Be Ye Transformed - Christianity, Hypnosis, and Behavioral Modification

Voorkant, 1 jul. 2006 - 272 pagina's
So, you have decided become a Christian. Now what do you do? When you become a Christian you become a new creation, and the entire Christian faith is judged by your actions. The Bible provides specific standards that Christians are to live by. Behavioral Modification is of key importance to both new and mature Christians. This book explores behavioral modification, willpower, and leadership from a Biblical perspective, and also covers the techniques used by man. This book teaches how to use hypnosis in conjunction with other techniques to assist you in modifying your behavior. This is a comprehensive study of techniques of motivation and mental influence. Some topics covered are: Hypnosis, Spirit vs. Flesh, Leadership, Classical and Operant Conditioning, Aversion Therapy, Systematic Desensitization, Implosion Therapy, Motivation, Conflict Resolution, Weight loss, Smoking Cessation, Power Learning, Subliminal Messages, Propaganda, Logical Fallacies, Brainwashing, Mind Control, and a study of the Trinity.

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