Wolfowitz, Paul B.-1548, 1865, 1866
Woods, Alan-1553
Woolsey, R. James-1521
Wormhoudt, Mardi-1582
Worrick, Roberta-1553

Worrick, Thomas J.-1553
Wright, Brad-1731
Wright, Orville-1950

Wright, Robert C.-1737

Wright, Wilbur-1950

Wylie, Chalmers P.-1953

Wynne, David-1673

Yakovlev, Aleksandr N.-1865, 1866

Yalow, Rosalyn S.-1568 Yamada, Hirohsi-1828 Yazov, Dmitriy T.-1497 Yeager, Charles E.-1537

Yeltsin, Boris-1652

Yeutter, Clayton K.-1553, 1615, 1637-1639,

1726, 1752, 1775, 1837, 1838, 1936, 1986

Zaiman, Joel-1978

Zamora, Ana-1653, 1785, 1790

Zeder, Fred M., II-1611

Zimmer, Don-1791

Zoellick, Robert B.-1865, 1866

Zullo, Bob-1523.

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Administration of George Bush, 1989

Addresses to the Nation


Panama, U.S. military action-1974

Addresses and Remarks

See also Addresses to the Nation; Bill Signings; Bill Vetoes; Interviews With the News Media Acres Homes War on Drugs, rally in Houston, TX-1911

American Education Week, proclamation signing ceremony-1743

American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations, biannual convention-1754

Asian-American Voters Coalition, briefing— 1547

Belgium, President's trip

Arrival ceremony in Brussels-1884
NATO statement-1888

Canada, meeting with Prime Minister Mulroney-1843

Catholic University of America, anniversary dinner-1944

Christmas Pageant of Peace, lighting of the National Christmas Tree-1952

Commercial Appeal, Thanksgiving celebration in Memphis, TN-1816

Costa Rica, centennial celebration in San José
Arrival ceremony-1625

Departure ceremony at Andrews Air Force

U.S. Embassy community, meeting-1635
El Salvador, meeting with former President
Duarte 1668

End Hunger Awards, presentation ceremony1553

Environmental Youth Awards recipients, pres

entation ceremony-1750

Excellence in Science and Math Teaching
Awards, presentation ceremony-1593
Federal Republic of Germany, meeting with
Foreign Minister Genscher-1802
Food Safety Plan, announcement-1614
German-American Day, proclamation signing

German Democratic Republic, opening of borders-1712

Hispanic and corporate leaders, meeting—1904 Hungary, most favored nation trade status, documents signing ceremony-1611

Addresses and Remarks—Continued

Institute of International Education, briefing1597

Italy, visit of President Cossiga

Arrival ceremony-1524

State dinner-1529

Jewish community leaders, meeting-1978
John F. Kennedy High School, Denver, CO
Antidrug rally-1923

Meeting with students-1919

Little League World Series Champions, meet-
ing with the Trumbull Nationals-1523
Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Awards re-
cipients, presentation cermony-1663
Media Advertising Partnership for a Drug-Free
America, meeting-1666

Mexico, visit of President Salinas
Agreement signing ceremony-1495
Arrival ceremony-1493

State dinner-1498

Midland Community Service Award recipients, presentation ceremony-1662

Minority Enterprise Development Week award recipients, presentation ceremony-1502 National Adoption Week, proclamation signing ceremony-1814

National Association of Realtors, meeting1716

National Association of State Universities and
Land-Grant Colleges, meeting-1803
National Distinguished Principals Award recipi-
ents, briefing-1565

National Drunk and Drugged Driving Aware-
ness Week, proclamation signing ceremony-

Endowment for the Humanities Charles Frankel Prize recipients, presentation ceremony-1686

National Institutes of Health, meeting with AIDS research staff-1987

National Law Enforcement Officers' Memorial, groundbreaking ceremony-1640

National Medal of the Arts recipients, presentation ceremony-1770

National Medals of Science and Technology, presentation ceremony-1568

National Republican Congressional Committee dinner honoring Representative Michel1899

Natural Gas Supply Association, briefing-1571

Addresses and Remarks—Continued

Organization of American States, meeting at
the Department of State-1745
Philippines, visit of President Aquino-1708
Phillips Academy, Andover, MA

Bicentennial convocation-1683
Board of trustees, reception-1683
Pickard Elementary School, Chicago, IL
Antidrug awards ceremony-1789
Fifth-grade students, meeting-1785
Polish American Heritage Month, commemora-
tive ceremony-1637

President and Mrs. Reagan's official portraits, unveiling ceremony-1753

Presidential Citizen's Medal recipient, presen

tation ceremony-1740

Presidential economic delegation to Poland, meeting-1837

Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, pres

entation ceremony-1740

President's Drug Advisory Council, Executive order signing ceremony-1734

Prime Time to End Hunger Campaign participants, meeting-1600

Republican Governors Association, dinner— 1560

Republican Party fundraisers

Bloomfield, NJ-1676

Chicago, IL-1790

Cranston, RI-1793

Dallas, TX-1723
Denver, CO-1916
Des Moines, IA-1925
Gulfport, MS-1533
Houston, TX-1913
New York, NY-1537
Norfolk, VA-1673
Richmond, VA-1671
Warwick, RI-1798

San Francisco Bay area earthquake-1564, 1566, 1571, 1582

Schoolchildren, White House Halloween party-1652

South Korea, meeting with President Roh1557

Soviet Union, meetings with Chairman Gorbachev in Malta-1850, 1869

Spain, meeting with Prime Minister González-1573

Texas Vietnam Veterans Memorial, dedication ceremony in Dallas-1731

Thanksgiving Day, proclamation signing ceremony-1766

Treasury Department, swearing-in ceremony for Catalina Villalpando as U.S. Treasurer— 1931

U.S.S. Forrestal crew and guests, greeting in Malta-1862

Universal Postal Union Congress, opening session-1737

Veterans Day, proclamation signing ceremony-1507

[blocks in formation]

Asian Development Bank, U.S. Director, rank of Ambassador-1678

Columbia River Interstate Compact, U.S. Representative-1563

Commerce Department

Inspector General-1704

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Director-1774

Patents and Trademarks Office

Deputy Commissioner-1703

Commission on Security and Cooperation in
Europe, Executive Branch Commissioner-

Committee for Purchase from the Blind and
Other Severely Handicapped
Defense Department member-1595
Navy Department member-1596
Communications Satellite Corporation, Board
of Directors, members-1497, 1769
Consumer Product Safety Commission, Chair-
man and member-1529

Defense Department

Assistant Secretary (Health Affairs)-1898 Inspector General-1711

Joint Chiefs of Staff, Vice Chairman-1904

[blocks in formation]

Federal Maritime Commission, Commissioners-1796, 1951

Federal National Mortgage Association, Board of Directors, member-1498

Federal Reserve System, Board of Governors, member-1925

General Services Administration, Administrator-1522

Government Printing Office, Public Printer1688

Health and Human Services Department

Assistant Secretary (Planning and Evaluation) 1739

Health Care Financing Administration, Administrator-1769

Inspector General-1547
Surgeon General-1657

Housing and Urban Development Department
Assistant Secretary (Fair Housing and Equal

Government National Mortgage Association, President-1813

Inter-American Development Bank

U.S. Alternate Executive Director-1627
U.S. Director-1627

International Joint Commission-U.S. and
Canada, U.S. Commissioner-1654
Interstate Commerce Commission, Chairman
and member-1705

Justice Department, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, Administrator-1533

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, Inspector General-1812

National Commission on Children, member1529

National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Postsecondary Education, member1798

National Security Council, Senior Directors
International Economic Affairs-1985
Latin America and the Caribbean-1704
National Women's Business Council

Vice Chairperson—1763

Appointments and Nominations—Continued Navy Department, Assistant Secretary (Financial Management)-1521

Occupational Safety and Health Review Com

mission, member-1813

Office of Management and Budget, Office of Federal Procurement Policy, Administrator1599

Panama Canal Commission, Board member1512

Presidential Economic Delegation to Poland, members-1752

Presidential Election Monitoring Commission on Nicaragua, Congressional members-1749 President's Advisory Committee on the Points of Light Initiative Foundation, members1591

President's Drug Advisory Council, Chairman and members-1736

President's National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee, members-1655, 1711, 1970

Roosevelt Campobello International Park Commission, member-1591

Securities and Exchange Commission
Acting Chairman-1491

[blocks in formation]
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