A Practical Treatise on the Appellate Jurisdiction of the House of Lords & Privy Council: Together with The Practice on Parliamentary Divorce

A. Maxwell & Son, 1842 - 823 pagina's

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Duke of Norfolks Case Sessions 169216991700 Neither Judgment
Earl of Macclesfields Case Session 16978 Neither Judgment at
Mr Hope Weirs Case Session 1757 No evidence of Adultery with
Mr Larkinos Case Session 1792 Second reading postponed in order
Ma Bartelotts Case Session 1799 Deed of Separation Subsequent
Dr Campbells Case Session 1801 Clause to prevent Mrs Campbell from
Major Blands Case Session 1808 Recrimination Where it appeared
Sir Edward Owens Case Session 1817 Writ of Error from Judgment
Mr Leighs Case Session 1818 Compulsory separation by reason of Hus
Mb Taafes Case Session 1819 Proof required that Damages oud Costs
Lieutenant WoreallsCase Session 1824 Condonation Second reading
Mb Scllivans Case Session 1825 Causes which occasioned the Separation
Mb Grahams Case Session 1827 Justifiable Separation Subsequent
Mb Haynes Case Session 1829 Bastardising clause of late not introduced
Mb Trowebs Case Session 18301 Marriage abroad being proved by Wit
Colonel Claytons Case Session 1832 Mere Surmises of Condonation
Mr Warrs Case Session 1840 Petitioner from poverty unable to take
Composition of the Judicial Committee 687 Admiralty and Prize Cases 688 Entire Appellate Jurisdiction of Privy Council vested in Judicial Committee
Rules laid down by the 3 4 Will IV c 41 725 By the Order in Council
Order in Council of 13th May 1572 735 Rule as to Value and as to Time
Limitation of Time 742 Mode of Proceeding ib Hearing 743 Appeals from
Case of Samnel Pitt 752 Irish Privy Council 753 Case of Lord Lanes
Time for Appealing 757 Leave to appeal granted by the Privy Council 758
Standing Orders of the House of Lords relative to Writs of Error
Extract respecting Incest between the Collateral Relations
A Selection of Orders and other entries relating to Judicial
Lord Broughams Bill intituled An Act to alter and amend
Title to revive where disputed must be established 241 On abatement

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Pagina 558 - So then if, while her husband liveth, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress : but if her husband be dead, she is free from that law ; so that she is no adulteress...
Pagina 694 - An Act for establishing certain Regulations for the better Management of the Affairs of the East India Company, as well in India as in Europe...
Pagina 772 - ... free and clear of all incumbrances done by him, or any claiming by, from, or under him, and...
Pagina 38 - United Kingdom and the Church. We have ordered a certain Parliament to be holden at Our City of Westminster on the . . . day of .... next ensuing. And there to treat and have conference with the Prelates Great Men and Peers of Our Realm.
Pagina 691 - Council, and that such Appeals, Causes, and Matters shall be heard by the said Judicial Committee, and a Report or Recommendation thereon shall be made to His Majesty in Council for His Decision thereon as heretofore, in the same Manner and Form as has been heretofore the Custom with respect to Matters referred by His Majesty to the whole of His Privy Council or a Committee thereof (the Nature of such Report or Recommendation being always stated in open Court).
Pagina 724 - Appeals to Us in Our Privy Council, Execution be suspended until the final Determination of such Appeals, unless good and sufficient Security be given by the Appellee to make ample Restitution of all that the Appellant shall have lost by means of such Judgment or Decree, in case, upon the Determination of such Appeal, such Decree or Judgment should be reversed, and Restitution awarded to the Appellant.
Pagina 90 - Company, should be deemed a betrayer of the rights and liberties of the commons of England, and an infringer of the privileges of the house of commons.
Pagina 748 - Court in Bankruptcy, and also all Persons Members of His Majesty's Privy Council who shall have been President thereof or held the Office of Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, or shall have held any of the other Offices herein-before mentioned, shall form a Committee of His Majesty's said Privy Council, and shall be styled '' The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council...
Pagina 755 - Also the King shall provide, when any (that beforetime hath had his wit and memory) happen to fail of his wit as there are many per lucida intervalla, that their lands and tenements shall be safely kept without waste and destruction, and that they and their household shall live and be maintained competently with the profits of the same, and the residue besides their sustentation shall be kept to their use, to be delivered unto them when they come to right mind...
Pagina 728 - An Act for amending an Act passed in the fourth year of the reign of His late Majesty, intituled " An Act for the better administration of justice in His Majesty's Privy Council, and to extend its jurisdiction and powers.

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