A History of British India: From the Earliest English Intercourse to the Present Time

Routledge, 1853 - 640 pagina's

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Pagina 296 - ... Magistrates, Judges, Ambassadors, and Governors of provinces, in all the complicated and extensive relations of those sacred trusts and exalted stations, and under peculiar circumstances, which greatly enhance the solemnity of every public obligation, and aggravate the difficulty of every public charge.
Pagina 398 - India is concerned, appeared to me peculiarly wise and liberal, and he is evidently attached to, and thinks well of the country and its inhabitants. His public measures, in their general tendency, evince a steady wish to improve their present condition. No government in India pays so much attention to schools and public institutions for education. In none are the taxes lighter, and in the administration of justice to the natives in their own languages, in the establishment of...
Pagina 541 - The inhabitants of all the territories on the left bank of the Sutledge are hereby directed to abide peaceably in their respective villages, where they will receive efficient protection by the British government. All parties of men found in armed bands, who can give no satisfactory account of their proceedings, will be treated as disturbers of the public peace. " All subjects of the British government, and those who possess estates on both sides of the river Sutledge, who, by their faithful adherence...
Pagina 446 - If you wish for peace, you may go away ; but if you ask either money or territory, no friendship can exist between us. This is Burmese custom.
Pagina 267 - Countries of many hundred coss shall be overrun and plundered ; Lord Lake shall not have leisure to breathe for a moment ; and calamities will fall on lacks of human beings in continual war by the attacks of my army, which overwhelms like the waves of the sea.
Pagina 122 - I do not trust to Mr. Francis's promises of candour, convinced that he is incapable of it. I judge of his public conduct by his private, which I have found to be void of truth and honour.
Pagina 566 - Article shall not interfere with the passage of boats belonging to the Lahore Government on the said rivers, for the purposes of traffic or the conveyance of passengers up and down their course. Regarding the ferries between the two countries respectively, at the several ghats of the said rivers, it is agreed that the British Government, after defraying all the expenses of management and establishments, shall account to the Lahore Government for one-half of the net profits of the ferry collections....
Pagina 162 - Control was to be composed of six commissioners, all members of the privy council, chosen by the king, of whom the chancellor of the Exchequer, and one of the principal secretaries of state, were to be two...
Pagina 558 - Khalsa troops, that it seemed for some moments impossible that the entrenchments could be won under it ; but soon, persevering gallantry triumphed, and the whole army had the satisfaction to see the gallant Brigadier Stacy's soldiers driving the Sikhs in confusion before them within the area of their encampment.
Pagina 431 - ... two men. As it is not the Burmese system to relieve their troops in making these approaches, each hole contained a sufficient supply of rice, water, and even fuel for its inmates ; and under the excavated bank, a bed of straw or brushwood was prepared, in which one man could...

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