A New Practical and Easy Method of Learning the Portuguese Language

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This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1869 edition. Excerpt: ...nos tivessemos lembrado ( lhat l miht have remembered. vos vos tivesseis lembrado elles se tivessem lembrado Future. quando eu me lembrar tu te lembrares elle se lembrar, ., ... nos nos lembrarmos ( when l sha11 rTMember. vos vos lembrardes elles se lembrarem Compound Future. que eu me haja de lembrar tu te hajas de lembrar elle se haja de lembrar I... Y, nos nos hajamos de lembrar J that l sha11 remember. vos vos hajeis de lembrar elles se hajao de lembrar Cabako, PorttignesG Grammar. Future past. quando eu me tiver lembrado tu te tiveres lembrado elle se tiver lembrado l when I shall have remem-nos nos tivermos lembrado bered. vos vos tiverdes lembrado elles se tiverem lembrado Imperative Mood. lembra-te tu, remember thou lembre-se elle, let him remember lembremos-nos nos, let us remember lembrai-vos vos, remember ye lembrem-se elles, let them remember. Observ. In all the simple tenses of the Indicative Mood, it is unimportant whether the Pronouns me, te, se, nos, vos stand before or alter the Verb, and one may therefore say either: eu me lembro, or eu lembro-me, eu me lembrava, and eu lembrava-me, but in, the compound tenses as well as in the Subjunctive and Imperative Mood they must stand before the Verb, as: eu me tenho lembrado, que eu me lembre, que eu me lembrasse. 13. Irregular Verbs. FIRST CONJUGA TIO N. 1. Dar, to give.) Indicative Mood. Present.' eu dou, I give Nos damos, we give tu das, thou givest vos dais, you gie elle da, he gives elles dao, they give. ) Only the irregular tenses are given, the others are conjugated ia the regular manner. Past definite. eu dei, I have given nos demos, we have given tu deste, thou hast given vos...

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