The Passing of the Armies: An Account of the Final Campaign of the Army of the Potomac, Based Upon Personal Reminiscences of the Fifth Army Corps

G.P. Putnam's sons, 1915 - 392 pagina's
This is a history of the Army of the Potomac during the American Civil War. It was written by Joshua L. Chamberlain, a distinguished officer in the Union Army. Chamberlain is famous for his decision to charge down Little Round Top and save the Union Army flank at the Battle of Gettysburg. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions.

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Pagina 110 - Here General Sheridan displayed great generalship. Instead of retreating with his whole command on the main army, to tell the story of superior forces encountered, he deployed his cavalry on foot, leaving only mounted men enough to take charge of the horses. This compelled the enemy to deploy over a vast extent of wooded and broken country, and made his progress slow.
Pagina 66 - I now feel like ending the matter, if it is possible to do so, before going back. I do not want you, therefore, to cut loose and go after the enemy's roads at present. In the morning, push round the enemy if you can, and get on to his right rear.
Pagina 39 - After having accomplished the destruction of the two railroads, which are now the only avenues of supply to Lee's army, you may return to this army, selecting your road further south, or you may go on into North Carolina and join General Sherman. Should you select the latter course, get the information to me as early as possible, so that I may send orders to meet you at Goldsboro'.
Pagina 39 - Dinwiddie, reach the right and rear of the enemy, as soon as you can. It is not the intention to attack the enemy in his intrenched position, but to force him out if possible. Should he come out and attack us, or get himself where he can be attacked, move in with your entire force, in your own way, and with the full reliance that the army will engage or follow, as circumstances will dictate.
Pagina 39 - ... with your entire force in your own way, and with the full reliance that the army will engage or follow as circumstances will dictate. I shall be on the field and will probably be able to communicate with you. Should I not do so, and you find that the enemy keeps within his main intrenched line, you may cut loose and push for the Danville road. If you find it practicable, I would like you to cross the Southside road, between Petersburg and Burkesville, and destroy it to some extent. I would not...
Pagina 265 - On our part not a sound of trumpet more, nor roll of drum; not a cheer, nor word nor whisper of vain-glorying, nor motion of man standing again at the order, but an awed stillness rather, and breath-holding, as if it were the passing of the dead!
Pagina 273 - Death spreads his dark.wings over your household, do not charge the effects of your nastiness and laziness to a very mysterious Providence ! ' A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself, but the foolish pass on and are punished. ' The cellar should be as dry, as clean, as sweet as any room up stairs. It should be whitewashed not once a year, but, if at all musty, once a month. Open all the windows and ventilate completely." DARK CORNERS. Pantries and passages should receive the same careful...
Pagina 264 - Before us in proud humiliation stood the embodiment of manhood : men whom neither toils and sufferings, nor the fact of death, nor disaster, nor hopelessness could bend from their resolve; standing before us now, thin, worn, and famished, but erect, and with eyes looking level into ours, waking memories that bound us together as no other bond; — was not such manhood to be welcomed back into a Union so tested and assured?
Pagina 88 - If your situation is such as to justify the belief that you can turn the enemy's right with the assistance of a corps of infantry entirely detached from the balance of the army, I will so detach the Fifth corps, and place the whole under your command for the operation. Let me know, as early in the morning as you can, your judgment in the matter, and I will make the necessary orders.
Pagina 274 - ... innermost law of the people's life, blind to the signs of the times in the march of man, they fought as they were taught, true to such ideals as they saw, and put into their cause their best. For us they were fellow-soldiers as well, suffering the fate of arms. We could not look into those brave...

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