A Catalogue of the Sculptures of the Parthenon, in the British Museum


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Pagina 4 - Quid tam distortum et elaboratum quam est ille discobolos Myronis ? Si quis tamen ut parum rectum improbet opus, nonne ab intellectu artis...
Pagina 15 - ... Medusa ; below it a Greek warrior, bald-headed, who raises both hands over his head to strike with a battle-axe, corresponding to the figure of Phidias in the original design. Next on the right is a Greek wearing a helmet, cuirass and high boots, planting his left foot on the body of a fallen Amazon and dealing a blow with his right hand ; his right arm is raised across his face and conceals the greater part of it ; — a figure corresponding with sufficient closeness to that of Pericles as described...

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