Recent actuarial projections included in Proclamation 6030—To Provide for the the annual report indicate that, barring any Tariff Treatment of Goods From the large unanticipated declines in rail employ. Freely Associated States, To Implement ment, the railroad retirement system will Tariff Reductions on Certain Tropical not experience short-term cash-flow prob- Products, and for Other Purposes lems. Board actuaries estimate that, based

September 29, 1989 on Employee Retirement Income Security Act standards, the system has a $32 billion

By the President of the United States unfunded liability.

of America The long-term solvency of the railroad re

A Proclamation tirement system remains highly volatile. Refinancing legislation enacted in 1946, 1951,

1. Section 242 of the Compact of Free 1974, 1981, 1983, and 1987 serves as a re

Association (the Compact) entered into by minder of this volatility. More recently, the

the Government of the United States and

the Governments of the Marshall Islands Railroad Unemployment Insurance and Re

and of the Federated States of Micronesia tirement Improvement Act of 1988 was en

(the freely associated states), as given effect acted to ensure repayment of the unem

by section 401(a) of the Compact of Free ployment insurance debt to the rail indus

Association Act of 1985 (the Association Act) try pension fund.

(Public Law No. 99–239, 99 Stat. 1770), proThe Congress sought advice and created vides that upon implementation of the the Commission on Railroad Retirement Compact the President shall proclaim dutyReform to examine issues relating to the free treatment for most products of the long-term financing of the railroad retire- freely associated states, subject to the limiment system. The Congress directed the ad

tations provided in sections 503(b) and visory Commission to consider a range of

504(c) of the Trade Act of 1974, as amendfinancing alternatives that do not include

ed (the 1974 Act) (19 U.S.C. 2463(b) and

2464(c)). general fund subsidies. Yet, as part of their fiscal year 1990 reconciliation bill, the Con

2. Section 243 of the Compact, as given gress is once again considering extending

effect by section 401(b) of the Association general fund subsidies to the rail industry

Act, provides that certain articles imported pension fund. Since 1983, over $1.2 billion

from the freely associated states are to be

excluded from the duty-free treatment proin subsidies, in the form of diverted income taxes on rail industry pensions, have been

claimed by the President and are to receive

most-favored-nation treatment. In addition, given to the pension fund. Income tax on

section 401(a) of the Association Act sets all other private pensions goes to the gener

restrictions on the aggregate quantity of al fund. Under current law, this general

canned tuna that may be entered free of fund subsidy provision will expire at the

duty in any calendar year. The foregoing end of fiscal year 1989. Extending general

exclusions and restrictions were set forth in fund subsidies establishes an undesirable terms of the former Tariff Schedules of the precedent. I urge the Commission, in ac

United States (TSUS) (19 U.S.C. 1202). The cordance with the congressional directive, United States converted the TSUS to the not to recommend general fund subsidies in Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United any form. In the long run, railroad retirees States (HTS) effective January 1, 1989. Acand employees will be best served by a fi- cordingly, the exclusions and restrictions set nancially stable system that relies solely on out in section 401 of the Association Act rail sector funding.

must be incorporated into the HTS. Further, certain technical rectifications to par

ticular HTS provisions are necessary in George Bush

order to designate such provisions correctly.

3. In accordance with section 401 of the The White House,

Association Act, I have determined that the September 29, 1989.

existing preferential tariff treatment provid


ed under the Generalized System of Prefer- authorizes the President to proclaim such ences (GSP), pursuant to Title V of the 1974 modifications or continuance of any existing Act, to products of the freely associated duty, such continuance of existing duty-free states should be terminated and that certain

excise treatment, or such additional modifications and rectifications to the HTS duties, as the President determines to be are necessary in order to reflect the appro- necessary or appropriate to carry out Artipriate treatment of such articles under the

cle 401 of the United States-Canada FreeCompact.

Trade Agreement and the schedule of duty 4. Pursuant to section 1102(a) of the Om- reductions with respect to goods originating nibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of

in the territory of Canada set forth in An1988 (the 1988 Act) (19 U.S.C. 2902(a)), I nexes 401.2 and 401.7 to the Agreement. have determined that one or more existing 9. Pursuant to section 201(a) of the Impleduties or other import restrictions of the

mentation Act, I have determined that it is United States are unduly burdening and re

necessary to provide for the staged reducstricting the foreign trade of the United

tion in duties on certain plywood and cerStates and that the purposes, policies, and

tain motor vehicle equipment originating in objectives of Title I of the 1988 Act, (19

the territory of Canada, and to correct an U.S.C. 2901 et seq.) will be promoted by

omission in Proclamation 5978 of May 12, entering into a trade agreement providing for the reduction of rates of duty applicable

1989, of the staged reduction in duties on

certain puzzles originating in the territory to imports of certain tropical products.

of Canada. 5. The requirements set forth in sections 125, 126(a), 131-135, and 161(b) of the 1974

10. Section 1204(b) of the 1988 Act (19 Act (19 U.S.C. 2135, 2136(a), 2151-2155,

U.S.C. 3004(b)) directs the President to proand 2211(b)) have been complied with.

claim such modifications to the HTS as are 6. Pursuant to section 1102(a) of the 1988

necessary or appropriate to implement the Act, the President, through his duly em

applicable provisions of executive actions powered representative, on December 5, taken after January 1, 1988, and before the 1988, entered into a trade agreement with

effective date of the HTS, and such techniother contracting parties to the General

cal rectifications as the President considers Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

necessary. Pursuant to the terms of section (61 Stat. (pts. 5 and 6)), as amended, consist

1204(bX1) of the 1988 Act (19 U.S.C. ing of a statement of negotiating results and

3004(bX1)), I have determined that certain schedules of concessions agreed upon by

technical rectifications to the HTS are necparties thereto, and implementing on a pro

essary. visional basis tariff reductions on enumer

11. Section 604 of the 1974 Act (19 U.S.C. ated tropical products. A copy of the agree

2483) authorizes the President to embody ment and the attached schedule of United

in the HTS the substance of the provisions States concessions on such products is an

of that Act, and of other Acts affecting nexed to this Proclamation as part (b) of

import treatment, and actions thereunder. Annex II.

Now, Therefore, I, George Bush, Presi7. Pursuant to the 1988 Act, I hereby dent of the United States of America, acting determine that the modification or continu- under the authority vested in me by the ance of existing duties hereinafter pro- Constitution and the statutes of the United claimed is required or appropriate to carry States, including but not limited to section out the trade agreement on tropical prod- 401 of the Association Act, section 201 of ucts. Pending the successful conclusion of the Implementation Act, sections 1102 and the Uruguay Round of Multilateral Trade 1204(b) of the 1988 Act, and Title V and Negotiations, I have decided to implement section 604 of the 1974 Act, do proclaim the United States tropical products conces

that: sions on a temporary basis.

(1) In order to provide for the tariff treat8. Section 201(a) of the United States- ment of goods from the freely associated Canada Free-Trade Agreement Implemen- states, general note 3 to the HTS is moditation Act of 1988 (the Implementation Act) fied as set forth in Annex I to this Proclama(Public Law No. 100_449, 102 Stat. 1851) tion.

(2) In order to implement the agreement Proclamation 6031-National Quality on tropical products on a provisional basis, Month, 1989 chapter 99 of the HTS is modified as set

September 29, 1989 forth in Annex Il(a) to this Proclamation.

(3) In order to implement the duty treat- By the President of the United States ment provided by the United States-Canada

of America Free-Trade Agreement for certain motor vehicle equipment, certain plywood, and

A Proclamation certain puzzles originating in the territory

Producing quality goods and services is of Canada, the HTS is modified as provided crucial not only to the continued economic in Annex III to this Proclamation.

growth of the United States, but also to our (4) In order to make technical rectifica- national security and the well-being of each tions in particular provisions, the HTS is American family. Our Nation has long been modified as set forth in Annex IV to this recognized for its leadership in producing Proclamation.

quality products. However, in recent years, (5) Any provisions of previous proclama- the position of the United States as quality tions and Executive orders inconsistent with leader has been challenged by foreign comthe provisions of this Proclamation are petition in domestic and overseas markets. hereby superseded to the extent of such Reasserting our leadership position will inconsistency.

require a firm commitment to total quality (6Xa) The amendments made by Annex I management and the principle of continuand IV(b) of this Proclamation shall be ef- ous quality improvement. The United States fective with respect to articles entered, or can, and must, excel in this area, setting withdrawn from warehouse for consump- new standards for world-class quality and tion, on or after the date that is 15 days competing vigorously in international marafter the publication of this Proclamation in

kets. the Federal Register.

Improving quality takes time and re(b) The amendments made by Annex II(a) sources and can only be achieved through a of this Proclamation shall be effective with

combination of factors. It takes a long-term respect to articles entered, or withdrawn commitment by management that involves from warehouse for consumption, on

working with suppliers to improve performafter the dates specified in such Annex. ance; educating, training, and motivating (c) The amendments made by Annex III

workers; developing accurate and responof this Proclamation shall be effective with

sive information systems; and establishing respect to goods originating in the territory targets for quality improvement. of Canada which are entered, or withdrawn Quality improvement principles apply to from warehouse for consumption, on

small companies as well as large corporaafter the dates specified in such Annex.

tions, to service industries as well as manu(d) The amendments made by Annex

facturing, and to the public sector as well as IV(a) of this Proclamation shall be effective private enterprise. Improving the quality of with respect to articles entered, or with

goods and services goes hand in hand with drawn from warehouse for consumption, on

improving productivity and lowering costs. or after January 1, 1989.

It is also essential to enhancing worker ful

fillment and customer satisfaction. In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-eighth day of Septem

Private sector organizations and governber, in the year of our Lord nineteen hun

ment institutions across the country are dred and eighty-nine, and of the Independ- joining forces to promote a national comence of the United States of America the

mitment to excellence. At the national, retwo hundred and fourteenth.

gional, and local level, business executives

and public officials are working together to George Bush

develop the skills and techniques needed

for producing quality goods and services. [Filed with the Office of the Federal Regis- As part of this important effort, the Fedter, 4:29 p.m., September 29, 1989)

eral Government is promoting quality



through such programs as the Malcolm Bal- debilitating or even deadly. Because this redrige National Quality Award of the De- markable scientific progress has included partment of Commerce, the Federal Qual- the study of mental illness, scientists and ity Institute, the President's Council on

health care professionals now have a much Management Improvement, the Productivi

greater understanding of such afflictions as ty Improvement Plan of the Department of depression, schizophrenia, phobias, and anxDefense, and the NASA Excellence Award

iety disorders. for Quality and Productivity.

During the past 10 years alone, our The American Society for Quality Con

knowledge of mental illness has increased trol—together with other national profes- dramatically. Indeed, our ever-expanding sional organizations, businesses, industries, knowledge of the brain might well be congovernment agencies, and academic institu

sidered one of the most profound accomtions—is sponsoring activities in observance

plishments of our time. That is why continof “National Quality Month.” These activi

ued failure to diagnose or treat mental illties, focused on the theme of “Quality First,” are designed to promote awareness

ness—and to accept and understand those

who suffer from it-is so needless and so of the importance of quality to production and services throughout the United States.

regrettable. Far too many mentally ill The Congress, by House Joint Resolution

Americans are also victims of fear, preju204, has designated October as “National

dice, and distrust. Mental illness not only Quality Month” and has authorized and re

inhibits their ability to function normally in quested the President to issue a proclama- society, but also inflicts untold personal antion in observance of this month.

guish upon them and their loved ones. Now, Therefore, I, George Bush, Presi- Frequently the result of biological or dent of the United States of America, do

chemical disorders in the brain, mental illhereby proclaim October 1989 as National ness can affect anyone—regardless of age, Quality Month. I call upon the people of gender, race, or economic status. For a the United States to observe this occasion child or adolescent, a mental illness left unwith appropriate ceremonies and activities. treated can mean years of torment, as well

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set as lost opportunities to learn and grow. my hand this twenty-ninth day of Septem- Adults who suffer from mental illness may ber, in the year of our Lord nineteen hun- not only lose their independence and ability dred and eighty-nine, and of the Independ- to contribute, but also become strangers to ence of the United States of America the their families and friends. Elderly victims two hundred and fourteenth.

can enjoy neither the comforts of retireGeorge Bush ment nor the well-earned respect and dig

nity rightfully afforded to our senior citi[Filed with the Office of the Federal Regis- zens. Tragically, the confusion, alienation, ter, 10:53 a.m., October 2, 1989]

and loss of hope felt by some victims of mental illness-young and old alike-have even led them to take their own lives.

We can—and we must-help the victims Proclamation 6032-Mental Illness

of mental illness. Of the millions of AmeriAwareness Week, 1989

cans who suffer from depression, well over

half could benefit from proper treatment. September 29, 1989

Scientific research has produced treatments By the President of the United States

that can alleviate the hallucinations and de

lusions that haunt victims of schizophrenia. of America

There are also treatments, including mediA Proclamation

cations and various forms of psychotherapy, The 20th Century has been marked by to allay crippling panic and anxiety disormajor advances in medical research and ders and to help patients overcome dystechnology. Today, we can easily prevent or functional behavior patterns. Today, imcure many diseases that once proved to be proved methods of diagnosis and care can

offer hope and healing to millions of people Proclamation 6033—Child Health Day with mental disorders.

September 29, 1989 This week, we salute the dedicated scientists, health care professionals, and volun

By the President of the United States teers who are working hard to help solve of America the mysteries of mental illness and alleviate

A Proclamation the suffering of its victims. In academic institutions, hospitals, and community-based

In this most fortunate of nations, millions mental health programs across the country,

of us can look with pride and gratitude they are helping to destroy the myths and

upon happy, healthy children and grand

children-children who are able to enjoy all fears that prevent too many victims of mental illness from obtaining the help and

the wonderful opportunities life offers.

However, we cannot afford to forget that compassion they need. All of us can assist

each year tens of thousands of children in their efforts by learning more about mental

this country die before reaching their first illness and by supporting continued re

birthday. search and effective treatment programs.

Our hearts ache over this country's high Most important, however, we can help vic

rate of infant mortality, a rate that is all the tims of mental illness and their families by

more tragic because it occurs in a Nation giving them our encouragement and under

that boasts one of the highest standards of standing

living in the world. The statistics cannot In recognition of the importance of in

reveal the suffering of bereaved parents, for forming the public about mental illness and their anguish is immeasurable. Nor can the needs of those who suffer from it, the

numbers reflect the costs incurred by our Congress, by Senate Joint Resolution 55, has entire country. When the life of a child is designated the week beginning October 1,

destroyed, so, too, is the promise that he or 1989, as “Mental Illness Awareness Week”

she holds for our Nation's future. A society and has authorized and requested the Presi

that fails to protect its most vulnerable dent to issue a proclamation in observance

members from harm suffers untold losses

itself. of this event.

The failure of pregnant women to obtain Now, Therefore, I, George Bush, Presi- adequate prenatal care is a major factor in dent of the United States of America, do our Nation's high infant mortality rate. hereby proclaim the week of October 1 While the government must not usurp the through October 7, 1989, as Mental Illness role of the family—and while it cannot fulAwareness Week. I call upon all citizens of fill parents' responsibilities in caring for the United States to observe this week with their children-public officials at the Federappropriate ceremonies and activities de- al and State level are examining ways to signed to promote greater understanding of help improve child health in the United mental illness and its victims' need for ef- States. Together with health care providers, fective treatment and rehabilitation.

insurers, and other concerned Americans,

government officials have been working to In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set develop ways to encourage more pregnant my hand this twenty-ninth day of Septem- women to protect the lives of their unborn ber, in the year of our Lord nineteen hun- children through proper nutrition and predred and eighty-nine, and of the Independ- natal care. ence of the United States of America the Already, advances in technology have entwo hundred and fourteenth.

abled us to save the lives of babies who are

born prematurely, or who develop dangerGeorge Bush ous illnesses and conditions while still in the

womb. Scientific discoveries have helped us

to reduce the incidence of some debilitating (Filed with the Office of the Federal Regis- and life-threatening childhood diseases, and ter, 10:54 a.m., October 2, 1989)

even eliminate others. Thanks to effective

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