History of Servia, and the Servian Revolution: From Original Mss. and Documents

J. Murray, 1847 - 477 pagina's

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Pagina 461 - JESSE'S (EDWARD) Visits to Spots of Interest in the Vicinity of Windsor and Eton.
Pagina 465 - I allow well ; so that he be such a one that hath the language, and hath been in the country before ; whereby he may be able to tell them what things are worthy to be seen in the country where they...
Pagina 91 - Polish, that of the guitar. The Old Slavonian in its psalms, sounds like the loud rush of the mountain stream ; the Polish, like the bubbling and sparkling of a fountain ; and the Servian like the quiet murmuring of a streamlet in the valley.
Pagina x - Moldavia, a border-land between two great empires of opposite creeds, has made this country the seat of a protracted struggle between European civilization and Oriental despotism — between the Christian and Mahomedan religions. In the midst of these conflicting forces, the Servians present the interesting spectacle of a brave, hardy, and simple people, contending for national independence and religious freedom. Christians in faith, and subjected to the cruel persecutions of their infidel oppressors,...
Pagina xiii - Good old plan, That he should take who has the power, And he should keep who can,'
Pagina 443 - Hatti-sheriffs issued previously (Nos. 146, 150, 169) and at different dates on my part, it has become necessary to grant to the said province an Internal Administration, and a stable, special, and privileged national Statute, on condition that the Servians punctually discharge for the future the duties of fidelity and obedience, and pay exactly at the appointed periods to my Sublime Porte the Tax, whereof the exaction has been fixed and determined upon. In conformity then with the Organic Statute...
Pagina 444 - ... persons, who, placed under thy orders, shall form the Central Administration of the Province, and shall occupy themselves, one with the affairs of the interior, another with the finances, and the third with the legal affairs of the country. Thou shalt constitute a private Chancery, which shall be under the direction of thy Lieutenant, the Pristavnik, whom thou shalt charge with the delivery of Passports and with the direction of the relations subsisting between the Servians and tho Foreign Author!
Pagina 196 - ... or relax his discipline : but now that there are courts of law, and legal forms, he hands every case over to the regular tribunals. " He has very little to say for himself, and is rude in his manners ; but his judgments in civil affairs are promptly and soundly formed, and to great address he joins unwearied industry. As a soldier, there is but one opinion of his talents, bravery, and enduring firmness.
Pagina 193 - Splendour and magnificence he despised. In the days of his greatest success, he was always seen in his old blue trowsers, in his worn-out short pelt, and his well-known black cap. His daughter, even whilst her father was in the exercise of princely authority, was seen to carry her water vessel, like other girls in the village. Yet, strange to say, he was not insensible to the charms of gold.
Pagina 195 - led to a conversation relative to the late Kara George ; and the Prince, rising, led me into another apartment, where the portrait of his father, the duplicate of one painted for the Emperor Alexander, hung from the wall. He was represented in the Turkish dress, and wore his pistols in his girdle. The countenance expressed not only intelligence, but a certain refinement, which one would scarcely expect in a warrior peasant ; but all his contemporaries agree in representing him to have possessed...

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