History of Canada: From the Time of Its Discovery Till the Union Year (1840-1)


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Pagina 16 - WE are too well acquainted with the liberality of sentiment distinguishing your nation, to imagine that difference of religion will prejudice you against a hearty amity with us.
Pagina 175 - To the peaceable, unoffending inhabitant it brings neither danger nor difficulty. I come to find enemies, not to make them ; I come to protect, not to injure you. "Separated by an immense ocean and an extensive wilderness from Great Britain...
Pagina 176 - Many of your fathers fought for the freedom and independence we now enjoy. Being children, therefore, of the same family with us, and heirs to the same heritage ; the arrival of an army of friends must be hailed by you with a cordial welcome.
Pagina 225 - Honourable gentlemen of the Legislative Council and gentlemen of the House of Assembly : — I have...
Pagina 117 - ... languages ; that those in english be put into french, and those presented in french be put into english, by the clerk of the house or his assistants, according to the directions they may receive, before they be read the first time ; and when so put shall also be read each time in both languages.
Pagina 117 - No motion shall be debated or put unless the same be in writing and seconded ; when a motion is seconded, it shall be read in English and in French by the Speaker, if he is master of the two languages...
Pagina 148 - Is it for myself, then, that I should oppress you? For what should I oppress you ? Is it from ambition? What can you give me ? Is it for power ? Alas! my good friends ! with a life ebbing not slowly to its period, under the pressure of disease acquired in the service of my country, I look only to pass, what it may please God to suffer to remain of it, in the comfort of retirement among my friends. I remain among you only in obedience to the commands of my king. What power can...
Pagina 242 - You, Gentlemen of the Legislative Council, have not disappointed my hopes ; and I beg to return you my thanks for the zeal /and alacrity you have shown in all that more immediately belongs to your body" It is with much concern I feel myself compelled to say, that I cannot express to you, Gentlemen of the Assembly, the same satisfaction, nor my approbation at the general result of your labours, at the expense of so much valuable time, and of the public principles upon which they rest, as recorded...
Pagina 138 - " at the commencement of the present session, I had no reason to doubt your moderation or your prudence, and I therefore willingly relied upon both : — under the guidance of these principles I expected from you a manly sacrifice of all personal animosities, and individual dissatisfaction — a watchful solicitude for the concerns of your country, and a steady perseverance in the executing of your public duty, with zeal and dispatch.
Pagina 75 - Britain and the british colonies : this division* to he trusted, would be made in such a manner fts l' to give each a great majority in their own particular part, although it could not be expected to draw a complete line of separation. Any inconvenience, however^ to be apprehended from ancient Canadians being included in the one, or british settlers in the other, would be averted by a local legislature to be established in each.

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