Beauties of Byron, Paris, 1829, 1 vol. in.
32, port. br.
2 fr..
BYRON'S Childe Harold's Pilgrimage,!
four Cantos. - The Giaour. The
Siege of Corinth. - Parisina.-The
Island. The Prisoner of Chillon.-
Beppo.- Mazeppa.-The Prophecy
ofDante.-Lament ofTasso.-Waltz
All the Hebrew Melodies. I vol.
5 fr.
The Bride of Abydos.-The Cor-
sair.-Lara-Curse of Minerva
Morgante Maggiore.-Hours of Idle-
ness; Critique extracted from the
Edinburh Review.-English Bards.
-All his Miscellaneous Poems, mak-
ing alone half the volume. 1 vol.
in 8,
5 fr.


Manfred, a dramatic Poem.-Marino Faliero, an historical Tragedy. -Sardanapalus, an historical Tragedy.-The two Foscari, an historical Tragedy.-Cain, a Mystery.-Werner, a Tragedy.-Heaven and Earth, a Mystery-The Deformed Transformed, a Drama. 1 vol. in-8, 5 fr. --Don Juan.-The Age of Bronze. -The Vision of Judgment.-Letter on Bowles's Strictures on Pope.--A Fragment-Parliamentary Speeches. 1 vol. in-8, CAMPBELL'S poetical Works. Paris, 1829, 1 vol. in-12, cart.

5 fr.

7 fr.

plication de la méthode Jacotot à l'étude de l'anglais, par M. Benj. Laroche. 2 vol. in-18, br.

4 fr. The Good Aunt. 1834, 1 vol. in-18, 1 fr. 50 c.

-Angelina, or l'Amie inconnue.The Prussian Vase, tales. 1834, 1 v. in-18. I fr. 50 c.

-The Good French Governess. 1834. 1 vol. in-18. 1 fr. 50 c. -Mademoiselle Panache, the Knapsack, tales. 1834, 1 vol. in-18. 1 fr. 50 c.

-Parent's Assistant, or Stories for Children. 1836, 6 vol. en trois, in-18. 7 fr. 50 c.

Chaque volume se vend séparément.
-Lazy Lawrence, Tarlton, and the
False Key. in-18.
Í fr. 50 c.
Simple Su-
1 fr. 50 c.

--The Birth-day Present,
zan. in- 18.

The Bracelets, the chants, in 18.

Old Poz, the Mimic, moiselle Panache, in-18.

little Mer

1 fr. 50 c. and Made

1 fr. 50 c.

The Basket-Woman, the White Pigeon, the Orphans Waste not Want not, Forgive and Forget. in-18.

1 fr. 50 c.

Barring out, and Eton Montem. in-18. 1 fr. 50 c. Little Plays for Children. I vol. in-18, br. 2 fr.

CHRONICLES OF THE CANON-Helen, a new tale, 1834, 1 vol. in-8

GATE, or the Highland Widow.The two Drovers. My Aunt Margaret's Mirror. The Tapestried Chamber. The Surgeon's Daughter, by Sir Walter Scott. 1 v. in-8. 5 fr. COOPER'S (Rev.)History of England, from the earliest period to the present time, 22d édition, I vol. in-18, figure, br. 2 fr. 50 c. CUNNINGHAM'S (Allan) biographical and critical History of British Literature during the last fifty years. 1834, 1 vol. in-12, 2 fr. 50 c. COOK'S Life and Voyages, for the use of schools and young seamen, 1836, I vol. in-12. 3 fr. 50 c. MISS EDGEWORTH'S Moral Tales. 1834, 3 vol. in-18, jolie édition, papier vélin, gros caractère. 6 fr. Chaque conte se vend séparément. Forester, a tale. 1834, 1 vol. in-18, jolie édition.

2 fr. Le méme ouvrage, avec la traduction française en regard du texte, précédé d'un avant-propos sur l'ap

5 fr.

EARLY LESSONS, Paris, 1836, 4 tom. en 3 v. in-18, jolie édit. 7 fr. 50 c. Each volume separately, viz: FRANK, the two Parts, with other Tales. 1 vol. in-18. 3 fr. 50 c. ROSAMOND, the two Parts, 1 vcl. in-18. 3 fr. HARRY AND LUCY, the two Parts. 1 vol. in-18. 3 fr.

Popular tales 8th. edition. 2 vol. in-12, br. 10 fr. ENFIELD'S Speaker. London, 1 vol. in-12, br. 4 fr. ENGLISH INSTRUCTOR, considerably enlarged by Hamonière. Paris. 1 vol. in-18. 2 fr. 50 c. FENELON'S Adventures of Telemachus, translated by Hawkesworth. London, 1834, 1 gros volume in-12. 3 fr. 50 c.

GALT'S Life of Lord Byron, 5th edit. 1835, 1 v. gr. in-18. pap. vél. port. 5 fr. GOLDSMITH'S Vicar of Wakefield. 1834, 1 vol. in-18, édit. correcte. I fr.

Alhambra, or the new Sketch Book.
5 fr.
2 vol. in-12, jolie édition.
-The same, 1 vol. grand in-18. 3 fr.
Legends of the Conquest of Spair,
1 vol. in-12, br.
2 fr. 50 c.
Tour on the Prairies, 1 vol. in-12.2 fr.
50 c.


...e same, 1834. 1 gros vol. in-18, gros caractère, 1 fr. 50 c. The same, to which is added A Simple Story, by Mrs. Inchbald. 1833, vol. in 8, belle édition. 5 fr. Le Ministre de Wakefield, en anglais et en français; par M. Aignan, traduction en regard du texte. 2 vol. --Abbotsford and Newstead Abbey. in-18 br. 4 fr. 1 vol. in-12. 2 fr -Abridgment of the History of Eng-IVANHOE,by Sir W. Scott. 1831, 1 vol. land, Pinnock's improved edition, 5 fr. with a continuation to the year 1832. JOHNSON'S Rasselas, a tale; 1831, London, 1835, 1 gros vol. in-12 br. I vol. in- 18, 1 fr. 3 fr. 50 c. JUNIUS'S Letters with a preliminary Roman history, abridged for the Dissertation. Paris, 1827, 2 vol. n-32 use of schools, I vol. in-12, br. 2 fr.. port., pap. vél. br. 4 fr. -History of Greece, abridged for JUVENILE AND CHILDREN'S the use of schools, 1 vol. in-12; br. BOOKS, Choix de 600 volumes an 2 fr. glais, à l'usage de l'enfance et de --Abridgment of the History of Eng- l'adolescence. à divers prix. land, 2 vol. in-18, mauvaise édition LALLA ROOKH, an oriental_rode Lyon, 2 fr. mance, by Th. Moore. I vol. in-8.3 fr. LEARNER'S Guide to the English Tongue, ou Cours de Versions at glaises, par M. Boniface. 1833, 1 vol. in 18, 1 fr. 80 c. LIFE AND VOYAGE OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS, by Washington Irving, abridged, 1830, 1 vel. in-12, br. 3 fr. LIFE OF R. B. SHERIDAN, by Th. Moore. 1835, 2 vol. in one in-8.3r.

poetical Works. Paris, 1827, 1 vol. in 3', pap. vél. port. 1 fr. 50 c. HISTORY OF SANDFORD AND MERTON, for the use of Children, by Th. Day. Paris, 1835, 1 vol. in-18, jolie édition. 1 fr. 50 c. THE HISTORY OF ENGLAND, in a series of letters, by Lord Lyttelton and Dr. Goldsmith, 1823. 2 gros vol. in 12 br. 6 fr. HISTORY OF IRELAND, by Th. Moore. 1835. 1 vol. in-12, br.3 fr. 50 c. HOFLAND'S (Mrs). Son of a Genius, a Tale for youth. 15e édition, 1829, 1 vol. in-18, br. 2 fr. 25 c. STOLEN BOY, or little Manuel's Adventures among the Indians, 1835, 1 vol. in-18. br. 2 fr. 25 c. INCHBALD'S Simple Story, 1833, 1 v. in-8, 3 fr. 50 c. IRVING'S (Washington) Sketch Book with the life of the author and his port. 2 vol. in-18. 4 fr. 50 c. Bracebridge Hall 1834, 2 vol. in- 18. jolie édition. Tales of a Traveller, 1834, 2 vol. in 18. 5 fr. Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus, 4 vol. in-12. 14 fr. -The same, abridged by the author for the use of schools, 1830, 1 vol in12 br. 3 fr. Voyages and Discoveries of the companions of Columbus; 1 vol. in 12 br.

5 fr.

3 fr. Chronicle of the Conquest of Granada, 2 vol. in-12, 7 fr.

5 fr.

Specimens of the living British
Poets, with biographical and critical
Notices and an Essay on English
poetry; Select Works of W. Gifford,
J. Wolcott, S. Rogers, Th. Camp-
bell, R. Bloomfield, J. Ciare, G.
Crabbe, Wordsworth, S. T. Cole-
ridge, W. L. Bowles, J. Montgo-
mery, W. Sotheby, C. R, Maturin,
R. Southey, J. Wilson, Lord Byron,
W. Scott, Th. Moore, J Hogg, W.
Tennant, P. B Shelly, H. Milinan,
J. H. Leigh Hunt, Ch. Lamb, G.
Croly, J. Baillie, Miss Landon, B.
Barton, E. Thurlow, H. Kirke
White, B. Cornwall, J. Keats, etc.;
2 gros vol. in-8, pap. fin. 18 fr.
MACKENZIE'S Man of Feeling, and
other tales. Paris, 1827. 1 vol. in-32,
2 fr.
MASSINGER'S New Way to pay old
Debts, a comedy, 1828, 1 vol. 1 fr.
MAVOK'S English Spelling-book, ac-
companied by a progressive series of
easy and familiar Lessons, from the
394th London edition. Paris 1834, 1 v.

in-12, orné de 41 sujets gravés sur bois, 2 fr. MILTON'S Paradise Lost. 1833, 1 vol. in-8. avec un beau portrait. 5 fr.With two plates. 6 fr.-Large vellum paper, India proofs. 9 fr. MONTAGUES'S Letters during the embassy to Constantinople. 1827, 1 vol. in 32. pap, vél. port. 2fr OPIE'S (Mrs.) new Tales, containing. White Lies, The Welcome Home or the Ball. 1 vol. in-12, pap. vél. fig. 3 fr. 50 c. PAUL AND VIRGINIA, by B. de Saint-Pierre, 1833 1 vol. in-18,fig. br.

[blocks in formation]

SHERIDAN'S School for Scandal. 1 v.
1 fr.

STERNE'S Sentimental Journey. 1835,
1 vol. in 18, br.
1 fr. 50 c.
STRETCH'S Beauties of History. 1
vol. in-18, broché.
2 fr. 50 c.
TALE BOOK 1st series, by Leigh
Ritchie, Sheridan Knowles, Galt,
Washington Irving, Banim, Miss
Jane Porter, Miss C. Bowles, Lady
Morgan, Mrs. Shelley, etc. 1 vol.
5 fr.
TALE BOOK 2d series, by Mrs. Jame-
son, Leigh Ritchie, Mrs. Shelley, Fre-
deric Mansel Reynolds, Leigh Hunt,
Mrs. Charles Gore, Theodore Hook,
Miss E. L. Landon, Lord Nugent,
Sheridan Knowles, Mrs. S. C. Hall,
Lord Normanby, Colley Grattan, A.
Picken, R. Bernal, Charles Mac Far-
lane and David Lyndsay. 1 vol. in-8.

5 fr.

being Stories taken from Scottish
History, by Sir Walter Scott, 1833,
6 vol. in-18, jolie édition, cartonnés.
15 fr.
The first series, complete in two
5 fr.
THOMSON'S Seasons. Paris, 1829,
pap. vélin, 1 vol. in-32, br. 2 fr.
TIBBINS'S Learner's First Book;
ou Premier livre d'anglais. Paris,
1834, 1 vol. in-18, cartonné. 3 fr.
System for translating the French
language. 1826, 1 vol. in-12, br. 5 fr.
the Companions of Columbus, by
Washington Irving. Paris, 1831, 1 vol.
in-12, br.
3 fr.
WARRAND'S New Elegant Extracts
from the best classical authors.
Paris, 1 vol. in-12, br.
5 fr.
WAVERLEY, by Sir Walter Scott.
1831, 1 gros vol. in-8, br.
5 fr.
TRIMMER'S Easy Lessons for Young
Children.London, 1, br. 1 fr.

2 fr. PINNOCK'S improved edition of Dr. Goldsmith's abridgment of the History of England, with a continuation to the year 1832. London, 1835, 1 gros vol. in-12, br. 3 fr. 50 c PITT'S select Speeches, 1829, 1 vol. in-32 portr. 2 fr. QUENTIN DURWARD, by W Scott, 1832, 1 vol. in-8. 5 fr. RAMSAY'S Travels of Cyrus. 1829,2 v. in-18, br. 4 fr. ROBERTSON'S History of Scotland and India, 1 vol. in-8. 10 fr. History of Charles V. I vol. in 8. 15 fr. History of America, 1 vol. in-8. 15 fr. History of the progress of Society in Europe, forming an introduction to Charles V. 1 vol. in-12, br. 2 fr 50 c. SADLER'S History of France. in a series of Tales of a Grandfather. Paris, 1834. I vol. in 18, fig. br. 3 f. 50 c. SANDFORD AND MERTON, by Thomas Day. 1829, 1 vol. in-18. br. I fr.150 c. SCOTT'S (Walter) Lady of the Lake Paris, 1 vol. in-12, jolie edition. 4 fr. 50 c. SHAKSPEARE'S dramatic Works, from the text of Johnson. Steevens and Reed, with a biographical memoir and Summary remarks on each play, copious glossary and variorum notes, embellished with a beautiful portrait of Shakspeare complete in 1 vol. in-8, fine pap.1835, 10 fr.. ou Little Spelling Book. for Young publié en 10 numéros. 1 fr. Chaque Children. 1818, 1 vol. in-16, br. 1 fr. livraison contient de trois a quatre WALKINGHAME'S Tutor's Assistpièces, ce qui ne les met l'ene aans ant, by Crosby. 1825, 1 vol. in-12, l'autre qu'à six sous, au lieu de fr. rel. 3 fr. 50 c. SELECTIONS FROM THE EDINBURGH REVIEW, comprising the best Articles in that Journal, from its commencement to the present time: consisting of Characters of Eminent Poets, Painters, Philosophers. Statesmen, Orators, Historians, &c.; Dissertations on Poetry and the Drama; Miscellaneous Literature, Political History, and Economy, &c.-With a preliminary Dissertation and Notes, by Cross, 1835, 6 vol. in-8.


30 fr.



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