Michel Angelo

David Bogue, 1846 - 474 pagina's

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Pagina 137 - For if of our affections none find grace In sight of Heaven, then wherefore hath God made The world which we inhabit ? Better plea Love cannot have, than that in loving thee Glory to that eternal Peace is paid, ^Tio such divinity to thee imparts As hallows and makes pure all gentle hearts.
Pagina 154 - In a short time a new taste and new perception began to dawn upon me ; and I was convinced that I had originally formed a false opinion of the perfection of art, and that this great painter was well entitled to the high rank which he holds in the estimation of the world.
Pagina 149 - Yet however unequal I feel myself to that attempt, were I now to begin the world again, I would tread in the steps of that great master: to kiss the hem of his garment, to catch the slightest of his perfections, would be glory and distinction enough for an ambitious man.
Pagina 126 - How shall we speak of him, for our blind eyes Are all unequal to his dazzling rays ? Easier it is to blame his enemies Than for the tongue to tell his lightest praise. For...
Pagina 134 - With sorrow must his countenance be hung, And ever his own better thoughts concealing Must in stupid grandeur's praise be loud, And to the errors of the ignorant crowd Assent with lying tongue. Thus much would I conceal — that none should know What secret cause I have for silent woe ; And taught by many a melancholy proof That those whom fortune favours it pollutes I from the blind and faithless world aloof, Nor fear its envy nor desire its praise, But choose my path through solitary ways.
Pagina 108 - My soul I resign to God, my body to the earth, and my worldly possessions to my nearest of kin :" then admonishing his attendants, he said, " In your passage through this life, remember the sufferings of Jesus Christ.
Pagina 132 - Cardinal Farnese one day found him, when an old man, walking alone in the Coliseum, and expressed his surprise at finding him solitary amidst the ruins; to which he replied, " I go yet to school that I may continue to learn.
Pagina 149 - Italian schools, there is full as great a disparity in the effect of their pictures as produced by colours. And though in this respect the Venetians must be allowed extraordinary skill, yet even that skill, as they have employed it, will but ill correspond with the great style. Their colouring is not only too brilliant, but, I will venture to say, too harmonious, to produce that solidity, steadiness, and simplicity of effect, which heroic subjects require, and which simple or grave colours only can...
Pagina 118 - He from the world into the blind abyss Descended and beheld the realms of woe; Then to the seat of everlasting bliss, And God's own throne, led by his thought sublime, Alive he soar'd, and to our nether clime Bringing a steady light, to us below Revealed the secrets of eternity. Ill did his thankless countrymen repay The fine desire; that which the good and great So often from the insensate many meet, That evil guerdon did our Dante find. But gladly would I, to be such as he, For his hard exile and...

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