The Flood of Thessaly: The Girl of Provence ; and Other Poems

Colburn, 1823 - 248 pagina's

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Pagina 30 - In his dark home — were choaked : the darting ounce. And the blind adder and the stork fell down Dead, and the stifled mammoth, a vast bulk, Was washed far out amongst the populous foam : And there the serpent, which few hours ago Could crack the panther in his scaly arms, Lay lifeless, like a weed, beside his prey. And now, all o'er the deeps corpses were strewn, Wide-floating millions, like the rubbish flung Forth when a plague prevails ; the rest down-sucked, Sank, buried in the world-destroying...
Pagina 175 - ... mirth ; But a homage deeper, truer, That doth best beseem her worth. Yet the toast I will not pass; — In my heart of hearts I 'll think it : Fill me, then, a brimming glass, And to HER I LOVE I 'll drink it ! THE DEAD WATCH.
Pagina 23 - Less high, came struggling with the waves, but sank Back from the slippery soil. Pale mothers then Wept without hope, and aged heads struck cold By agues trembled like red autumn leaves ; And infants moaned and young boys shrieked with fear. Stout men grew white with famine. Beautiful girls Whom once the day languished to look on, lay On the wet earth and wrung their drenched hair ; And fathers saw them there, dying, and stole Their scanty fare, and while they perished thrived. Then Terror died,...
Pagina 27 - Higher and higher fled the wasted throngs, And still they hoped for life, and still they died, One after one, some worn, some hunger-mad : Here lay a giant's limbs sodden and shrunk, , And there an infant's, white like wax, and close A matron with grey hairs, all dumb and dead : — Meanwhile, upon the loftiest summit, safe, Deucalion laboured through the dusky day, Completing as he might his floating raft, And Pyrrha, sheltered in a cave, bewailed Her child which perished. Still the ruin fell :...
Pagina 244 - At midnight, — or veiled virgin's holier word At sunrise or the paler evening heard, — To which of all Heaven's young and lovely Hours, Who wreathe soft light in hyacinthine bowers, Beautiful Spirit, is thy suit preferred ? — Unlike the creatures of this low dull earth, Still dost thon woo, although thy suit be won ; And thus thy mistress bright is pleased ever.
Pagina 27 - Beneath the headlong torrents towns and towers Fell down, temples all stone, and brazen shrines; And piles of marble, palace and pyramid (Kings' homes or towering graves) in a breath were swept Crumbling away. Masses of ground and trees Uptorn and floating, hollow rocks brute-crammed, Vast herds, and bleating flocks, reptiles, and beasts Bellowing, and vainly with the...
Pagina 14 - Usurping sway'd with bitter tyranny That sad domain the heart. Love's rule was free, (Ranging through boundless air and happy heaven, And earth) when Pyrrha wed the Titan's son. — The winds sang at their nuptial gentle tunes, And roses...
Pagina 236 - ... And music has raged her soul away : The light in the bacchanal's eye is dim ; And faint is the Georgian's wild lovehymn. "Bring forth" (on a sudden spoke the king, And hush'd were the lords' loud rioting), "Bring forth the vessels of silver and gold. Which Nebuchadnezzar, my sire, of old, Ravish'd from proud Jerusalem; And we and our queens will drink from them.
Pagina 161 - Of Heaven,— of Hell — And visions seem Streaming for ever athwart my brain. The present is here, and the past that fled -So quick, is returned with its buried dead, And the future hath bared its scrolls of fame, And I see the ' is ' and the ' WAS ' the same, In spirit alike, but changed in name. I see the phantoms of Earth and Air, A thousand are foul where one is fair, (But that ' one ' is divine, and her blue eyes calm Are shadowed by leaves of the branching palm,) And I hear the yells of a...

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