A Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry: Being a New and Greatly Enlarged Edition of the "Outlines of Inorganic Chemistry;" for the Use of Students

Walton and Maberly, 1853 - 291 pagina's

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Pagina 15 - The equivalent of a compound body is the sum of the equivalents of its elements : thus the equivalent of...
Pagina 262 - This is strikingly shown in an alloy called the " fusible metal," which is composed of 8 parts of bismuth, 5 of lead, and 3 of tin, and melts at 203° F.
Pagina 204 - Cls = 133-81. This compound is prepared by passing chlorine gas over a mixture of alumina and charcoal, heated to redness in a tube. The chloride sublimes into the cold part of the apparatus. It forms a volatile crystalline mass, colourless or slightly yellow. It fumes in the air, and dissolves in water with much heat. It...
Pagina 256 - Au = 199-2. This metal is found native, either pure, or alloyed with silver and tellurium. When combined with silver, it is purified by quartation ; that is, by fusing it with so much silver, that the gold does not exceed one-fourth of the mass, and then acting on the alloy by nitric acid, which dissolves the silver, and leaves the gold as a black or brown powder, which, when fused, assumes the peculiar yellow colour of gold. Gold is distinguished by its pure yellow colour, high metallic lustre,...

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