and Articles, because these don't tally with their Sentiments, therefore they don't chufe to have a Subfcription, which is against their Confcience, laid any longer in the Way of their Preferment.-This would have been the Cafe, if, instead of the Archbishops, Bifhops, and all the Members of both Houses of Convocation, all the Angels in Heaven had drawn up, approved, and ratified thefe public Confeffions of the Christian Faith. As without fome public Confeffion of Faith, a visible Church cannot exist→ fo without a ftrict and due Maintenance of that Confeffion, it must sink into Annihilation;-but if we are to wait for a Confeffion to which all Men will agree, or (which amounts to the fame) alter or abolish every Thing, which "factious, peevish,

and perverfe Spirits may find Fault with, who ap"prove of nothing but what they do themselves " Confufion, Ruin, and Defolation, must ensue.

I fhall now conclude in the Words of an Author, whose Commiferation for the Ignorant, and thofe that are out of the Way, gave Birth to the following beautiful, and truly Christian Hymn:

SOLE Self-existing GoD moft High,
From all Eternity the fame,
No longer let thy Foes deny

Thy GODHEAD, and revile thy Name.-
And bid the Hour of Darkness end!

The Star (in thy Right-hand no more)
Which on the imbitter'd Waters fell,
How has he fhed his baneful Pow'r,
Wafted the Earth and peopled Hell,

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While Millions drink the Arian lie,
Or poifon'd by Socinus die!

Lefs peftilent the Men who dare

Thy Coming in the Flesh gainfay, And, fitting in the Scorner's Chair,

Caft all thine Oracles away. Led by their own fufficient Light To Horrors of eternal Night.

How long shall Antichrift blafpheme,

And trample on thy written Will?
How long shall the Pelagian dream

The Doom of fallen Spirits feal,
And Error, in ten thoufand Forms,
Destroy the Souls of wretched Worms?

Deftroy the Souls-which cannot end!
Tho' Satan may awhile deceive,
That Liar old, and murd'rous Fiend,
Who tells them, "They at last shall live;"
Extinguishes th' eternal Fire,
And makes the deathless Worm expire †.

What but th' Effential Truth divine,

Can all this Gloom of Hell difperfe?--
JESUS, the FATHER'S GLORY 1, fhine,
To teach our dark'ned Univerfe:
In ev'ry § new-born Soul to prove
That THOU art GOD-and GOD IS LOVE!

Job xxv. 6.
Heb. i. 3.

+ If. lxvi. 24. Mark ix. 44. § John iii. 3, 5.


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