Curiositäten der physisch-literarisch-artistisch- istorischen Vor- und Mitwelt [ed. by C.A. Vulpius]. 10 Bde. [in 20].


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Pagina 156 - A Descriptive Catalogue of the Oriental Library of the Late Tippoo Sultan of Mysore.
Pagina 58 - She felt herself lying as it were, in heaven, in the hands of the Lord, and was afraid to move fearing she should remove his heavenly hand, which she felt as perfect as ever woman felt the hand of her husband." Here the " Lamb's Wife " herself, takes up the tale. 'In this happy manner,' affirms * Memoirs of the Life and Mission of Joanna Southcott, interspersed with authentic anecdotes and elucidated by interesting documents ; including the Progress of her Pregnancy, detailed by Herself, together...
Pagina 80 - Si itis cum Jesu — itis , non cum Jesuitis , Si cum Jesuitis, non cum Jesu — itis.

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