Approved September 26

Approved September 29

H.J. Res. 133 / Public Law 101-98

H.J. Res. 407 | Public Law 101-100 Designating the week beginning September Making continuing appropriations for the 17, 1989, as "Emergency Medical Services

fiscal year 1990, and for other purposes Week”

H.R. 2696 / Public Law 101-101
Energy and Water Development Appro-

priations Act, 1990 S. 1075 / Public Law 101-99 To authorize appropriations for the Ameri- H.J. Res. 204 | Public Law 101-102 can Folklife Center for fiscal years 1990, To designate October 1989, as “National 1991, and 1992

Quality Month"

Subject Index

Administration of George Bush, 1989

AFL-CIO. See Labor & Congress of Industrial

Organizations, American Federation of AIDS. See Health and medical care Abortion-1021, 1203, 1267, 1270 Acquired immune deficiency syndrome. See

Health and medical care Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, Nation

al Commission on–1132 Adoption–1150, 1363, 1364 Adoption Week, National—1151 Adoptive Families of America—1363 Aeronautics and Space Administration, Nation

al—1130, 1159 Afghanistan, Soviet POW’s-MIA's. See Union of

Soviet Socialist Republics

See also specific country
President's views-1096

Sub-Saharan region—1029
African Development Fund—1104
Agency. See other part of subject
Administration policies—1166
Chemical use- e_1376
Drought. See Disaster assistance
Free market policies—1238
Paris economic summit policy-1106
President's views—1165, 1238

Tobacco-1037, 1038
Agriculture, Department of

Assistant Secretaries—1362, 1409
Commodity Credit Corporation–1074
Food assistance, role-1370

Secretary_1238, 1253, 1370
Air Force, Department of the

See also Armed Forces, U.S.
Assistant Secretaries—1055, 1230

Under Secretary-1099
Air and Space Museum, Advisory Board of the

National. See Smithsonian Institution Aircraft. See Aviation Alaska, oil spill. See Disaster assistance Alaska Land Use Council-1349 Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, Bureau of. See

Treasury, Department of the
Alcohol abuse. See Health and medical care
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Month, National-

American. See other part of subject
Apollo 11. See Space program
Appalachian Regional Commission-1284

Arkansas, Governor-1185, 1189
Armed Forces, U.S.

See also specific military department
Drug trafficking prevention–1306, 1315, 1321,

Europe, role. See Europe, defense and security
Military base closings—1378
National Guard—1411, 1412

Travel regulations—1147 Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, U.S.

1023, 1202, 1323, 1415 Arms and munitions

See also Nuclear weapons
Chemical weapons—1399
Combatant ships—1325
Conventional forces and weapons—1050, 1067,

1070, 1085, 1090, 1094, 1114, 1327, 1399 Export controls, function delegation—1023 Army, Department of the

See also Armed Forces, U.S.
Secretary-1151, 1217

Under Secretary-1058
Arts, National Endowment for the. See Arts and

the Humanities, National Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities, National Foundation on

the, National Endowment for the Arts-1046 Asbestos. See Health and medical care Asia-Pacific region

See also specific country

Administration policies—1288
Attorney General. See Justice, Department of

Prime Minister-1050, 1053

Relations with Hungary-1050

Aerospace plane. See Space program
Antiterrorism efforts. See Terrorism
Combat aircraft reductions. See Arms and mu-

nitions, conventional forces and weapons Congressman, U.S., plane crash in Ethiopia

1222, 1229, 1232, 1237 Japan-U.S. fighter aircraft—1191 Pan American plane crash in Scotland—1209,

1210 Safety-1174 Stealth bomber-1115, 1147, 1317, 1326 United Airlines plane crash in Iowa-1133,

1327 Aviation Security and Terrorism, President's

Commission on–1209, 1210

B-2. See Aviation, stealth bomber
Bahrain, Foreign Minister-1201, 1202, 1205
Bangladesh, Paris economic summit policy-

1108, 1110
Bank. See other part of subject
Banking. See Monetary affairs
Baptist Convention, U.S.A., National—1341
Bastille Day, the French Revolution, and the

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, National Day to Commemorate the Bicen

tennial of–1038, 1039 Battle Monuments Commission, American—1284,

1364 Berlin-1237 Bicentennial. See other part of subject Blacks. See specific subject Boy Scouts of America—1218 Brazil, U.S. Ambassador-1406 Brunei, U.S. Ambassador-1212 Budget, Federal See also specific agency Deficit-1102, 1171, 1203, 1211, 1244, 1264,

1273, 1295, 1374 Fiscal year 1989—1015, 1370 Fiscal year 1990—1089, 1131, 1147, 1203,

1273, 1277, 1306–1309, 1313, 1317, 1321, 1339, 1360, 1370, 1371, 1373, 1392, 1393,

1395, 1401 Line-item veto-1204, 1206 President's views-1204, 1373

Rescissions and deferrals—1204, 1206
Bureau. See other part of subject
Business and industry

See also specific industry
Air pollution control. See Environment, air

Capital gains tax. See Taxation, tax reform
Drug abuse prevention—1307, 1309
Enterprise zones. See Enterprise zones
Foreign investment. See Economy, internation-

Free enterprise system_1337
Government's role-1338
Polish labor issues, assistance. See Labor issues
Productivity and competitiveness—1187, 1190
Small and minority business—1295, 1338

Stock market trading—1103
CFE. See Arms and munitions, conventional

forces and weapons Cabinet

See also specific position
Domestic Policy Council—1151, 1188, 1364
Economic Policy Council—1156

President's views—1266, 1304
Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary-

1230, 1394 Los Angeles Police Department-1359 Cambodia

Administration policies—1289

POW's-MIA's. See Armed Forces, U.S. Canada

Paris economic summit policy-1102

Prime Minister-1262, 1267, 1269, 1271, 1295,

Relations with Panama-1302
Relations with U.S.—1271, 1297, 1299, 1302

Trade with U.S.—1038, 1104, 1267, 1298 Canada-U.S. International Joint Commission

1138 Capital punishment. See Law enforcement and

crime Captive Nations Week—1027, 1133 Caribbean region

See also specific country

Hurricane Hugo. See Disaster assistance Cemetery System, National. See Veterans Affairs,

Department of Census, Bureau of the. See Commerce, Depart

ment of
Census, 1990–1338
Central America

See also specific country
Democracy and freedom-1124, 1270, 1286,

Nicaraguan conflict-1270
Central Intelligence Agency-1168, 1195
Chambers of commerce, State and local. See spe-

cific State
Check-Up Week, National—1310
Chemical weapons. See Arms and munitions
Children and youth

See also specific subject
Child care-1343
President's views-1187, 1219, 1351, 1377,

1387, 1412
China, relations with U.S.—1264, 1288, 1402
Choctawhatchee National Forest. See Florida
Cities. See State and local governments
Citizenship Day and Constitution Week—1379
Civil rights

Administration policies—1013, 1223
President's views-1342

Racial violence-1399
Civil Rights, Commission on—1014
Coal. See Energy
Coast Guard, U.S. See Transportation, Depart-

ment of Coast Guard Bicentennial, U.S.--1353 Colleges and universities. See specific institution;

Education Colombia Drug trafficking. See Law enforcement and

crime Economic and military assistance—1274, 1315,

1316, 1348 Extradition treaty with U.S. See Law enforce

ment and crime President-1175, 1261, 1262, 1265, 1267, 1274,

1294, 1298–1300, 1306, 1315-1317, 1321,

1324, 1339, 1348, 1400, 1403
Presidential candidate, assassination—1261,

Relations with U.S.-1299

Constitutional amendment, flag-burning.

See Flag, U.S. Consumer Cooperative Bank, National—1286 Continental shelf. See Maritime affairs Conventional forces and weapons. See Arms and

munitions Copyright Royalty Tribunal—1163 Copyrights. See Patents, copyrights, and trade

marks Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary. See

Cote d'Ivoire, U.S. Ambassador-1272
Court. See other part of subject
Crime. See Law enforcement and crime

Human rights—1256
Relations with U.S.-1256

Role in Nicaragua. See Nicaragua
Cuban radio broadcasting board. See Radio

Broadcasting to Cuba, Advisory Board for Customs Service, U.S. See Treasury, Department

of the Customs Service, U.S., 200th Anniversary Year

Conflict resolution–1417

Colorado, Two Forks Dam-1394
Colored People, National Association for the Ad-

vancement of_1341 Combined Federal Campaign. See Government

agencies and employees Commerce, Department of

Assistant Secretary-1319
Census, Bureau of the—1253
Food assistance, role-1370
Minority Business Development Agency—1338
Secretary-1111, 1172, 1230, 1278, 1338, 1398
Steel industry, role. See Steel and steel industry
Technology export controls, role. See Science

and technology Under Secretary-1125 Commerce, international

See also specific country or subject
Free and fair trade-1033, 1118, 1155, 1156,

1166, 1238, 1289 General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

(GATT)-1029, 1033, 1102–1104, 1109, 1155,

1156, 1166 Generalized System of Preferences (GSP)

1037, 1398, 1405 Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the U.S.

(HTS-1037 Paris economic summit policy–1102 Protectionism–1103

Trade deficit-1372 Commission. See other part of subject Committee. See other part of subject Commodity Credit Corporation. See Agriculture,

Department of Commodity Futures Trading Commission–1197,

1329 Communications, drug interdiction support. See

Law enforcement and crime, drug abuse and

Comoros, U.S. Ambassador-1120
Competitiveness. See Business and industry
Conference. See other part of subject

See also specific subject
Bipartisan gatherings-1199
Honoraria—1040, 1248
House Speaker. See Speaker of House of Repre-

President's views—1173, 1280, 1304

Senate President. See Vice President

See also Environment
Forest system-1395
Marine sanctuary, resource management-1231
Park system—1395
President's views-1149, 1388, 1407
Wetlands preservation—1395

Wildlife preservation—1394, 1395
Constitution, Commission on the Bicentennial of

the U.S.-1320 Constitution, U.S., President's views-1174 Constitution Week_1379

D.A.R.E. America—1359
D.A.R.E. Day, National—1358, 1360
Days of observance. See other part of subject
Defense, Department of

See also specific military department
Aerospace plane, role. See Space program
Assistant Secretaries—1055, 1248, 1271, 1328
Budget-1054, 1147, 1170, 1325
Deputy Secretary_1217
Drug trafficking prevention, role—1133, 1306
Foreign military assistance. See Foreign policy,

security and development assistance General Counsel—1193 Joint Chiefs of Staff—1171, 1180, 1195, 1217,

1231, 1399 Management improvement-1053, 1054 Operational Test and Evaluation, Director

1208 President's views—1218 Procurement-1053, 1054 Secretary—1023, 1024, 1046, 1053, 1054, 1115,

1147, 1170–1172, 1178, 1180, 1195, 1217,

1222, 1229, 1253, 1399, 1404, 1412
Under Secretary-1120
Defense and national security

See also Nuclear weapons
Administration policies—1217, 1261, 1325
Espionage-1148, 1167, 1172, 1174, 1247
Military strength and deterrence-1118, 1217,

1325 President's views—1148, 1172, 1192, 1317,

1371 Strategic Petroleum Reserve. See Energy, oil

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