Addresses and Remarks—Continued Organization of American States, meeting at

the Department of State-1745 Philippines, visit of President Aquino-1708 Phillips Academy, Andover, MA

Bicentennial convocation–1683

Board of trustees, reception—1683 Pickard Elementary School, Chicago, IL

Antidrug awards ceremony-1789

Fifth-grade students, meeting—1785 Polish American Heritage Month, commemora

tive ceremony_1637 President and Mrs. Reagan's official portraits,

unveiling ceremony—1753 Presidential Citizen's Medal recipient, presen

tation ceremony–1740 Presidential economic delegation to Poland,

meeting-1837 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, pres

entation ceremony-1740 President's Drug Advisory Council, Executive

order signing ceremony_1734 Prime Time to End Hunger Campaign partici

pants, meeting-1600 Republican Governors Association, dinner

Republican Party fundraisers

Bloomfield, NJ—1676
Chicago, IL-1790
Cranston, RI-1793
Dallas, TX-1723
Denver, CO—1916
Des Moines, IA–1925
Gulfport, MS—1533
Houston, TX–1913
New York, NY—1537
Norfolk, VA-1673
Richmond, VA-1671

Warwick, RI-1798
San Francisco Bay area earthquake—1564,

1566, 1571, 1582 Schoolchildren, White House Halloween

party—1652 South Korea, meeting with President Roh

1557 Soviet Union, meetings with Chairman Gorba

chev in Malta—1850, 1869 Spain, meeting with Prime Minister Gonzá

lez-1573 Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial, dedication

ceremony in Dallas-1731 Thanksgiving Day, proclamation signing cere

mony–1766 Treasury Department, swearing-in ceremony

for Catalina Villalpando as U.S. Treasurer

1931 U.S.S. Forrestal crew and guests, greeting in

Malta-1862 Universal Postal Union Congress, opening ses

sion-1737 Veterans Day, proclamation signing ceremo


Addresses and Remarks—Continued
World Food Day, proclamation signing ceremo-

ny-1553 World Series Champions, meeting with the

Oakland Athletics_1698 Appointments and Nominations See also Addresses and Remarks; Digest, Nomi

nations Submitted, and Checklist at the end

of each issue; Statements by the President Administrative Conference of the U.S., Council,

members—1951 Advisory Committee for Trade Policy Negotia

tions, member-1969 Agriculture Department Farmers Home Administration, Administra

tor-1747 Inspector General—1491 Rural Electrification Administration, Admin

istrator-1943 Air Force Department Assistant Secretaries

Financial Management-1512

Manpower and Reserve Affairs—1769 General Counsel-1491 American Battle Monuments Commission,

member-1834 Appalachian Regional Commission, Alternate

Federal Cochairman–1497
Army Department
Assistant Secretaries

Financial Management-1943
Installations and Logistics—1662
Manpower and Reserve Affairs-1678
Research, Development and Acquisition-

1818 General Counsel-1818 Asian Development Bank, U.S. Director, rank

of Ambassador-1678 Columbia River Interstate Compact, U.S. Rep

resentative —1563 Commerce Department

Inspector General—1704
National Institute of Standards and Technolo-

gy, Director-1774
Patents and Trademarks Office


Deputy Commissioner-1703 Commission on Security and Cooperation in

Europe, Executive Branch Commissioner.

Observers-1685 Committee for Purchase from the Blind and

Other Severely Handicapped Defense Department member-1595 Navy Department member—1596 Communications Satellite Corporation, Board

of Directors, members—1497, 1769 Consumer Product Safety Commission, Chair

man and member-1529 Defense Department

Assistant Secretary (Health Affairs, 1898
Inspector General—1711
Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Chairman-1904

Appointments and Nominations—Continued
Education Department
Assistant Secretaries
Elementary and Secondary Education-

Vocational and Adult Education-1521
National Institute on Disability and Rehabili-

tation Research, Director-1739 Energy Department, Office of Alcohol Fuels,

Director-1578 Environmental Protection Agency, Assistant

Administrator (Office of Solid Waste-1563 Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,

member-1813 Federal Communications Commission,

member-1813 Federal Energy Regulatory Commission,

member-1555 Federal Maritime Commission, Commission

ers—1796, 1951 Federal National Mortgage Association, Board

of Directors, member-1498 Federal Reserve System, Board of Governors,

member-1925 General Services Administration, Administra

tor-1522 Government Printing Office, Public Printer

1688 Health and Human Services Department Assistant Secretary (Planning and Evalua

tion-1739 Health Care Financing Administration, Ad

ministrator-1769 Inspector General—1547

Surgeon General—1657
Housing and Urban Development Department
Assistant Secretary (Fair Housing and Equal

Government National Mortgage Association,

Inter-American Development Bank

U.S. Alternate Executive Director-1627

U.S. Director-1627 International Joint Commission-U.S. and

Canada, U.S. Commissioner-1654 Interstate Commerce Commission, Chairman

and member-1705 Justice Department, Office of Juvenile Justice

and Delinquency Prevention, Administra

tor-1533 National Aeronautics and Space Administra

tion, Inspector General—1812 National Commission on Children, member

1529 National Commission on Responsibilities for Fi

nancing Postsecondary Education, member

1798 National Security Council, Senior Directors

International Economic Affairs-1985

Latin America and the Caribbean–1704
National Women's Business Council

Vice Chairperson—1763

Appointments and Nominations—Continued Navy Department, Assistant Secretary (Finan

cial Management 1521 Occupational Safety and Health Review Com

mission, member-1813 Office of Management and Budget, Office of

Federal Procurement Policy, Administrator

1599 Panama Canal Commission, Board member

1512 Presidential Economic Delegation to Poland,

members—1752 Presidential Election Monitoring Commission

on Nicaragua, Congressional members—1749 President's Advisory Committee on the Points

of Light Initiative Foundation, members

1591 President's Drug Advisory Council, Chairman

and members-1736 President's National Security Telecommunica

tions Advisory Committee, members—1655,

1711, 1970 Roosevelt Campobello International Park Com

mission, member-1591 Securities and Exchange Commission

Acting Chairman-1491

Member-1706 Special Representative of the President for the

Multilateral Assistance Initiative for the Phil

ippines—1703 State Department Ambassadors

Cape Verde-1512
Central African Republic-1555
Papua New Guinea-1768
Sao Tome and Principe—1490
Solomon Islands—1768
Trinidad and Tobago_1704
United Arab Emirates-1585

Conference on Confidence and Security

Building Measures, Chairman of the U.S.

Delegation, rank of Ambassador-1773 Conference on Disarmament, U.S. Repre

sentative, rank of Ambassador-1687 Coordinator for International Communica

tions and Information Policy-1570

Appointments and Nominations—Continued
State Department-Continued
Negotiation on Conventional Armed Forces

in Europe, U.S. Representative, rank of

Office of Foreign Missions, Director, rank of

U.S.-U.S.S.R. Standing Consultative Commis-

sion, member, rank of Ambassador—;1705 Transportation Department, Federal Aviation

Administration, Deputy Administrator-1688 Treasury Department Assistant General Counsel (Chief Counsel for

the Internal Revenue Service-1662 Assistant Secretary (Enforcement and Tariff

Affairs 1796
Inspector General—1578
U.S. Mint at San Francisco, CA, Superintend-

ent-1770 U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council, member

1972 U.S. International Development Cooperation

Agency for International Development

Assistant Administrators-1510, 1797
Overseas Private Investment Corporation,

Board of Directors, member-1739 U.S. Sentencing Commission, member—1944 Veterans Affairs Department, Assistant Secretary (Acquisition and Facilities)

—1528 White House Office Assistant to the President for Public Events

and Initiatives—1703 Associate Counsel—1591 Special Assistant to the President and Associ

ate Director of Presidential Personnel

1654 Special Assistants to the President for Nation

al Security Affairs—1704, 1985

Bill Signings—Continued
Department of Transportation and Related

Agencies Appropriations Act, 1990, state

ment-1809 Departments of Commerce, Justice, and State,

the Judiciary, and Related Agencies Appro

priations Act, 1990, statement-1808 Departments of Labor, Health and Human

Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1990, statement

1810 Departments of Veterans Affairs and Housing

and Urban Development, and Independent Agencies Appropriations Act, 1990, state

ment-1710 Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

Amendments of 1989, statement-1942 Ethics Reform Act of 1989, statement—1855 Everglades National Park Protection and Ex

pansion Act of 1989, statement-1946 Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1989


Statement-1765 Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Re

lated Programs Appropriations Act, 1990,

statement-1810 Intelligence Authorization Act, Fiscal Year

1990, statement-1851 International Development and Finance Act of

1989, statement-1973 International Narcotics Control Act of 1989,

statement-1947 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal

Years 1990 and 1991, statement-1841 National Museum of the American Indian Act,

statement-1840 Nicaragua, U.S. assistance for free and fair elec

tions, statement-1589 North American Wetlands Conservation Act


Statement-1949 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989,

statement-1970 Palau, compact of free association, statement

1940 Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Technology Competitiveness Act of 1989,

statement-1940 Rural Development, Agriculture, and Related

Agencies Appropriations Act, 1990, state

ment-1808 Steel Trade Liberalization Program Implemen

tation Act, statement-1941 Support for East European Democracy (SEED)

Act of 1989, statement-1839 Treasury, Postal Service and General Govern

ment Appropriations Act, 1990, statement

1669 Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site in St.

Louis County, MO, statement-1495

Bill Signings

See also Acts Approved at the end of each issue Anti-Terrorism and Arms Export Amendments

Act of 1989, statement-1942 Arms Control and Disarmament Amendments

Act of 1989, statement-1932 Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act

of 1989, statement-1725 Congress, convening of the 1990 session, state

ment-1943 Continuing appropriations for fiscal year 1990,

including disaster relief Remarks—1613

Statement-1614 Department of Defense Appropriations Act,

1990, statement-1809 Department of Housing and Urban Develop

ment Reform Act of 1989, statement-1952 Department of the Interior and Related Agen

cies Appropriations Act, statement-1590

Bill SigningsContinued
Veterans' Benefits Amendments of 1989, state-


Bill Vetoes

Departments of Labor, Health and Human

Services, and Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 1990, message

1589 District of Columbia Appropriations Act, 1990,

messages—1620, 1801 Eastern Airlines, establishment of a congres

sional advisory Commission to investigate

labor disputes, message-1812 Emergency Chinese Immigration Relief Act of

1989 Memorandum-1853

Statement-1854 Foreign Operations, Export Financing, and Re

lated Programs Appropriations Act, 1990,

message-1783 Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal

Years 1990 and 1991, message—1806

Communications to Congress

See also Bill Vetoes
Abortion funding, letter–1559
Alternative sequester report for the Depart-

ment of Defense for fiscal year 1990, mes

sage—1578 Deferrals, message—1490 Emergency deficit control measures for fiscal

year 1990, message—1654 China

Satellite exports, letter-1972

Trade restrictions, letter-1973 Council of Europe-Organization for Economic

Cooperation and Development tax conven

tion, message-1706 Federal pay and ethics legislation, letter-1758 Highway and motor vehicle safety reports,

message—1637 Hungary, trade with U.S., message_1612 India, taxation convention with U.S., message

1653 International Convention for the Prevention of

Pollution from Ships, annex, message—1709 Iran Claims settlement under the U.S. national

emergency, message—1747 Continuation of the U.S. national emergency,

message—1643 Japan, fishing agreement with U.S., message

1642 Nicaragua, economic sanctions under the U.S.

national emergency, letter-1598 Panama Continuation of U.S. economic sanctions,

message—1575 U.S. military action, letter—1984 Philippines, U.S. military assistance, letter


Communications to Congress-Continued Presidential Economic Delegation to Poland

report, letter-1986 Trade barriers to U.S. wine exports, letter

1512 Communications to Federal Agencies Caribbean Basin Initiative, memorandum,

1774 Education of Hispanic-Americans, memoran

dum-1903 Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the U.S., Gen

eralized System of Preferences amend

ments-1656 Hungary, trade with U.S., memorandum–1613 Intellectual property rights, memorandum,

1699 Presidential Quality and Management Im

provement Awards Memorandum—1509

Message—1509 Panama Drug-related indictments, apprehension of

individuals, memorandum—1976 Economic sanctions, memorandum–1977 Recruitment of temporary employees for the

1990 census, memorandum–1516 Executive Orders

Debt relief authority, delegation—1661
National Commission on Superconductivity, ex-

tension-1986 President's Council on Physical Fitness and

Sports, amendment-1531
President's Drug Advisory Council—1735
Fact Sheets

Andean region trade initiatives—1660
Food Safety Plan-1615
HOPE Initiative: Homeownership and Oppor-

tunity for People Everywhere—1719 Malta, President's proposals—1886 National Space Policy-1763

Presidential mission to Poland-1639
Interviews With the News Media

Editorial page journalists—1932
Foreign journalists—1822
Latin American journalists—1602
Malta, journalists—1869
Mutual/NBC Radio—1781
News Conferences

October 13 (No. 251539
October 28 (No. 2641629
October 31 (No. 27/1643
November 7 (No. 281688
December 4 (No. 291891
December 16 (No. 30-1959

December 21 (No. 31/1979
White House press corps—1496, 1514, 1564,

1566, 1581, 1582, 1613, 1626, 1668, 1712, 1742, 1835, 1843, 1844, 1850, 1861, 1868, 1879

[blocks in formation]


American Education Week-1744
Columbus Day—1513
Community Foundation Week—1760
Country Music Month, 1989–1610
Fire Safety at Home Day-1628
Gaucher's Disease Awareness Week-1658
Geography Awareness Week-1734
German-American Day-1506
Harmonized Tariff Schedules of the U.S., Gen-

eralized System of Preferences, amend-

ments—1655, 1661
Human Rights Day, Bill of Rights Day, and

Human Rights Week-1926
Hunger Education Month—1764
Italian-American Heritage and Culture

Leif Erickson Day—1515
Minority Enterprise Development Week-1492
Montana Centennial Day-1707
National Adoption Week-1815
National Alzheimer's Disease Month—1833
National American Indian Heritage Week-

National Arab-American Day-1601
National Awareness Week for Children with

National Children's Day-1511
National Cities Fight Back Against Drugs

National Diabetes Month-1759
National D bility Em oyment Awareness


National Domestic Violence Awareness

National Down Syndrome Month—1556
National Drunk and Drugged Driving Aware-

ness Week—1929
National Family Caregivers Week-1819
National Family Week-1801
National Farm-City Week-1761
National Forest Products Week-1579
National Glaucoma Awareness Week-1702
National Health Care Food Service Week-

National Home Care Week-1833
National Hospice Month-1701
National Job Skills Week—1532
National Military Families Recognition Day-

National Philanthropy Day—1761
National Red Ribbon Week for a Drug-Free

National School Lunch Week—1522
National Women Veterans Recognition Week-

Polish American Heritage Month—1596
Raoul Wallenberg Day-1504
Thanksgiving Day—1767
United Nations Day-1580
Veterans Day—1508
Washington Centennial Day-1715
White Cane Safety Day-1547
World Food Day-1554

Wright Brothers Day-1950
Resignations and Retirements
Treasury Department, Office of Thrift Supervi-

sion, Director-1905
Statements by the President
See also Appointments and Nominations; Bill

Signings; Bill Vetoes
Andean region trade initiatives—1659
Armenian earthquake, first anniversary-1916
Budget, deficit reduction in fiscal year 1990

Chemical weapons destruction facility in

Tooele, UT-1641
Cuba, Alfredo Mustelier Nuevo's hunger strike

and the treatment of political prisoners-

Flag Protection Act of 1989, constitutionality-

Minimum wage plan, announcement-1654
San Francisco Bay area earthquake, rescue of

Buck Helm in Oakland, CA-1590
World AIDS Day-1856
Statements Other Than Presidential
See also Bill Signings; Checklist at the end of

each issue

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