Petricioli Iturbide, Gustavo—1493

Sweet, Robert W., Jr.—1533
Porter, Roger B.—1548
Powell, Colin L.—1497, 1545

Taft, William H., IV-1528
Pratt, Alice-1597

Talbott, Howard-1523, 1524 Price, Joe-1534

Teller, Edward-1611

Terry, Roy—1503, 1504 Quayle, Dan-1525, 1528, 1548, 1564, 1565, Terry, Rudolph—1503, 1504

— 1571, 1594

Thompson, Ronald L.—1503, 1504 Ramirez Mercado, Sergio—1609

Thornburgh, Richard L.-1544 Rappleyea, Clarence D.-1537

Tolcacher, Ray E.-1565 Reagan, Ronald-1598

Tortorici, Peter-1600 Reilly, William K.-1571, 1572, 1611, 1612, 1615 Trump, Donald J.-1537 Robinson, Frank—1523

Tu, Rex-1548
Roh Tae Woo-1557

Twain, Mark—1597
Rohrabacher, Dana—1548
Roosevelt, Christopher du Pont-1591

Vance, Morag—1523
Roosevelt, Franklin D.-1561

Varkonyi, Peter-1611 Roosevelt, Theodore-1537, 1538, 1562

Vassiliou, George—1504 Rostenkowski, Dan-1512

Velazquez, Josephine M.—1529 Rowland, John G.–1523

Vinh, Frank_1548 Salinas, Cecilia—1493, 1494, 1498, 1499

Wakukawa, Jane G.–1565 Salinas de Gortari, Carlos—1493–1495, 1498,

Walesa, Lech-1500 1604, 1605

Walker, Edward S., Jr.—1585 Sarney Costa, José—1606

Wallenberg, Raoul—1504 Sava, Samuel G.-1565

Washington, Ruth V.—1517 Savimbi, Jonas—1505

Watkins, James D.—1571, 1572, 1605, 1611 Schlesinger, James R.—1605

Wauchope, Keith L.–1490 Scowcroft, Brent-1497, 1504, 1528, 1546

Weiss, Maurice-1553 Shays, Christopher-1523

Wheeler, Ed-1523 Sherifis, Michael E.-1504

Whitney, Eli—1568 Simpson, Daniel H.-1555

Wilson, Ann-1534 Siv, Sichan–1597

Wilson, Lionel J.—1581, 1585 Skinner, Samuel K.-1564, 1565, 1571, 1583,

Wilson, Pete_1581, 1583, 1613 1584

Winkler, Henry—1600 Smith, Allan-1514, 1515

Woerner, Manfred—1528 Smith, James—1567

Wolfowitz, Paul B.-1548 Smith, Larkin I.-1534

Woods, Alan–1553 Smith, Sheila A.-1534

Woolsey, R. James-1521 Smith, William F.—1538

Wormhoudt, Mardi—1582 Snead, Leon—1491

Worrick, Roberta—1553
Solana Morales, Fernando—1493

Worrick, Thomas J.-1553
Solomon, Richard-1548
Specter, Arlen–1559

Yalow, Rosalyn S.—1568
Stans, Maurice H.-1503

Yazov, Dmitriy T.-1497 Stengel, Casey-1523

Yeager, Charles E.-1537 Suessmuth, Rita-1505

Yeutter, Clayton K.—1553, 1615 Sullivan, Louis W.-1568, 1615

Zeder, Fred M., II—1611 Sununu, John H.—1504, 1528, 1560, 1564, 1567 Zullo, Bob—1523

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Document Categories List

Administration of George Bush, 1989

Addresses and Remarks

See also Bill Signings; Bill Vetoes; Interviews

With the News Media Anderson, Tom, campaign fundraiser in Gulf

port MS 1533 Asian-American Voters Coalition, briefing

1547 End Hunger Awards, presentation ceremony

1553 Excellence in Science and Math Teaching

Awards, presentation ceremony—1593 Food Safety Plan, announcement—1614 German-American Day, proclamation signing

ceremony_1505 Giuliani, Rudolph W., campaign fundraiser in

New York City—1537 Hungary, most favored nation trade status, doc

uments signing ceremony–1611 Institute of International Education, briefing

1597 Italy, visit of President Cossiga

Arrival ceremony-1524

State dinner-1529 Little League World Series Champions, meet

ing with the Trumbull Nationals—1523 Mexico, visit of President Salinas

Agreement signing ceremony_1495
Arrival ceremony—1493

State dinner-1498
Minority Enterprise Development Week award

recipients, presentation ceremony_1502 National Distinguished Principals Award recipi

ents, briefing—1565 National Medals of Science and Technology,

presentation ceremony-1568 Natural Gas Supply Association, briefing—1571 Prime Time to End Hunger Campaign partici

pants, meeting-1600 Republican Governors Association, dinner

1560 San Francisco Bay area earthquake-1564,

1566, 1571, 1582 South Korea, meeting with President Roh

1557 Spain, meeting with Prime Minister Gonzá

lez-1573 Veterans Day, proclamation signing ceremo

ny-1507 World Food Day, proclamation signing ceremo


Appointments and Nominations
See also Addresses and Remarks; Digest, Nomi-

nations Submitted, and Checklist at the end of each issue; Statements by the President Agriculture Department, Inspector General

1491 Air Force Department Assistant Secretary

(Financial Management-1512 General Counsel_1491 Appalachian Regional Commission, Alternate

Federal Cochairman-1497 Columbia River Interstate Compact, U.S. Rep

resentative_1563 Commerce Department, Patents and Trade

marks Office, Commissioner-1529 Committee for Purchase from the Blind and

Other Severely Handicapped
Defense Department member—1595

Navy Department member-1596 Communications Satellite Corporation, Board

of Directors, member-1497 Consumer Product Safety Commission, Chair

man and member-1529 Education Department, Assistant Secretary

(Vocational and Adult Education 1521 Energy Department, Office of Alcohol Fuels,

Director-1578 Environmental Protection Agency, Assistant

Administrator (Office of Solid Waste-1563 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,

member-1555 Federal National Mortgage Association, Board

of Directors, member-1498 General Services Administration, Administra

tor-1522 Health and Human Services Department, In

spector General—1547 Housing and Urban Development Department,

Assistant Secretary (Fair Housing and Equal

Opportunity-1490 Justice Department, Office of Juvenile Justice

and Delinquency Prevention, Administra

tor-1533 National Commission on Children, member

1529 Navy Department, Assistant Secretary (Finan

cial Management-1521

Communications to Congress—Continued

Abortion funding, letter-1559
Alternative sequester report for the Depart.

ment of Defense for fiscal year 1990, mes-

Deferrals, message-1490
Hungary, trade with U.S., message—1612
Nicaragua, economic sanctions under the U.S.
national emergency,

Panama, continuation of U.S. economic sanc-

tions, message-1575
Trade barriers to U.S. wine exports, letter-


Communications to Federal Agencies

Hungary, trade with U.S., memorandum—1613
Presidential Quality and Management Im-

provement Awards

Recruitment of temporary employees for the

1990 census, memorandum-1516

Fact Sheets

Food Safety Plan–1615

Executive Orders

Appointments and NominationsContinued
Office of Management and Budget, Office of

Federal Procurement Policy, Administrator-

Panama Canal Commission, Board member-

President's Advisory Committee on the Points

of Light Initiative Foundation, members,

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Com-

mission, member-1591
Securities and Exchange Commission, Acting

State Department

Cape Verde-1512
Central African Republic—1555
Sao Tome and Principe—1490

United Arab Emirates-1585
Coordinator for International Communica-

tions and Information Policy- 1570
Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces

in Europe, U.S. Representative, rank of

Treasury Department, Inspector General-

U.S. International Development Cooperation

Agency, Agency for International Develop-
ment, Assistant Administrator (Food for

Veterans Affairs Department, Assistant Secre-

tary (Acquisition and Facilities 1528
White House Office, Associate Counsel-1591
Bill Signings

See also Acts Approved at the end of each issue
Continuing appropriations for fiscal year 1990,

including disaster relief
Remarks– 1613

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site in St.

Louis County, MO, statement-1495
Department of the Interior and related agen-

cies appropriations act, statement-1590
Nicaragua, U.S. assistance for free and fair elec-

tions, statement-1589
Bill Vetoes
Departments of Labor, Health and Human

Services, and Education, and Related Agen-
cies Appropriations Act, 1990, message-

District of Columbia Appropriations Act, 1990,

Communications to Congress

See also Bill Vetoes

President's Council on Physical Fitness and

Sports, amendment-1531

Interviews with the News Media

Latin American journalists—1602
News Conference, October 13 (No. 251539
White House press corps—1496, 1514, 1564,

1566, 1581, 1582, 1613

Joint Statements
Education summit with Governors in Char-

lottesville, VA-1487


Budget, emergency deficit control measures for

fiscal year 1990—1555


Columbus Day-1513
Country Music Month, 1989–1610
German-American Day-1506
Italian-American Heritage and Culture

Leif Erickson Day–1515
Minority Enterprise Development Week-1492
National Arab-American Day-1601
National Awareness Week for Children with

National Children's Day—1511
National Disability Employment Awareness


Statements Other Than Presidential

National Domestic Violence Awareness

National Down Syndrome Month-1556
National Forest Products Week-1579
National Health Care Food Service Week-

National Job Skills Week—1532
National Red Ribbon Week for a Drug-Free

National School Lunch Week-1522
Polish American Heritage Month—1596
Raoul Wallenberg Day—1504
United Nations Day-1580
Veterans Day—1508
White Cane Safety Day-1547

World Food Day-1554
Statements by the President
See also Appointments and Nominations; Bill

Signings; Bill Vetoes
Flag Protection Act of 1989, constitutionality-

San Francisco Bay area earthquake, rescue of

Buck Helm in Oakland, CA–1590

See also Bill Signings; Checklist at the end of

each issue
Angola, meeting with Jonas Savimbi—1505
Cyprus, meeting with President Vassiliou-


Economic assistance-1500

Political reform-1575
Lebanon, agreement for national reconcilia-

NATO, meeting with Secretary General

Nicaragua, U.S. assistance for free and fair elec-

Panama, meeting with U.S. Senators—1528
Poland, economic assistance-1500
President's surgery–1515
Soviet Union, meeting with Defense Minister

Yugoslavia, meeting with Prime Minister Mar-


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