Blanc de Chine

Psychology Press, 2002 - 162 pagina's
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Dehua porcelain, or Blanc de Chine as it is known in the West, is pure ivory-white porcelain made at the Dehua kilns in the southern Chinese province of Fujian. It rose to international significance in the 17th century and inspired aristocratic patronage in the development of European porcelain. Its popularity at home and abroad continued and the kilns at Dehua remain prolific to this day. This is the first comprehensive publication since P. J. Doherty's pioneering study thirty years ago. An international group of specialists discuss how, why and when the Dehua porcelain phenomenon occurred. The book also contains a catalogue of the important Hickley Collection in Singapore. Each piece is illustrated in beautiful full colour photography.

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Over de auteur (2002)

Rose Kerr is Chief Curator, Far Eastern Department, Victoria & Albert Museum, which houses an impressive collection of over 170 Dehua porcelain pieces mainly dating from the seventeenth to twentieth century. John Ayers was formerly Keeper of the Far Eastern Department, Victoria & Albert Museum, and is now an independent scholar.

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