Lectures in the History of Mathematics

American Mathematical Soc., 1993 - 197 pagina's
" [These lectures] are about themes of the history of mathematics which for various reasons are dear to me. The early differential and integral calculus, Christiaan Huygens, and the concept of construction in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century mathematics are the three themes around which much of my research has concentrated and which continue to fascinate me by the insights they offer in the development of that special human activity called mathematics." ---from the Introduction. This volume contains 11 lectures ranging over a variety of topics in the history of mathematics. The lectures, presented between 1970 and 1987, were delivered in a variety of venues and appeared only in less accessible publications. Those who teach mathematics, as well as mathematics historians, will appreciate this insightful, wide ranging book. The History of Mathematics series is cojointly published with the London Mathematical Society

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Recognition and Wonder Huygens Tractional Motion and Some Thoughts on the History of Mathematics
The Concept of Construction and the Representation of Curves in SeventeenthCentury Mathematics
The Structure of Descartess Géométrie
Christiaan Huygens
The Fundamental Concepts of the Leibnizian Calculus
The Lemniscate of Bernoulli
Calculus in the Eighteenth Century The Role of Applications
The Closure Theorem of Poncelet
Elements of Mathematics They Are No Longer What They Used to Be
Queen and Servant The Role of Mathematics in the Development of the Sciences
Mathematics and Its Social Context A Dialogue in the Staff Room with Historical Episodes

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