J. Hatchard, 1808 - 258 pagina's

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Pagina 10 - Ye gentle souls who dream of rural ease, Whom the smooth stream and smoother sonnet please; Go! if the peaceful cot your praises share, Go look within, and ask if peace be there; If peace be his — that drooping weary sire; Or theirs, that offspring round their feeble fire; Or hers, that matron pale, whose trembling hand Turns on the wretched hearth th
Pagina 5 - Where other cares than those the Muse relates, And other shepherds dwell with other mates ; By such examples taught, I paint the Cot, As Truth...
Pagina 233 - Knock, and weep, and watch, and wait. Knock ! He knows the sinner's cry ; Weep ! He loves the mourner's tears ; Watch ! for saving grace is nigh ; Wait — till heavenly light appears. Hark ! it is the bridegroom's voice : Welcome, pilgrim, to thy rest ; Now within the gate rejoice, Safe, and sealed, and bought, and blest.
Pagina 13 - The lame, the blind, and, far the happiest they! The moping idiot and the madman gay. Here too the sick their final doom receive, Here brought, amid the scenes of grief, to grieve, Where the loud groans from some sad chamber flow, Mix'd with the clamours of the crowd below; Here, sorrowing, they each kindred sorrow scan, And the cold charities of man to man...
Pagina 5 - Lo ! where the heath, with withering brake grown o'er, Lends the light turf that warms the neighbouring poor...
Pagina 164 - The wise from wo, no fortitude the brave; " Grief is to man as certain as the grave : " Tempests and storms in life's whole progress rise, " And hope shines dimly through o'erclouded skies; " Some drops of comfort on the favour'd fall, " But showers of sorrow are the lot of all: " Partial to talents, then, shall Heav'n withdraw " Th' afflicting rod, or break the general law?
Pagina 62 - Th' unlucky peasant heard the stranger's cry : This known, — how food and raiment they might give, Was next debated — for the rogue would live; At last, with all their words and work content, Back to their homes the prudent vestry went, And Richard Monday to the workhouse sent.
Pagina 15 - The holy Stranger to these dismal walls ; And doth not he, the pious man, appear, He, " passing rich with forty pounds a year ?" Ah ! no, a Shepherd of a different stock, And far unlike him, feeds this little flock ; A jovial youth, who thinks his Sunday's task, As much as GOD or Man can fairly ask ; The rest he gives to loves and labours light, To Fields the morning and to Feasts the night ; None better...
Pagina 141 - This BOOKS can do; - nor this alone; they give New views to life, and teach us how to live; They soothe the grieved, the stubborn they chastise, Fools they admonish, and confirm the wise: Their aid they yield to all...
Pagina 80 - And now her path but not her peace she gains, Safe from her task, but shivering with her pains ; Her home she reaches, open leaves the door, And placing first her infant on the floor, She bares her bosom to the wind, and sits, And sobbing struggles with the rising fits: In vain, they come, she feels th...

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