds. (Laughter] But communication, adnation have anything to say to the present

vocacy-everyone here is uniquely suited day, or is it necessary to start over on a new for the task. By virtue of your profession basis? The man was Thomas Jefferson, and

and your faith, you are alive to the fact that the occasion, his inaugural address. And the

if we are indeed “one nation, under God,” response he made to that crisis is as forceful

then our responsibilities do not end with today as it was in his own age. For Jefferson

simply obeying the law. We must actively understood that the essence of America lies

work to extend peace, liberty, and safety to not in shared real estate but in shared values, not in a common ancestry but in a

all our fellow citizens. As Saint Augustine

said: “While law makes us obedient to juscommon vision.

tice, God makes us agents of justice, doers So, he spoke of the rights of responsibil

of justice, creators of justice.” I challenge ities of free citizens. “Every difference of

you, as men and women of faith, to give opinion," he warned, “is not a difference of

voice to this justice. Do it proudly, with the principle.” And he singled out one such un

courage of conviction. And carry justice to yielding principle as fundamental to our

all of our citizens, especially to those who continued life as a nation: “equal and exact

know it least. justice to all men, of whatever state or persuasion, religious or political."

We must devote special attention to the And the challenge that Thomas Jefferson

problems of those on the margins, those delivered to his fellow citizens—I repeat it

lacking adequate food or shelter, those adtoday; I deliver it to you this afternoon. And

dicted or mentally ill, those whose neighso, I challenge you, as Catholic lawyers, not

borhoods have been decimated by crime. to give in to the dismay of those today who

And we must remember the unrememin error or alarm have wandered from the

bered, protect the unprotected, stand up basic convictions to which our nation is

for those who live in a world of pain-the pledged. I challenge you to rekindle and hungry and the homeless, the haunted and foster a love of justice-American justice—a

the hurting. It's not enough to give them justice that knows no boundaries of race

justice. We must also give them hope. And and sex, income or age.

part of this effort belongs in the courtroom,

where prosecutors and judges fight to preWe're all born with certain talents or abilities, and part of growing up Catholic in

serve justice and where private attorneys America is being reminded of each person's perform untold good through pro bono ef

forts. obligations to use the gifts that God gave them. Perhaps some of you saw this amaz

Consider, for example, Operation Uplift, ing Notre Dame sophomore last Saturday: begun by lawyers in Minneapolis and now


spreading across the country. Its premise—a rights, of responsibilities, of life itself. It is simple one: When an attorney represents a evident in one of our symbols, the Americlient pro bono, the client is asked to do can flag, but I want to look at something volunteer work in the neighborhood or even more commonplace than the flag—a community, pledging 1 hour of service for single dime. There are three emblems on every hour the attorney spends working on the back of the dime. An olive branch, a the case. It costs nothing and doubles the torch, and the limb of an oak. The olive good done by pro bono efforts.

branch symbolizes our longing for peace, But ultimately, to succeed, this effort our willingness to live by righteousness, not can't end with the working day. The grass

simply by military might. Next to the olive roots movement that we've called a Thou

branch is a torch, the lamp of liberty. And sand Points of Light must reach out to

beside the torch lies the oak, the symbol of America's hurting where they are, in the

safety, security, and of strength which guarclassroom as well as the courtroom, and in

antees them. And finally, in the midst of church basements, streetcorners and lonely

the three reads the motto, “E Pluribus apartments. And the bottom line is this: Unum.” “From the many, one,” We are a From now on in America, any definition of diverse people, with many backgrounds, a successful life must include service to many challenges, many hopes. And so, I call others.

upon you today, the Guild of Catholic LawThis room-especially this room-is rich

yers, to give voice to the consensus, the with shining examples of good men and

oneness of values which lives beneath the women who have devoted their lives to diversity. I call upon you, as agents and service—in private, in public, in the pulpit.

creators of justice, to help us bring about Make community service central to your

peace, liberty, and the safety we seek for life and work. And somewhere in your own

every human being. community there is an illiterate man yearn- Thank you, Your Eminence, for inviting ing for the gift most of you have enjoyed me here today. God bless you all, and God since childhood: the ability to read. Some- bless the United States. Thank you very where in your own community there's a much. homeless family that needs food and clothing and shelter. And somewhere in your Note: The President spoke at 1:48 p.m. in own community there is a scared little kid

the ballroom at the Park Plaza Hotel. In his tempted to buy crack or join a gang, a kid opening remarks, he referred to Joseph R. who needs the love and guidance of a Big Nolan, president of the guild. Brother. There are countless unmet needs, countless ways in which you can make a difference for the better.

For you who are senior partners, I urge you to consider community service by your associates in hiring and promoting deci- Executive Order 12691-President's sions. And at the end of the day, let it be Advisory Committee on the Points of said about you that, more than your record Light Initiative Foundation in court or the hours you've billed, this was the way in which you touched the life of

September 23, 1989 someone in need.

By the authority vested in me as PresiAnd finally, with particular concern, we dent by the Constitution and laws of the challenge you to even greater efforts to- United States of America, and in order to wards the protection of human life. Use establish, in accordance with the provisions your talents, your energy, and your profes

of the Federal Advisory Committee Act, as sional resources to reaffirm the right to life amended (5 U.S.C. App. 2), an advisory as the most fundamental freedom.

committee on the Points of Light Initiative, The Jeffersonian vision of justice-of a foundation to be established to foster and peace, liberty, and safety for all-has per- promote community service, it is hereby ormeated our American understanding of dered as follows:

Section 1. Establishment. (a) There is es- Sec. 4. General. The term of the Committablished the President's Advisory Commit- tee shall expire on June 30, 1991, unless tee on the Points of Light Initiative Foun- sooner extended. dation (“Committee”). The Committee shall

George Bush be composed of not more than five mem

The White House, bers to be appointed by the President. September 23, 1989.

(b) The President shall appoint a Chair- [Filed with the Office of the Federal Regisman and Vice Chairman from among the

ter, 10:49 a.m., September 26, 1989) members of the Committee.

Sec. 2. Functions. The Committee shall advise the President, by written report to

Statement on the Upcoming Summit be submitted within forty-five (45) days of With President Gorbachev of the Soviet the Committee's first meeting, with respect

Union to the legal structure of the Points of Light September 23, 1989 Initiative Foundation and the legislation needed to establish the Foundation.

I look forward to meeting with President Sec. 3. Administration. (a) The Director of

Gorbachev. The state of U.S.-Soviet rela

tions is good, and I have enjoyed a positive the Office of National Service in the Executive Office of the President and the heads

working relationship with Mr. Gorbachev. of executive agencies shall provide, to the

Our meeting will afford an opportunity to

reaffirm our mutual commitment to moving extent permitted by law, the Committee with such information with respect to com

the U.S.-Soviet relationship forward as unmunity service issues and such other sup

derscored by the progress at the Wyoming port as it may require for purposes of carry

ministerial. I commend the efforts of Secreing out its functions under this order.

tary (of State] Baker and Foreign Minister

Shevardnadze. I envision a broad discussion (b) Members of the Committee shall serve

of the full agenda that the two sides have without compensation for their work on the Committee. However, members appointed

established: human rights, bilateral relafrom among private citizens of the United

tions, arms control, regional issues, and States shall be allowed travel expenses, in

transnational issues. cluding per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by law for persons serving intermittently in Government service (5 U.S.C.

Statement on the Death of Irving

Berlin 5701-5707). (c) The Office of National Service in the

September 23, 1989 Executive Office of the President shall pro- I was saddened to hear of the death of vide, to the extent permitted by law and Irving Berlin. Very few composers have subject to the availability of funds, the come to touch the soul of a nation, reflectCommittee with administrative services, ing its spirit and traditions. Mr. Berlin ranks funds, and other support services as may be among such composers, having become a necessary for the effective performance of living legend in his own lifetime. His love its functions hereunder.

of country and fellow man, so vividly dem(d) Notwithstanding any other executive onstrated in his songs, were characteristics order, the functions of the President under

which we all admired and which will be the Federal Advisory Committee Act, as part of his legacy. His songs, such as “God amended, except that of reporting to the Bless America” and “White Christmas," Congress, which are applicable to the Com- have become woven into the very fabric of mittee, shall be performed by the Director American society, touching the lives of genof the Office of National Service, in accord- erations of Americans. Barbara and I extend ance with guidelines and procedures estab- our sympathies to his family and join the lished by the Administrator of General American people in mourning the loss of Services.


this gre

us, and

Remarks Announcing the Upcoming full faith, going forward in every way to Summit With President Gorbachev of achieve further arms reductions. That's the Soviet Union and a Question-and- been a goal of mine for a long time and I Answer Session With Reporters

think it's a goal of Mr. Gorbachev’s. And so September 23, 1989

I would say that there's a chance for agreements of that nature. But there will be

plenty of other subjects to discuss in addiSummit With President Gorbachev

tion to arms control. The President. General Scowcroft (Assist- Q. Why the late spring to early summer ant to the President for National Security timetable? Could it not be sooner? Affairs) and I just talked to Secretary Baker The President. Well, you might make a and I'm very pleased that we've reached case that it could be sooner, but this was agreement with the Soviets on several ques- the agreed timetable, and it's agreeable to tions, only one of which I am prepared to mention here now. But in a few minutes, Mr. Shevardnadze [Foreign Minister) will

Conventional Arms Control have a press conference, followed promptly Q. Did you want to give more time to the by Secretary (of State) Baker's press confer- conventional weapons negotiations to go ence, at which it will be announced—and forward or they will discuss the details—that we will be The President. Well, it gives us time to having a summit, that I will be meeting move forward on a lot of fronts, is the way I with Mr. Gorbachev in late spring or early see it. And it's not under the time gun, and summer. The agreement is set and I'm very yet, the summit being set, I think it will be pleased. And I'll leave further comment on useful on both sides to pushing both buwhat's been accomplished in Wyoming to reaucracies forward, both decision-making our Secretary of State.

teams forward to achieve results. I think Q. Where is the summit going to be, Mr. that was why the general agreement on President?

time. The President. Well, undoubtedly, it will Anyway, it's good news, and I'm very be in the United States.

pleased with what the Secretary has been Q. Has that been fixed in those talks, or able to accomplish out there. I don't know is

whether General Scowcroft would have The President. I'm not sure that that will more on all this later, but I know he's been be part of the announcement; I didn't dis- in close touch with the Secretary, Bob cuss it. But it is just assumed—I'm assuming Gates (Assistant to the President it will be there.

Deputy for National Security Affairs), out Nuclear Testing and Chemical Weapons

there, and will continue to be.

United Nations Address Q. And did they nail down the accords on nuclear testing and chemical weapons?

Q. Will you now work this into your The President. No, but I'd prefer to leave speech to the U.N. General Assembly? that to the Secretary and Mr. Shevard- The President. Well, we may—it's one of nadze. But I'm very pleased overall. I think the things that you foresaw in your question you'll see why when they make their an- a minute ago, but yes, we might touch on nouncements there.

it. I think around the world, people will be Summit With President Gorbachev

pleased that there is this announcement,

and there may be other things that will Q. What accomplishment do you expect come out of the Wyoming meeting that we out of the summit? What will be the pur- can talk about in New York. pose of it then? The President. Well, a wide array of sub

Summit With President Gorbachev jects, and we will be continuing to work on Q. Would you like to see this summit take the arms control agenda. It's not my view place someplace other than Washington? that summits must have arms control agree- You'd like to see it out in the country, ments. But we're going to be working with wouldn't you?

and The President. No, I think probably The President. Well, I think that was the Washington would be proper for this one, original fear, but I don't know the internals although I don't think they've discussed of that at all. But I think that the commit. that or agreed on

ment of the Colombian Government is such General Scowcroft. No, sir. It's just the that this resignation by itself should not be ordinary run of things, it's your turn.

interpreted as a signal that they're going to Q. But, General, there is a commitment lighten up in some way. by the Soviets to have the summit in the Okay. Thank you all very much. Now for U.S.?

the river. General Scowcroft. Oh, I think so. It's Q. What? assumed.

The President. A little fishing down there. The President. Yes. That was discussed, as Come on. (Laughter] a matter of fact, in the Oval Office and was almost a given. But I just have to hedge a Note: The President spoke in the afternoon little because I don't know whether that's in at the Cape Arundel Golf Course in Kennethe announcement by the Foreign Secre- bunkport, ME. A tape was not available for tary.

verification of the content of these remarks. Q. Do you think it would precede or follow the economic summit?

The President. Well, we haven't set a date. We're very open as to whether that economic summit should be in the spring of

Remarks to the Staff of the United 1990 or into the fall of 1990. The last one,

States Mission to the United Nations in as you know, was—the one just past—in the

New York City summer. But I think our allies seem to be September 25, 1989 very flexible and I now must get in touch with them fairly soon to determine what

Thank you all so much, and thank you, their desires are. From the U.S. side,

Jim. First, I should say I think our Secretary can be very flexible on that.

and his distinguished team did an outstandQ. And it might be as late as the fall? ing job out there in Wyoming. I hope, in a

The President. I would think it could be. sense, what happened there will make your They've had several in the fall, I think. So work easier during this session of the Genthere's no—in other words, there is no set eral Assembly. But in any event, I think it month or period, season in which to have sent a good, positive signal around the these.

world, and we're very grateful to him, and

Susan, too, who was out there as well in The Drug War in Colombia

Wyoming for this unique diplomatic effort. Q. On the drug front, don't you think The Secretary introduced the fishing bethat Mrs. de Greiff's (Justice Minister] resig- cause he caught fish and Mr. Shevardnadze nation in Colombia means that the drug didn't. (Laughter] It was a vicious assault on lords are not-that they seem to have the the Soviet Union. upper hand, they're not being beaten back But I want to thank the Pickerings. If you

want to get a job done, you send the best. The President. Rita (Rita Beamish, Associ- And Tom has served as perhaps our most ated Press), I don't think so because of what senior Foreign Service officer, and it was I've been reading today coming out of Co- thus for me a great privilege, really, to lombia and, obviously, from what she, her- nominate him here. The fact that he wasself, said. But that's their business; that's the willingness to come to New York and take internal affair of Colombia. But I see no on this most important diplomatic assignreason that that single resignation will ment that we have I think sends a good signal or lead to a lessening in resolve on signal to the United Nations as to the imthe part of President Barco. So I don't portance we place on it, and I think it sends worry about that.

a good signal to the Foreign Service. I hope Q. But she might have been threatened it does because I have great respect for the out of office.

Foreign Service. But all I know is, we've


at all?

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