Thinking about Religion: An Historical Introduction to Theories of Religion

Wiley, 13 feb. 2006 - 368 pagina's
This history-based introduction to the study of religion introduces the main methods, theories and theorists in the field.

  • Introduces the main methods, theories and theorists in the field.
  • Engages with leading figures from the history of anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy and theology who have influenced the study of religion.
  • Reveals how the study of religion evolved in response to great cultural conflicts and major historical events.
  • Also considers the influence of inner experience, tacking issues such as human survival and wish-fulfilment.

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Over de auteur (2006)

Ivan Strenski is Holstein Family and Community Professor of Religious Studies at the University of California, Riverside. His previous publications include Four Theories of Myth in Twentieth-Century History (1988), Religion in Relation: Method, Application, and Moral Location (1993), Durkheim and the Jews of France (1997), Contesting Sacrifice: Religion, Nationalism and Social Thought (2002), Theology and the First Theory of Sacrifice (2003), and The New Durkheim: Essays on Philosophy, Religious Identity and the Politics of Knowledge (2006).

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